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  1. If there is no rush to get the gold... I would wait until you get the detector to check for a booming signal in the rock... That way you won't damage a specimen nugget in the rock. (Which I have done before) But... For the small gold as you seeing in the loop... By all mean check it out as Au Seeker suggested.
  2. Crazy cool!! I like it.
  3. I had a swarm fly about 30' over my head once. I heard it coming and I thought it was a plane coming down. It was the size of a VW Bug in a tear drop shape. I just knelt down and thankfully they buzzed on by. I also had a nice sounding target in some rocky ground and when I knelt down and hit the ground with my pick . . . bee's started coming out of a crack in the ground near by. I quickly got out of there before they got too irritated. Hind-site... I should of GPS'd the location for a winter time hunt. You got lucky! Like you said, if there were more and your rig was farther away..
  4. True That!!! We've had chickens for years. . . and they pretty much eat anything.
  5. Beautiful piece of gold. I'd go back there too... But with a detector first!! I use to live in Columbia... Loved it there. My friend was remodeling a store on main street in Sonora years ago and another friend took lunch break in the creek that runs right under main street. He came up with a nice nugget laying right on top of exposed bed rock in the creek. Good luck!!
  6. 6 miles lol... I found it pretty quick. Kept looking for a brother or a sister . . . . but they were hiding. "That was a nice piece." It was a nice piece. . . until I got impatient and hit it with my pick. You can see the pick scrape right below what looks like a hole in the middle. Ahh... what the heck... it's still a keeper.
  7. Great build so far. You'll have an awesome rig when you're done and know every bolt on it. Bugs do very well off road as long as you know their limitations.
  8. Walked over 8 mi today and dug up 18 pieces of trash just for one nugget. A fair trade I'd say!!! 5.5dwt
  9. Yeah. . . It took a while huh!! I like keeping some nice ones in the host rock.. I think they look pretty cool and nice to look at when I have the skunk on my back.
  10. Thanks .. Tom H. It wasn't a great signal.. just enough to hold me up. After boot scraping the top couple off, it still didn't improve that much. But when I got below the hot rocks and trash and started to see the red dirt. I was smiling big time. After it was in the scoop .. the ole phrase came to mind... 'I thought it was gonna be bigger' lol Pretty amazed at the depth as well. It must of been settings and perfect ground conditions.
  11. I walked all over an area where I found 4 pieces last year and even hiked up higher.. thinking bigger pieces got hung up .. nah .. it didn't happen. heading back to the rig, my wife walked out to meet me... and there.. 30yrds from the rig I got a faint signal. Once I got down a bit .. I knew it had to be gold... I even broke out the carrot to check the sides of the hole .. but it was still at the bottom of the hole. The best part about it was having my better-half right there.
  12. Thanks Old Tom.. I got to playing with my phone camera this morning. Here some I don't believe I've posted before.
  13. Thanks Dan... Surprised on the depth... Maybe I'm just rusty
  14. I found a 1.1g nugget down about 15" today. Was wondering if I got lucky or is that the normal depth for a nugget this size. The nugget is a solid chunk. I imagine if it was smashed out flat and not laying on its edge I could of found it deeper.... Just wondering.. It's been awhile since I been able to get out and find a biggie lol 😃
  15. Will do!!! Good luck on your hunt.. and thanks for the info..
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