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  1. That's got character... if not an attitude. Nice piece!!
  2. Is there or has there been any comparison testing done in the field on depth with the 6000 vs the 7000 using the NF 12" Z-search coil. Thanks . . .
  3. Congrats Dan and family!! Way to get-er done. That is weird that he didn't get a junior hunt tag. He should of gotten one before any out of state tags issued... But! you and I both know where the $$$ lies. Anyway... Congratulations!!!
  4. The above statement by BMc is sound advice to get you that first nugget. Been there and done that same thing. I had passed a pile high on a hill multiple times, always just looking at it. After another day of the skunk I decided to go up to it and try my luck. It was right off a well traveled road so I thought somebody had hit it. Passing several other piles with dig holes and raked down areas, I thought somebody must have hit my pile of interest. I got to the pile and low-n-behold..... The angle of repose was still in tact... no dig holes.... no raked down areas. After several bullets I found my first piece of detected gold... a solid quarter oz. We...(wife and son) worked that pile all summer long from top to bottom. We picked up just a tad over 2oz's. Just because a pile is in an obvious spot... don't assume it's been checked. Best of luck.... Stay Safe Crappy photo!!
  5. Hello Brownb56, Welcome to the forum!! Really good bunch of Guys -n- Gals on here. Over the years they have helped me out quite a bit. I don't post all that often. But I read a lot of the posts and learn. You didn't mention what detector you're using.. but I guess it doesn't really matter.. I knew a guy that found a half/oz nugget using a Bounty Hunter detector. The only thing I would suggest is to learn your detector. Ground balancing the unit is very important. Some people like to run their detector real chatty with the sensitivity cranked up. I'm more willing to turn down the sensitivity down and run a smoother noise level. Don't listen and wait for the boomer signal (of course those will be obvious) but instead listen for the very very faint change in your threshold. Boot scrape the top off a couple times and if the signal gets better ... you could be on to something. Listen for the repeatable signals. If you like to hunt eluvial deposits. . . Look down-n-out.. AND Ground Balance and re-ground balance often. The mineralization will change as you walk around from creek to bank and so forth. Best of luck... Doug
  6. Congrats!!! Good luck with your new Nox!!
  7. Nice nugget Mr. Was that just a water-n-tooth brush clean up?
  8. Nice gold GotAu!! They gotta be cleaned to bring the shinny out. But! Gold is gold. . . no matter what it looks like. . . Congrats! Personally, I have ever felt pushed to pay for an investment of the hobby I enjoy. You buy what you can afford and as you wisely stated. . . "I am rather limited in location most of the time and the gold here is VLF-sized and relatively more scarce than in other locations." You buy what suits the area in-which you plan to detect. Finding enough gold or coin's is indeed a bonus to the hobby, but definitely not as important as enjoying the time out in the fresh air and beauty of the country side and the enjoyment of the friends I'm with.. Thanks for the work you do in teaching and volunteering for various outdoor groups. Not enough can be said to those who take their time in helping others enjoy Gods gift of the outdoors. Respects
  9. Congrats Mr. I gotta get back on the bike and start riding like that.
  10. Those are skunk busters for sure. . . Congrats Tom
  11. Nice video!! I gotsta new name for ya... 'Mr. BBB' -(BeeBeeBuster)- JK... I'm jus mess-in with ya... BB's, lead/brass bullet fragments, wire pieces are all part of it as you know. Good job on finding the new wash to detect. Read the wash good .. I bet you'll find plenty more pieces in there. Thanks for posting Stay safe, Doug
  12. Awesome gold!! Suffering with snow and frozen ground over this way...... sooo keep posting..... it's the only gold I'll be seeing for a while. thnx for sharing..
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