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  1. You were right Dan!! It took a bit of walking over an area that I already checked and found a brotha -n- sista.... another 1.2 and a .2 dwt. I guess I better tighten up my swings a little more.
  2. Today I walked until my tail was draggin and the brotha -n- sista didn't happen. But the bird shot, bullet fragments, wire and bullets kept me busy. You would think a 1.2dwt had a few friends.
  3. Well I still suck at taking sharp photo's even if I take them from farther away and then crop-em . None-the-less... here's the 1.2 pennyweight nug I found before the bullet.
  4. Hi Dan, The bullet is a Rim-fire .30 cal long made by the United States Cartridge Company between 1869 to 1875. So it is least 144 years old. The nugget was a sweet surprise. I grided the immediate area and it was a loaner. I'll have to expand out some and see if he had some buddies so I can re-unite them. Good luck on getting on a deer for your daughter. The temp is going to really drop, maybe that will get things going.
  5. Thanks for posting the link. I have a oriental vase that my grandparents have had for many years. It is inlaid all kinds of stone and depicts a oriental person riding on the back of a lion of some sort. Been wanting to check out what it is... but never took that step. Thanks
  6. Thanks Skip. Could you tell I waz a little tired when I posted this. I should of been able to figure that out... lol Looks to be a .30 cal bullet w/overall length of 1.375" Thanks... I do some research in the morning. Doug Couldn't sleep until I found out what I have.. I believe it to be this > http://www.ammo-one.com/30RimfireLong.html
  7. Had a fun out in the hills today Found a 1.2 dwt nug and a loaded bullet. The bullet has me stumped though. It is larger than a .357 and smaller than a .44mag. It is a Rim-Fire cartridge and where the primer would be ... it is stamped US. Looks really old too. Anybody have any ideas of what it is?? Thnx I know, I know... A picture says a thousands words, but my camera took a dump or went on vacation... Probably in all likelihood it is operator error.
  8. UPDATE: Mailed on the 16th under their lifetime warranty and received a brand new pair of Koss UR-30's in the mail today. I did happen to find a pair of new small Garrett headphones that I won at a Rye Patch Nugget Shoot sometime ago that Cooper and OferAZ were mentioning. I'll have them for back-up's, as well as a new pair of Koss UR-30's I just bought. Should be set for headphones for now. Thanks again Gentlemen, I appreciate the info. Be safe out there!! Doug
  9. Shhhh ! ! ! Great. . . Now the cats outa the bag. LOL Arizona here I come.
  10. FunnyGuy!!! LOL appreciate your time Sir..... (you do have a point on what to expect these days)
  11. Hey Gary, Betterhalf is going to get them in the mail today. Koss will ship me a pair, I just had to include a $9 check for return postage and explain the issue. Can't beat that
  12. Hi Gary, That's a tremendous help!! I called them but they had already closed. I will contact them Monday and get the ball rolling. Take care, Doug
  13. Sir, Thank you for the fast responce.. Faster than I could search for it.
  14. Hey LowPoint... Thanks for the info!! I'll search around the net for the address to return them too. I read on a previous post of Bill's that he has been busy with work and YouTube vid's. Hopefully he'll see this and fire back some contact info., better yet some else can chime in with info I'll hold of ordering headphones until I can check on the Koss UR-30 warranty.
  15. Appreciate the responce Cooper.. I'm still up in the air on what I'll do. My back-up pair are Garrets that are about 40yrs old. (not even sure if they work) I'll probably repair what I have and but a new pair.
  16. My Minelab stock Koss UR-30 headphones for my 7k are acting up. The sound goes from left to right a couple times, then back to both. Are they worth having them rewired? or just buy new? I like them and they work well for me. Curious what other brand of headphones y'all are using with your Zed's and why.. Personal preference, better tone.. etc. Gray Ghost? Black Widow's? or ?? Thnx
  17. Good job Dan... you guys still have plenty of time. Buck fever can get to the best of us. Those dang bucks will start to smarten up eventually though..... no presure
  18. It all adds up and I have to agree w/Nugget108... those are all pounded pieces.
  19. Ok.. Sounds good. If you think of it bring the right upper piece I described and I'll use yours and save my repaired one as a back-up.
  20. EverytIme I leave the house . . . for what ever I'm doing.
  21. I'm off Sat. & Sun. this weekend. If you want to meet up while you pass through for a sec... let me know.
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