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  1. Not kidding ;) I stopped here> ave s.bmp and picked this up> The circle is the area im interested in
  2. I have a nice piece of the san Andreas fault, with a great solid fracture in it. Is there anyone in the av with the tools available to cut this? I'd like to make a pendant with it.
  3. I just noticed there is a happy face in this polished rock! it's nearly perfect! HAHA! it's on the right side 1/4 way down in a yellowish circle. "rockfinal" previous post. the simplest things amaze me .......
  4. AV GEM website has moved. I'll look into finding them. At this point I think I've done all I personally can? I'm going to ship it off to a lab and hopefully get a definitive answer on the makeup of this rock. It's a fascinating piece. The sanding was what really brought it out! (thanks Jim!)In the scope I've seen orange, blue, gold, beautiful firey reflection of color. I'm attaching the last couple of shots I have taken - The stone travels tomorrow. I'll let you know what I get back from the lab ;) ~Karaleigh
  5. Fantastic! Thank you Jim for such a great tutorial! I'll pick up some sandpaper tomorrow and do it that way. When I used the bench grinder I used the flat part of the wheel, noticed you used the corner area .... is this a better way? I'm in the Antelope Valley (North LA county, Mojave Desert area) I'll also look around here for someone who could help me cut off a decent size piece of this thing. When I finally find out what it's made out of, I feel that the void left behind will urge me to pursue another unknown! I have had quite the learning experience the past couple of weeks. What a wonderful forum you have here, kudos to the creator and the great people it attracts
  6. Hi Jim! I have learned that I am not good at sanding!(used a bench grinder) I think I messed up the rock. Flash reflects so much off the surface that I found it hard to get a good shot. I tried though ;) I've attached my attempt ....
  7. Hi Steve, Thank you for your reply ;) Sorry, I should have put it in the text of my first post rather then on the image. This is what I have so far ... This rock is: Ferrous No streak - leaves a scratch in the porcelain No vesicles Metal flecks - good view in the close up (first post) nickel positive (Dmg test) and fairly heavy for it's size - approx. 150 lbs What was exposed above ground seems to have a coating of desert varnish. The buried part of the rock is covered with caliche. It was not found in a strewn field (that I know of) and was unique to it's suroundings. Bob, I was thinking the same thing, but the more I read the less I knew! I was thinking magnetite because it is so strongly attracted to a magnet and I've read that hematite is weakly ferrous. When the lack of a streak gave me nothing to go on I got out the DMG and got a nickel reaction. I understand that this test doesn't give me a quantity and doesn't indicate what the stone is. It was the only other thing I could think to do. The filings are a very fine dust, light tan? in color with some metal and attracted to a magnet. (makes for easy cleanup!)
  8. Ben, Thank you for your input here are a couple of larger images of the exterior. There are a few scratch marks where my rolling it around has worn down the outer coating. Most of the rock was submerged in the ground, this area of the rock appears to have deeper concave(?) areas, but they are filled with caliche. Is there a way to remove this without chemicals? I'm curious to see the structure.Some of what I chipped off, took the black off as well.
  9. I haven't found any known strewn fields in the area. There have been 2 individual meteorites located both southwest and northeast of here (15 miles in either direction- Neenach and Littlerock,CA) What lab would you recommend? I just need a basic chemical make-up.
  10. Trying to figure out what this rock could be? Images/text attached. Was hoping you fine folks could give me another test to perform? ~Karaleigh
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