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  1. Easiest way to tell when the heat will let up is to turn on your cold water and test its temperature. Right now mine is about 105 degrees. I usually turn mine on about the first of June and let it run until October. Along about September it starts to cool down below about 100 then I know the heat spell is broken. Also, if you are new to this area, when you see the natives start to wear jackets and coats you will know the temp is down to about 75. -- MV
  2. Whereabouts in Yuma did you hunt? Nugget shooting or dry washing?
  3. Hey Sarge, i do believe the Cargo Muchaco's are 7 miles from yuma and there is always gold to be found there BUT, there are some claims out there and the spma has most of em, but it is a very good area and one of my favorite places, its better for drywashing but i have pulled out some decent nuggets as well.

  4. Hi folks! I am new to your group and am seeking a little info and/or help. Until recently I have been a coin shooter using a White Spectrum XLT. Success rate ran about 30 cents an hour in parks, fairgrounds, etc. Now I want to ramp up and start nugget shooting. I retired the White and purchased a new Gold Bug in Quartzsite and have been playing with it a couple weeks. I have its basic operation down OK using a sample 0.2 gram nugget I also got in Quartzsite and the throw-down target that came with the detector. I took it to a couple parks in Yuma and maintained my 30 cents per hour coin recovery rate (yeah, a GB will do coins just fine!) Now, I want to start nugget shooting, but until I get some experience and practice I want to stay fairly close - maybe 1/2 hour to an hour drive- to Yuma. Any suggestions on where I might go and be welcome would be appreciated. Also I would be interested in joining a mining club locally, but I don't know who to contact - or even if there is one. Thanks in advanced for any assistance!
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