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  1. Amazing. . . Never seen anything like it and wouldn't a ring like that be awesome to own. Thanks for posting.
  2. That's awesome HT !!! I appreciate it . . . I was truly meaning it as a good gesture -n- in good faith. Kudos Sir Merry Christmas HT. . . PM me your address and the amount and I'll reimburse you the shipping cost. or I could meet up with you in Reno sometime. We are out that way often.
  3. What a fantastic piece of art work ... awesome.
  4. Oh for Pete's sake and for the love of God. . . in the spirit of Christmas. . . Would someone please send this fine young gentlemen a real meteorite so that he has one. I would but I don't have one. Au Seeker - I agree with you sir. I have been educated on this and other threads from what other members have posted. Merry Christmas Ya'all . . . be safe
  5. Indeed. . . very nice pic.. one worth framing for sure.
  6. Nice catch Mr. Put up a good fight I'm sure, maybe with a few jumps too...
  7. I own a Polaris Ranger as well. (2015 XP900) No problems with it what so ever!! The belts will go bad if you try to pull a steep hill in drive and not drop it into low gear. It is also good on fuel mileage and can carry all the gear you might need. Good luck with whatever you decide on... I'm sure it will go where you want..
  8. Congrats on the ring.. Yeah there are some dandy peeps that hang out (live) around the river. If I were homeless in Reno... I would never go hungry.. There are ducks and geese all over there. With that said, It every well could have been a pellet that whizzed by your head.
  9. Way to stick with it!!! and you cleaned the ugly right off her.
  10. This case looks similar. . . cheap too. . . https://www.goldfeverprospecting.com/setof12rostc.html
  11. Nice job!! Fines to slugs.... way to "Beat it up"!! I have to agree with the post above... nice case. I need to find something like that.
  12. Nice nuggets you guys.... Good job!!!
  13. I used super glue to hold it together, then I ended up using Gorilla Glue (which is what I had on hand) I built up a complete cast around the outside from the holes on the coil ears to an inch down the shaft and was able to spread it on the inside as well. I ground down the inside enough to slide the coil connector through. It seems to be rock hard solid. I installed the new lower shaft I bought but not before building up a cast around the outside like I did on my broken shaft for added strength. I think it will be fine for a spare. Appreciate all the helpful ideas that I can fall back on if my attempt doesn't hold. Doug
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