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  1. Frank C took me to his honey hole and I scored my 9th nugget today!!!
  2. Adam, Yes it did happen. Today was my 1st day of a 4 day vacation from work and Frank took me out to his spot this morning and I was the first one to get a nugget. It is the first one for me with my new 3500. A great start to my vacation. Who says Christmas doesn't come in July !!!!
  3. What a fanastic find.... Makes me want to quit these 12 hour days at work...and do nothing but beep along!!!!
  4. Hi Ya All Just wanted to brag a little bit .... Frank C took me out to Gold Basin on Sunday, and I found my 2nd & 3rd nugget. The 2nd nugget is a .4dwt and the 3rd is 1.6dwt . It was so exciting it was better than opening Xmas presents when you were a kid!!! Teri
  5. So now I see why Frank C is so crabby working in the garage!!! Hopefully we will get out on Saturday. What a nice find!!!! Teri
  6. Skip Thank You so much for the avatar !!!!! I think it is really cool !!!!! I also want to Thank Everyone for your kind words and boosting my confidence !!!!! Teri
  7. To all you ole pro's out there a story of remembrance. I've been going out prospecting with Frank C and Grandpa the last several weekends and always come up empty handed. So on Friday afternoon I met them at Gold Basin. I was excited to find a small meterorite shard weighing in at 5 grams. I was'nt going to get the SKUNK again this weekend!! On Saturday I came across a small signal figuring it was the same crap I always find being it was'nt even a inch deep. I got the target in my scoop and did'nt see a bullet, nail or staple. What the heck? I'm left with 3 strange items in my scoop and I don't know what is possibly setting my dectector off? It's a tiny white rock. WHAT? I try to scrape it with my fingernail, I still don't know what the heck it is so I pop it in my mouth like I see Frank C. do It's GOLD I can't beleive it!!!! YEAH I not only did'nt get the skunk I got my 1st gold weighing in at 0.1 HA HA letting me know there's bigger pieces down the road for me. Teri
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