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  1. Denny,

    How is Dani doing? Last I heard she was looking like it all might work out. It took me a LOT of work to get PayPal working - long story there - but finally managed to. Anyway, always hoping for the best.


  2. Dang it all anyway. I'm happy Bob is out of pain now but sad he's not around here to share more stories. I always felt at peace when Bob was near.

  3. Any good news Denny? I'm hope for a miracle...

  4. Sorry, but you already had it done by the time I got home... I sure feel for Bob and just bums a feller when there is nothing we can do to make him better.

  5. Dennis, I would love to try a 15x12 Commander sometime.

    You ARE the right guy to talk to about that yes?


  6. Fred i think everyone is being shy. Go figure ,See you there
  7. I will be there,Also Fred that chili sounds good to me,Looking forward to seeing everyone,
  8. was out there for a week drywashing.Move a lot of creek. stacked rocks removed 40 ft by 5 feet.Got gold and filled the work with tailings.Also removed about 50 lbs of trash
  9. Guy,s I own a 4500 and i,am quite pleased with its capabilities. :innocent0002: It sniffs the nuggets right out of the basalt patches :icon_mrgreen: ,Does it get big gold deeper :confused0013: .Do not know aint found one yet>Does it find the small stuff Yep.I have seen that. :tisc-tisc: Is it smoother than prior models? {yep} :bowdown: If i found a new patch full of great big nuggets, would i think it was the detector? {no} I find it odd when anyone asks for this info on settings no one put,s out except FLAk.{thanks} :whoopie: I guess there is a little greed in the gold buis {no
  10. 30 men found 20 ozs in one week and that means a great detector? :tisc-tisc:
  11. Roger thanks for sending the by laws.And i changed my signature over.
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