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  1. I found a rock very similiar to that. Even to the point "i put it in my pocket thinking it was obsidian". The orange spots are almost identical..it just looks like yours could be a little more exposed to the elements.
  2. just shows how much i know. Haha thanks guys.
  3. The origin of clovis and folsom points is a theory. The truth is I found a clovis point on my grandfathers farm in wisconsin. It didnt stand out any different then the countless other large arrowheads/spear points and tomahawk/full grooved axes. it was actually all in the same vicinity. So even tho clovis are credited as being the first "man" there is truely no way to prove if those points were made 12,000 years ago or 2,000. this article should be revered as "what not to do"!
  4. this is exactly how i found my meteorite..only it was in wisconsin xD
  5. And again, it is not mine. it was just a picture i found of a confirmed tekite that had a striking resembelence to my own. The only pictures of my rock are in the original post (compare the above picture of the broken asian tekite with my 2nd picture in the original post)! Whether mine is authentic or not is either way fine, im awaiting the test results to know forsure. I really do appreciate all your kind folks dropping by and giving your two cents tho! by the way in that 2nd photo in the original post, that part that looks like "crystals" is actually oxidization.
  6. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!!! but in all seriousness...Now i understand the law is the law but really is the prof really the one being stupid here? It wasn't some amateur treasure hunter, it was a professor. Now what good are clovis points that are sitting in the dirt...or the ground just waiting to be stepped on and broken during someones festivities on the "state lands"? At least they would be out of the dirt and in someones collection somewhere. Which to me is better for some reason than being in the ground...As long as your a not messing with a native american burial ground i believe it should be finders keepers. Borders and land ownership are man-made mumbo jumbo, the very native americans who made those points would scoff at the idea of "LAND OWNERSHIP"! Now i am in no way advocating breaking the law. This is how it is and this is what needs to be followed. I just wish "the people" of this great country actually had their voices heard...
  7. But Bill, the above picture is a confirmed Asian Meteorite...
  8. Is there anybody else out there who has looked for these sort of artifacts in the past? This link is highly interesting to me, perhaps it will be for some of you too. http://copperculture.homestead.com/artifactcollecting.html <--- Notice all those were found on what looks like a "plain beach"! Now i know there are alot of rare finds happening overseas such as the roman helmet or the gold pendant found by the 3 year old (both in fields) but is it possible that on our very soil here in America there existed civilizations that we in the infant stages of our country disregarded as "savages"? Check out these interesting finds ranging from Oklahoma to Wisconsin! wisconsin.bmp
  9. PLEASE DO! Where is your property located? hopefully to the "east" of the Mississippi!
  10. Im no expert but I do remember reading about other Georgia finds that are very similar looking... If it passed the test, hey, it passed the TEST! If thats not good enough for you try contacting your local university for further identification.
  11. There is something that I hope one of you can help me with. On one side of the "crust" (for lack of a better term) there is orange spots embedded into the rock. I dont want to break this baby open until i am directed to but based on what the outside appearence looks like i believe it would look very much like this on the inside...
  12. Sorry, i didnt go into more detail! I was in a bit of a hurry when i posted this! As I said when i first found it i thought it was obsidian/Glass or even COAL. That hypothesis was quickly put to rest when I picked it up and felt its weight. For looking like glass this rock sure is heavy? The magnet test is a two edged sword with this. A regular refridgerator magnet doesnt seem to stick. on the other hand, the weight and the obvious "thumb prints" makes me think it could be. Another thing of interest is the location of where i found it. The field is on a natural lake, but the field itself is up some pretty dramatic hill or drop off from the lake. Sorry if that is confusing but I dont know how to explain it except that it looks like a crater surrounding the lake? I think thats what im getting at... As for the morrals! I found more morrals next to this rock then i have ever found in all my years of looking PUT TOGETHER! There were literally hundreds of morrals surrounding it. I'm only 21 years old now and this was found about 10 years ago. What stands out to me is that the area of the morrals/rock was obviously a "dump spot" for rocks of the farmers field. There was a huge pile of stones/rocks most liekly from clearing out the field for all those years but being a young boy and exploring this area i probably seen thousands of "neat" rocks. For whatever reason, this rock stood out to me and i have never seen one like it in wisconsin or out. Luckily for me, in 2005 my family moved to Mesa, AZ so I am in contact with an expert at ASU. I figure i couldnt be in a better area when it comes to meteorites! All in all, I am content either way. I am not so much in it for gain but more because this is such a rarity in wisconsin! If and I mean IF it is, it would be only the 14th one ever recovered there. thanks everyone !
  13. Found this in a field while looking for moralls in southern wisconsin. I initially thought it was obsidian perhaps that the native americans brought there (as it is NOT native to Wisconsin) Fortunately i live in Arizona right now so i am in contact with an expert trying to get it ID'd. I'm waiting for him to verify but from everything i've heard/read i am 99.9% it is a meteorite. you guys are probably more familiar. I just want your two cents.
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