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    Prospecting and exploring the countryside in the UTV. Filling the freezer with lean meat is also on my list too.

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  1. Congrats Mr. I gotta get back on the bike and start riding like that.
  2. Those are skunk busters for sure. . . Congrats Tom
  3. Nice video!! I gotsta new name for ya... 'Mr. BBB' -(BeeBeeBuster)- JK... I'm jus mess-in with ya... BB's, lead/brass bullet fragments, wire pieces are all part of it as you know. Good job on finding the new wash to detect. Read the wash good .. I bet you'll find plenty more pieces in there. Thanks for posting Stay safe, Doug
  4. Awesome gold!! Suffering with snow and frozen ground over this way...... sooo keep posting..... it's the only gold I'll be seeing for a while. thnx for sharing..
  5. Hi Dan, Good idea!! I have some CLR and my better-half said I can have her ultrasonic cleaner... then she said... "I'll take the new one you buy." < word for word LOL.
  6. Hey thanks d-day! I'll Google it and see where I pick some up and how to apply it.
  7. Hello Gents, Once gain I find myself healing up from too much fun in the sun when I was a young-in. Until I can get out again I have the time to try and clean up some small clusters of iron stained quartz crystals that I have picked up over the years. Any advice on what to use to make them display worthy would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch!! Stay safe, Doug
  8. Hey Kyle, Every time I start out I'm like this > and always end up like this > The one thing I'm guaranteed to find when time I'm out swinging. . . is a back ache. I still think I do alright for an almost old-fart w/two back surgery's under their belt. Rest up -n- get after it . . .
  9. WOW!!! 2 thumbs-up... Congrats on another stunning piece.. Said it before & I'll say it again, I love gold in host rock... Keep swinging... there's more..
  10. What a beautiful piece!! That has a lot of character.. I wouldn't care what it weighted..
  11. Three good times out of one fishing trip.. Catchin-em Smokin-em Eatin-em.
  12. WOW ! ! Nice . . . Great attention to doing it right and they all look awesome. I like the display.
  13. . . . Well it's nice that they come in pairs on the claim over there. . .
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