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  1. Blake that is funny , That big one going buy today may have a lot of smaller ones traveling with it, so keep your eyes on the sky for the next day or so there could be more of this kind of thing, The meteor site has had a lot of postings the past few months , they seem to be increasing in activity. well maybe http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com/
  2. I second that . Bill has done a lot for people with out want , and it is time to sit back and take in the love you need it , so buck up on that pride, us men have a hard time with that but it is a good lesson to help compleate us in this world,, take care brother, best of luck in this tragic situation . LOve you brother
  3. why wait to file I think that might set you up for a disapointment, Best of luck to you ,This BLM change is coming big time ,and it is sad for us little guys for sure,
  4. As mentioned a surface sample will give you a very enriched sample and will be very different from the lower structure, you need to dig down and take samples from a few areas like contact center and such, look for a intersecting dike that could make your little find a very nice pocket mine,
  5. That set up NV Chris has is smooth I had a chance to try it out I was amazed The extra freedom of not getting caught up Gets you in the bushes longer were most will get frustrated and give up...
  6. Jim with your reputation you are kidding right, I will vouch for you any day sir, Hope things are going good for you and yours, Looking forward to seeing you at an outing,,
  7. Nice words guys We have worked hard to keep our reputation and good ground ,We are always working to find new areas .They have to pass our standards, Not just any claim will do for us, The members are our best asset, The outings are more like a big family get togethers without the long shirt tail relatives. Also there is good gold coming off the claims for the ones who put in the time, We also let the softer claim go away as more acerage is not what we want it is better ground. Jim M we still have our Pinto placer claims ,Also our claims are up against a lot of open ground so that get,s you into a big ball game of prospecting, It is wonderfull to see our new officers at work,This club is going good places for sure,Most members do not tell of there finds ,But i can say quite a few OZs have come out the last year, Also I have personally put a lot of people on gold. when i see someone needs training I give it to them and the teachings I preform are very detailed ,So as you can see it is not your everyday club,,
  8. Trumpet plants are a good indicator as they like the high iron soil ,Not always but most the gold i have found in the desert the plants were right there, On the gopher holes and ant hills I have been useing them as test digs for years, In the motherload gopher mounds on overburden piles when panned out can give you a good test dig they bring everything up. Now on the ant hills You can pan those out to see what is there , also in the past old timers used the ant hills to help look for turquoise and other minerals, I also think it was a way the indians looked for turquoise opal and such. good luck out there
  9. The trumpet plant can be a great indacator for gold in the ground, I have used it as a starting place years ago and it works more than not also Panning out ant hills and gopher mounds can get you in to some sweet gold And turquoiuse.If you are going to smelt gold get a furnace { you can find then for around $800.00 They are great set it to 1960 and come back in a hr and wala ,Using a torch can blow the fines to kindom come and watch out for moisture in rocks They will blow to high heavan and can burn you along the way, Do not forget the eye protection and gloves as the burns at that temp are not so forgiving best of luck to you,
  10. Just a note , There is one time to use cancel mode when operating a mono coil ,When digging a large deep target { hopefully you will experiance this some time and it helps with large trash when cleaning up a area}The coil will overload making working in the right direction to retreve the target a real pain in thy ars,That is when you switch it to cancel mode , The coil will have to be within a few inches away from the target to send out a signal .This little trick has saved me time and energy a few times,There are a lot of posibilities with all the settings, I think the 5000 is a pretty easy detector to learn, Seems that most people do not understand how there machine works, That is why you need to read the manual to learn this, at that point you understand what settings it likes to be in. For that specific area, there is no just perect setting for all soils ,But The presets are set up as good as they can be set,The fact that you can make a marker of your own settings for your specific area, Is the cat,s meow,The 5000 is a lot eaiseir {at least for me} to operate than a VLF. Like a GM2 or GMT And a VLF has it,s time and place but the 5000 made that jump just alittle closer.. Hey grubby you are starting to look a lot like me ,
  11. good news that she made it good cat is hard to find,
  12. That area get,s hit pretty hard ,Just takes lot,s of time, keep the sun at your back,(it really helps bring out the purpleish and red/brown colors..Also mid morning and the last 4 hrs of light in the day helps ,Guess it has something to do with the light colors.
  13. May be it is just i have found a few up there and that one looks very simular to what i have from a few areas in nevada, Also i work real hard to not insult my teachers Like John B and Paleface, Also there is very definate tumb prints on it I wil try to post the one i have and well see, Also they are light to a magnet
  14. i will bet it is one You can see the chlondurs {sp}? and those thubprints, You got one.You really dont want to put a window in it if you don,t have to.
  15. More federal madness, More questions of Legality, Boy this adm, Is so not for the people and for control of the people,uter madness,
  16. Yo bud when did you become a buthead
  17. Ron we are trying to get some new claim leases to add for our members, The memberships are almost full as with in the past years,What better way to do that.It is the first year for this we will see how it goes,As they say it can not hurt to try,,
  18. Do not know if any of the forum members are going to be there The WSPA has a booth this year with Detectoraid, so stop by and say howdy do.
  19. I did not know you and Pale Face had the same B Day, Have a good one you old fart
  20. Jerry Looks and sounds like you will be ok on cleared trails for access and trail maitenece, All the others do not truley apply, Best of luck to you
  21. Sawmill I understand your words It is wonderfull info you share ,Thanks Can You PM me your e mail and we will talk .
  22. I tried to PM you Sawmill it said you can not get messages so i will put my message here Sawmill, I guess you might have taken my statment with offence, I sure hope not I was a good friend of Paleface and he always held you in good regards So i have always felt the same, I used to fall and set chokers ,And cut off pig ears before loading,I also have many years of dredging and prospecting,What i first saw was the desimation of claims buy burning down cabins,{to get rid of the hippies} Well It seems they are tring to run us off I,am not a spotted owl in this.The fact that You need a plan of op to do work is BS, I know of a man in Oregon who has been fighting for his rights and has one on every count,He has patt land,When a friend of his purchase a pat claim up there the FS said if he cut the trees he might go to jail Well he cut those trees and when the sheriff showed he was recited the law and guess what nothing happened to the miners they are alowed to work with out hindrence or Prejudice, I do not want to lay down any more I do not understand why you are done unless you feel we are beating a dead horse.Sorry for my spelling just the way it is.
  23. Under bad news for miners,Hey guy,s it is all of us,
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