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  1. Nice cat gents!!! Way to work it in with what you had. Patience is the key.
  2. Fantastic Luke! Thanks for sharing. . .
  3. Thanks Bill !! That is a mystery solved. . . I have found a couple of them and always wondered what they were.
  4. While I was at it..... I also had something made for me with the first nugget I found with a metal detector (GP3500 Advantage 14E)
  5. I found this nugget while out with my wife some time ago. After our 36 yrs together I know that she has a pure heart of gold. She has helped and lifted up so many people because of her kind heart and the person she truly is inside. I decided to send this nugget to a custom jewelry maker and told her what I was planning in my head and this is the result. She nailed it!! SHHH (It's a surprise for her birthday) The nugget is about 5 dwt and the turquoise is Whitewater turquoise from Sonora, Mexico. I thinks and hopes... she likes it . The heart earrings were added in to complete the set. (don't remember there weight off hand)
  6. Sounds good to me Mr. Last few weekends I've been busy emptying out the garage into a 40' C-tainer we bought and finally took on the job of insulating and now drywall. Waiting for a drywall lift to come in so I can bang it out. . . Something I've been wanting to do for years. I have only been out a couple times ... but been chasing the skunks tail so far.
  7. Nice job guys!! There all nice finds for sure.
  8. Heck yeah!! Good on you for spotting them and thinking outside the box.
  9. Awesome finds!!! Even better, is what you did with them. Very cool bracelet. I am having a few things made with some nuggets that I found. I'll post them up when they're done.
  10. I have way too many hobbies or irons in the fire to spend that much on a pinker....... and it would diffidently get me cold dinners for ... like forever I'm thinking...
  11. I started with a Benjamin pump in .22 when I was a kid back in the mid 60's. I had a peep sight and a scope on it at one time. Still have it and it still works!! Air riffles have come a really long way since then. Upwards of 1k for some... too rich for pinking in MHO.
  12. Very nice shootin. I have the Beeman QB Chief in .22cal. .. It is a PCP air rifle. Pump it up to 2000 psi and it is deadly accurate and super quiet with the silencer I put on it. I get similar groups 30/40 yds. Droped a dove out to 70yds
  13. Nice job guys!! on the gold and the video. Congrats!!
  14. "Now I expect a lot of sympathy because I am laying here like a gutted trout." You're still breathing. . . a gutted trout. . . Not so much!! You will be up and around in no time.... . . Give yourself time to heal up. Hope you're feeling better soon.
  15. Nice video.... well explained. This should help those trying to find their first nugget. Looking in the right places, is a good place to start.
  16. Nice job on the video . . . Actually, any video that shows nuggets being found are win in my opinion.
  17. Congrats Mike. . . and Happy Birthday!
  18. Nice!! Congrats!! I've also found some decent finds of what the ole'timers missed....
  19. Amazing. . . Never seen anything like it and wouldn't a ring like that be awesome to own. Thanks for posting.
  20. That's awesome HT !!! I appreciate it . . . I was truly meaning it as a good gesture -n- in good faith. Kudos Sir Merry Christmas HT. . . PM me your address and the amount and I'll reimburse you the shipping cost. or I could meet up with you in Reno sometime. We are out that way often.
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