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  1. Thanks Dan... Surprised on the depth... Maybe I'm just rusty
  2. I found a 1.1g nugget down about 15" today. Was wondering if I got lucky or is that the normal depth for a nugget this size. The nugget is a solid chunk. I imagine if it was smashed out flat and not laying on its edge I could of found it deeper.... Just wondering.. It's been awhile since I been able to get out and find a biggie lol 😃
  3. Will do!!! Good luck on your hunt.. and thanks for the info..
  4. Nice story and pics Dan. I was able to spot the buck bedded before I zoomed-in. Like I told you when you got-em... good job guys. Going to go drown a night crawler at Southfork tomorrow. See if I can't break in my new pole with a fish-er-two.
  5. darn... I snoozed...I loosed <(is that a word?) And I really wanted the camera!!!
  6. Congrats!!! My wife(37yrs together) is the same way on all my outdoor interests. . . as long as I come home safe. Again Doc and Diana, Congratulations on a great milestone in your life's together. Beautiful family. . .
  7. Quite frankly!!!! I enjoy a 'beep-o-rama' by myself. . . With son out of college and out making a life for himself... it's pretty much how I roll these days.
  8. Nice cat gents!!! Way to work it in with what you had. Patience is the key.
  9. Fantastic Luke! Thanks for sharing. . .
  10. Thanks Bill !! That is a mystery solved. . . I have found a couple of them and always wondered what they were.
  11. While I was at it..... I also had something made for me with the first nugget I found with a metal detector (GP3500 Advantage 14E)
  12. I found this nugget while out with my wife some time ago. After our 36 yrs together I know that she has a pure heart of gold. She has helped and lifted up so many people because of her kind heart and the person she truly is inside. I decided to send this nugget to a custom jewelry maker and told her what I was planning in my head and this is the result. She nailed it!! SHHH (It's a surprise for her birthday) The nugget is about 5 dwt and the turquoise is Whitewater turquoise from Sonora, Mexico. I thinks and hopes... she likes it . The heart earrings were added in to complete the set.
  13. Sounds good to me Mr. Last few weekends I've been busy emptying out the garage into a 40' C-tainer we bought and finally took on the job of insulating and now drywall. Waiting for a drywall lift to come in so I can bang it out. . . Something I've been wanting to do for years. I have only been out a couple times ... but been chasing the skunks tail so far.
  14. Nice job guys!! There all nice finds for sure.
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