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  1. Its rather large, at least 60lb chunk.
  2. Thank you for all the responses. I was lead to believe this was some sort of Agate (there was an old sticker on the cut side that said agate but i couldnt make out what type). I did a little research and what this to me looks like is fortification agate but I really have no idea. Im not even sure this is agate but I do know the sticker said agate on it. Im taking it to a store in town that sells crystals and minerals and stuff like that and Im hoping they may be able to identify it. I have more pictures I will post later on also. Edit: I took this to the rock store and they said this is Dend
  3. Hey folks, A little background info first. I just moved out to Arizona from the east coast and for the past few months I have been living at my house Ive noticed a large rock in the front yard. I never really looked at it and kinda put it off as well... a rock. Upon closer inspection I realized this is no ordinary rock but it someones what i would assume to be a work in progress as its polished and theres a large cut mark on the back. Im not sure if this is local to Arizona or was brought from somewhere else. Hoping someone can help me identify this "rock" and perhaps tell me what kind of val
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