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  1. ? ? ? Sorry. . . Don't know what "P-&" is. or maybe I haven't had enough coffee yeT Edit - Found what you meant on Rob's forum . . . P-7 . . Thanks
  2. Today, I was out for my 3rd time in an area where I recently found these nuggets...(1.2, .2, & 1.2 dwt) I was walking until my scoop is draging and sure enough I loose my balance and step on my coil while twisting. The next thing I hear is snap!!! OH 💩.... Dang it ! ! ! I now find myself walking back to my rig with my tail between my legs. ☹️ I got to my ride and had enough cell service to call and order a new lower shaft. (ofcourse. . . I'm on a vacation) My question is... Has anyone had any success in repairing this lower shaft? I was thinking of holding it together with super glue then using a fiber glass mixture to bond it firmly together for strength. Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. You were right Dan!! It took a bit of walking over an area that I already checked and found a brotha -n- sista.... another 1.2 and a .2 dwt. I guess I better tighten up my swings a little more.
  4. Today I walked until my tail was draggin and the brotha -n- sista didn't happen. But the bird shot, bullet fragments, wire and bullets kept me busy. You would think a 1.2dwt had a few friends.
  5. Well I still suck at taking sharp photo's even if I take them from farther away and then crop-em . None-the-less... here's the 1.2 pennyweight nug I found before the bullet.
  6. Hi Dan, The bullet is a Rim-fire .30 cal long made by the United States Cartridge Company between 1869 to 1875. So it is least 144 years old. The nugget was a sweet surprise. I grided the immediate area and it was a loaner. I'll have to expand out some and see if he had some buddies so I can re-unite them. Good luck on getting on a deer for your daughter. The temp is going to really drop, maybe that will get things going.
  7. Thanks for posting the link. I have a oriental vase that my grandparents have had for many years. It is inlaid all kinds of stone and depicts a oriental person riding on the back of a lion of some sort. Been wanting to check out what it is... but never took that step. Thanks
  8. Thanks Skip. Could you tell I waz a little tired when I posted this. I should of been able to figure that out... lol Looks to be a .30 cal bullet w/overall length of 1.375" Thanks... I do some research in the morning. Doug Couldn't sleep until I found out what I have.. I believe it to be this > http://www.ammo-one.com/30RimfireLong.html
  9. Had a fun out in the hills today Found a 1.2 dwt nug and a loaded bullet. The bullet has me stumped though. It is larger than a .357 and smaller than a .44mag. It is a Rim-Fire cartridge and where the primer would be ... it is stamped US. Looks really old too. Anybody have any ideas of what it is?? Thnx I know, I know... A picture says a thousands words, but my camera took a dump or went on vacation... Probably in all likelihood it is operator error.
  10. UPDATE: Mailed on the 16th under their lifetime warranty and received a brand new pair of Koss UR-30's in the mail today. I did happen to find a pair of new small Garrett headphones that I won at a Rye Patch Nugget Shoot sometime ago that Cooper and OferAZ were mentioning. I'll have them for back-up's, as well as a new pair of Koss UR-30's I just bought. Should be set for headphones for now. Thanks again Gentlemen, I appreciate the info. Be safe out there!! Doug
  11. Shhhh ! ! ! Great. . . Now the cats outa the bag. LOL Arizona here I come.
  12. FunnyGuy!!! LOL appreciate your time Sir..... (you do have a point on what to expect these days)
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