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  1. It was exciting for sure. The Jakes came in really close... but some of the big tom's had a mind of their own and wouldn't come in.
  2. That's a nice catch... Supper for a few nights I imagine.
  3. Looks like a polished slam if ya ask me!! Nice job... thanks for posting.
  4. I know Dan.. it is crazy. You know as well as I do, we'll probably see a snow shower or two into June as well.
  5. A high of 72.... That's detecting weather I can handle all-day-long.
  6. NO DEAL!!! That is one thing I can not tollerate is humidity!!! I'd say... stay dry, but there is no chance of that with me and humidity anyway. So, at leats try and stay cool.
  7. Amazing how well that critter blends into the terrian. Nice nugget!! Congrats
  8. Still raining here as well. Forecasted for the same on and off rain for the next week as well. ughhh
  9. Sorry to hear the news. Thank you Sir for sharing all your knowledge. Dear Lord, Please take care of the wonderful and thoughtful man we in the prospecting community were so blessed to have and please ease the pain in the hearts of his family and friends. In Jesus name -Amen.
  10. Yeah... they're everywhere there too. We went for a drive early morning and evening and they are out in fields. He was able to change their direction and called some close enough for a shot.
  11. It's great to have life long friends!!! My parents were friends with his parent before we were even born. That's a long time to be buddies. I remember the time we even went to hunter safety course together as kids, along with many hunting and fishing trips with our families. Now that we're older.... it's great when the stars and moon align to where we can hook up. They aligned and I was able to head to his cabin in Oregon and join him on his turkey hunt. He was able to fill his turkey tags, getting his last one a couple ours after I left to head home. Here are a couple that he connected with. We did do some swinging of the coils while there and he was able to find an old knozzle from when they washed the banks down on the year round creek behind his cabin back in the day. I did have fun behind the lens of the camera, but next year I think I'll spring for a liscense and tag of my own.
  12. Took the rig out on my first long trip to Southern Oregon and joined my friend on his turkey hunt. Reallly impressed on how she ran... Can't wait till I can't try her out in the desert... if it ever quits raining here. Took the oppurtunity for a photo on a gas stop. That's Mt Shasta in the background.
  13. Good Job Mr. Finding a Chinese coin is better than finding only boot tacks & lead bullets & wire & bullet casings & hot rocks... and the list goes on -n- on.
  14. "because the copper on the surface has not been leached away." "chemical weathering takes place long before mechanical weathering" True that!! "I have no real mining knowledge and get it all from Google while sitting in my mother's basement smoking pot in my pajamas." I'm not buying it Mr. B.B. LOL. . . BUT!! If-in that's the case.. I might have to par-take and Google my arse off. After, I dig my mom a basement Good info Sir.. Thanks for sharing and Nice nuggets Adam!!!
  15. Thanks Mr. Yeah... I checked that the lockers worker or lets say engaged, but I haven't wanted to take it way out until I went through it. I believe once the 10 ply tires are on... it's time
  16. Thanks HT... I did do some homework because I didn't want to miss anything. They've been out for so long that all the preventitave maintenance concerns were easy to find -n- fix.. I like how you think!! I too can't wait to see "how it runs with a load of gold on board".
  17. Thanks Dan... If I dare not take the 4Runner, I'll take the Ranger or the 660 Grizz.. Then there's always boot leather LOL
  18. Hi Guys -n- Gals, Some time ago I mentioned about looking to invest in a prospecting rig, so I thought I would post up what I got!! Well I finally found what I was looking for without buying a new rig for desert trails. I picked up a stock '97 Toyota 4Runner Limitted Edition 4x4 w/rear E-locker from the original owner last summer. (never been in a wreck and lived entirely in NV- NO RUST) :-) It's taken a while to go through the whole rig to make sure all is in shape to get me back at the end of the day. The only thing I paid to replace was the timming belt, belt tensioners and water pump. Google and Youtube are awesome for Do-It-Yourself'ers. I managed replacing the rear brakes and brake cylinders, axle seals, on frame fuel filter, all oils with synthetic (engine, F & R diff's T-case) plugs & wires, tranny oil and installed a magnetic in-line filter on tranny line, new radiator and B & M tranny cooler. I customized the roof rack installation by eliminating the OEM cross bar before I installed a Curt rack. Seat covers, covered the cracked leather originals, new door speakers, Weather-Tech floor liners and Bug Shield and 2-way communication from a Anytone 6666 radio. Most recently, I installed a complete 3" lift with OME (Old Man Emu) springs, Bilstein shocks, SPC upper control arm, front diff drop, rear pan-hard drop (welded in place) and extended rear brake line. I removed the back seats and laid down the back, cut plywood to fit covered it with carpet and am able to sleep in the back on extended trips. I also ordered a front plate winch bumper which is 3 months out. Took her out for a run yesterday and everything worked as it should. The ride is awesome and handeled the rough road with ease. I managed to clear the desert floor from some used lead bullets and found a nice sharp rock to puncture my left tear tire in such a way that it is torn beyond repair. Well I wanted to buy taller tires, but not until I wore out what I had on and wouldn't you know it.... the tire shop didn't have a used tire. New (taller) tires were ordered. (good thing the bumper is out 3 months, it'll give me time to work OT for a winch since tires took that $$ away). I removed the OME side step-boards, so rock sliders are down the road a bit. Be safe out there..
  19. Around 5yrs ago I had 2 DVT's behind my right knee a year apart. One scared into the vein and blocked 90% blood flow and the other disolved. I take a blood thinner (Xarelto) every day and wear a thigh high compression stocking every day. Other than that, it doesn't slow me down. Give it time to disolve -n- you'll be fine. Great advice on listening to what your body is telling ya. Even better advice to get yourself checked out BEFORE it developes into a bigger problem. Really glad to hear you are feeling better.
  20. Prayed for the healing hands of God to help your farther get back up on his feet.
  21. Do you sell them there critters that you have all over your vest?
  22. That's what my 85yr old mom says. . . but she call it 'Regularity'. . .
  23. Pain sucks!!! Hope you mend up quickly. Remember the saying - If you don't use it - You loose it. If you loose it, you might not ever get it back. So mend up and use it. . Partner-up and go slower. Just do what you can at a safe pace that you can handle and enjoy the time being out and about. Take care Mr.
  24. For some reason I always make it a point to swing over what some critter has already dug out. Sure enough. . . last spring I heard a faint signal on a critter hole pile and found a little nugget. Nothing compared to the dandy you found though. Congrats!! -n- thanks for sharing. AND I have to admit that I didn't finish digging a small target that was in rocky ground, because as I got closer to the ground after a couple picks there were bees or wasps coming out from under a rock that was next to where I was picking. I convinced myself it was another bullet fragment. . . and took off. Not all critter holes are friendly... darn it.
  25. I've found that gold nuggets, no matter what size they are. . . helps the back ache go away. . .
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