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  1. NvAuMiner

    New Mexico Tick Infestation - Critical Alert!

    Do you sell them there critters that you have all over your vest?
  2. NvAuMiner

    UPGRADE in 3...2...1

    That's what my 85yr old mom says. . . but she call it 'Regularity'. . .
  3. NvAuMiner

    Took a Fall

    Pain sucks!!! Hope you mend up quickly. Remember the saying - If you don't use it - You loose it. If you loose it, you might not ever get it back. So mend up and use it. . Partner-up and go slower. Just do what you can at a safe pace that you can handle and enjoy the time being out and about. Take care Mr.
  4. NvAuMiner

    Critter Hole Nugget

    For some reason I always make it a point to swing over what some critter has already dug out. Sure enough. . . last spring I heard a faint signal on a critter hole pile and found a little nugget. Nothing compared to the dandy you found though. Congrats!! -n- thanks for sharing. AND I have to admit that I didn't finish digging a small target that was in rocky ground, because as I got closer to the ground after a couple picks there were bees or wasps coming out from under a rock that was next to where I was picking. I convinced myself it was another bullet fragment. . . and took off. Not all critter holes are friendly... darn it.
  5. NvAuMiner

    When Skunk Isn't A Skunk

    I've found that gold nuggets, no matter what size they are. . . helps the back ache go away. . .
  6. NvAuMiner

    Bing (Bong) the skunk is dead!!

    Beautiful pieces!! Like stated above. . . I'd make it a point to go back and check the wash from top-2-bottom Congrats!!!
  7. NvAuMiner

    My sons bull.

    Looks like they did a good job!! Congrats
  8. Thanks for giving me the low-down on the Mohs surgery. Next time I'm in for a check-up I'll be sure to tell the Dr.'s asst. that I done appreciate the the mis-info. on the Mohs surgery.
  9. Learned a lot from the previous posts and I appreciate it. I just had the wife remove 12 stitches from my cheek from my Basal Cell Carcinoma removed last week. While I was in there, I asked if they were doing the MOHS surgery on my cheek. They told me that the MOSH procedure was done only on the scalp because of the lack of meat/tissue to take off.(my terminology, can't remember exactly what they said beside it was for the scalp). Good news... after a week of waiting for results... I heard they got it all. I never would of asked if it weren't for Doc sharing his experience. Thank you
  10. NvAuMiner

    Loaded on the Flatty

    Not much room for error there... Definitly be cracken a brewski . . . after the loading is over.
  11. NvAuMiner

    Sage hen and a killer dead head

    Fun times for sure.. Congrats on the hens and the great find!!! Don't be fooled!!! Memories like those..... are gold-en. . .
  12. NvAuMiner

    Lets hope this holds....

    Be careful of the brush.. It can catch your detectors and break some stuff before you get started. When on my yamaha grizzly 4x4 I always mounted my detector parallel with the tires. I too carried a lot of gear as well. Now days... I take the polaris ranger most of the time. Good Luck!!
  13. NvAuMiner

    Gold is Gold,..."Right???"

    Yes Sir, Gold is Gold!!! Great way to pick em out..
  14. Thanks for the info. . . I'm going to request an early Birthday or Christmas gift.
  15. NvAuMiner

    New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    My '15 Camaro has that 'Active Fuel Management' (AFM) on it (auto trans.) It drops it down to 4cylinders when it's up to speed. I didn't buy a v8 to run w/4cyl. I bought a chip (AFM delete by Range - $100) that you plug in under the dash so when you're above 5mph it deactivates the AFM. v8 mode all the time Had it on since new with no issues what-so-ever. About 2wks ago I picked up a 3rd Gen Toyota 4runner (1997) from the original owner. Got it just for my detecting/prospecting trips. It's very clean and has the E-locker in the rear diff. So far I've added a WeatherTech bug shield and floor liners. Changed the spark plugs, wires and boots, installed new fuel filter and going to do front & rear diff oil -n- T-case oil tomorrow. Can't wait to get it out in the hills and see how she does.