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  1. Three good times out of one fishing trip.. Catchin-em Smokin-em Eatin-em.
  2. WOW ! ! Nice . . . Great attention to doing it right and they all look awesome. I like the display.
  3. . . . Well it's nice that they come in pairs on the claim over there. . .
  4. Nice!!! I have yet to find a sunbaker...
  5. Hi Dan, I had a 3500 with a NF Advantage-E 14x9. Before that it was a Tesoro LoboST and before that (when I was a kid) I had a Garret TR MoneyHunter LOL
  6. Hey GotAU, The signal was just enough of a change in the tone to make me investigate. It was not good... but was repeatable... I don't have a link that I go to for settings, but I know if you search around you can find what people use. I tried some of what others use and they weren't really for me. Some like to set it so that it is real chatty.... a lot of noise. I prefer quiet-n-smooth. I'm no expert and still trying different settings out. The best thing I could recommend to you is get a little piece of lead (sounds like gold) and practice way away from electric power lines. Se
  7. My bad!!! It was actually a 1.1dwt... little bigger than a 1gramer
  8. It's all good Mr. I know you were jus messing with me... The smallest one was my first find of the day and I thought.... WooHoo at least I didn't get skunked!!! If that one was gonna be it for the day.... it was good day.
  9. Thanks!! I thought I saw one the other day... but last night I didn't see it. I must of been blurry eyed.
  10. Here they are... Nothing big... But like you said... "It's fun finding gold. Even though it stoves me up a little.
  11. Oh. . . it happened. . . lol I'll get a pic posted... They were hard earned.. so I was kinda beat-up....... still am this morning.
  12. Got a wild hair and I'm thinking about picking up a GPZ 19" coil. If I recall right, when they came out there was a falsing problem I believe. Don't remember if was operator error or if it was a problem within the coil. Anyone have any up-to-date info on the 19" coil. I could probably google it . . . but first hand info is just as good or better IMHO Thanks. . .
  13. Anyone have a GPZ 19" coil they're considering selling?
  14. Nice score!! I'm with You and TomH. . . I too had to get out and away from the election coverage going on. I scored a total of 5 for 2.2dwt. Twas a beautiful day to get out.
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