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  1. I would say an assault rifle or weapon is better defined as any firearm that is being used against you or others. I dont care how the govt defines it. The bottom line is they want to disarm us, they are just putting firearms into different classes and will attack each one so they can say they dont want them all, only classifications. Thats how it all starts.
  2. Alot of good info here, I like both the GMT and the TLST. But when I want something easy to run I go with my GB Pro DP.
  3. Guns and bullets will benefit a person most. With that you can barter, hunt, defend. Yes gold will still have a value, but it would take alot of gold to get by with. And then you need the first items to keep it.
  4. That would be fine. Let me know how to arrange payment.
  5. I am trying to locate the plastic battery slide cover for a Minelab American Gold Striker detector, any ideas.
  6. Pics of this would be intertaing, wishing you all the best.
  7. Some are being found, people are getting smart and shutting up about it now.
  8. I agree, I hear terrible things about the Infinium on the boards, but I love mine and a few of my friends clean up using them.
  9. It was more than likley a Coachwhip Racer. They come in a variety of colors. They get pretty long and they can really move when they want to. I have seen them anywhere from yellowish to purple in color.
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