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  1. if you want to sale it I will take it off your hands
  2. I just got "Jack Lange's Nugget finding Secrets Part 4" the other day and wow I really like how he works a nugget patch with a UFO then comes back with a small coil to clean out what is left over! Not a lot of hype like other videos. just good info!
  3. I am not a weekend prospector, I will be spending a lot of time in AZ this winter as I did last winter. I did look at Bill's coils and he has great prices! I have not made up my mind on exactly what I am guna do.
  4. thanks for the input guys! I will be looking at the 12x15 mono commander. I am looking at a 24" UFO its the 12"x24" for the large coil because of the smaller price tag i have a line on one for $395 my question is will i be better to get a 14"x12" Goldstalker for $550 or to save the cash and get the UFO?
  5. I do understand that you cant use a large coil in a place that it wont fit betwen the larger rocks and that you wont get the deepth from a small coil. garimpo that is a very good info about your use of that coil! real bummer that you didn't get to keep the nuggets :( here is what im thinking about: 6" or 8" for a sniffer coil the 11" mono for genral use a 12x18.5 mono and a large 24" mono for deep gold I am just wanting to get a good balance of coils to use in any situation that could come up. and wondering what others are using in Arizona.
  6. I have 2 GP Extremes to use this winter and was wondering about coil size, what do you guys recommend for this unit? I read that this unit works great with a 24" mono?
  7. I will be there! cant wait to find some nuggets and space rocks!!!
  8. Anyone know of any places that I can detect in northern Nevada? I will be traveling through there on my way home from Southern Oregon in a day or two. I was also thinking about staying a day or so at the Royal Peacock but the prices seem high has anyone spent any time there?
  9. The only bigger coil that will work for that unit is a Coiltek 15" DD WOT coil I have one for my unit its a great coil but keep in mind that a larger coil on a VLF unit will never give you the depth of a PI machine. my advice to you is to save and find a older used PI unit, this is what I have done.
  10. Thats good to know, I hope to have me a 5000 later this year!
  11. I am spending my winters here in AZ(and Philippines) and the summers are spent dredging in colo, if you want to get together in AZ and do some nugget hunting that would be cool by me! If you need help with your dredge in the summer let me know, I been dieing to go to Alaska
  12. I don't have anything to travel in but my F-350 crewcab w/full size bed, the Polaris went back to Colorado last week :( I would love to have someone that has spent the time here teach me about this area, I will send you my cell # in a PM
  13. Hello, I think that you meet my parents earlier this year! my dad was on one of your claims in gold basin by accident(don't know if you remember them), I was in the Philippines at the time. Anyway I am working the claims over here at Stanton on the GPAA and Weaver claims,just looking for someplace else to try, I plan on going back to Gold Basin for a week or so before I go back to Colorado. Where can I find info about the outing in Gold Basin? Im a member of GPAA over there.
  14. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about detecting in the National Forest North of Phoenix? I have asked the local Prospecting shop about it, I was told that they don't know anything about anyplace(bit confused? thought that the shop that was in a business would know something about that business?) Anyway I'm just looking for a better place that may provide some gold and less trash and a decent chance of finding a nugget!
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