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  1. I second that . Bill has done a lot for people with out want , and it is time to sit back and take in the love you need it , so buck up on that pride, us men have a hard time with that but it is a good lesson to help compleate us in this world,, take care brother, best of luck in this tragic situation . LOve you brother
  2. That set up NV Chris has is smooth I had a chance to try it out I was amazed The extra freedom of not getting caught up Gets you in the bushes longer were most will get frustrated and give up...
  3. Jim with your reputation you are kidding right, I will vouch for you any day sir, Hope things are going good for you and yours, Looking forward to seeing you at an outing,,
  4. Nice words guys We have worked hard to keep our reputation and good ground ,We are always working to find new areas .They have to pass our standards, Not just any claim will do for us, The members are our best asset, The outings are more like a big family get togethers without the long shirt tail relatives. Also there is good gold coming off the claims for the ones who put in the time, We also let the softer claim go away as more acerage is not what we want it is better ground. Jim M we still have our Pinto placer claims ,Also our claims are up against a lot of open ground so that get,s you into a big ball game of prospecting, It is wonderfull to see our new officers at work,This club is going good places for sure,Most members do not tell of there finds ,But i can say quite a few OZs have come out the last year, Also I have personally put a lot of people on gold. when i see someone needs training I give it to them and the teachings I preform are very detailed ,So as you can see it is not your everyday club,,
  5. The trumpet plant can be a great indacator for gold in the ground, I have used it as a starting place years ago and it works more than not also Panning out ant hills and gopher mounds can get you in to some sweet gold And turquoiuse.If you are going to smelt gold get a furnace { you can find then for around $800.00 They are great set it to 1960 and come back in a hr and wala ,Using a torch can blow the fines to kindom come and watch out for moisture in rocks They will blow to high heavan and can burn you along the way, Do not forget the eye protection and gloves as the burns at that temp are not so forgiving best of luck to you,
  6. good news that she made it good cat is hard to find,
  7. Yo bud when did you become a buthead
  8. Ron we are trying to get some new claim leases to add for our members, The memberships are almost full as with in the past years,What better way to do that.It is the first year for this we will see how it goes,As they say it can not hurt to try,,
  9. Do not know if any of the forum members are going to be there The WSPA has a booth this year with Detectoraid, so stop by and say howdy do.
  10. I did not know you and Pale Face had the same B Day, Have a good one you old fart
  11. Under bad news for miners,Hey guy,s it is all of us,
  12. Wow Dave nice going, That 5000 and that commander coil is the best set up there is, very nice go get ,em
  13. Good luck and great times, I need one of those myself,
  14. You all have a safe and great time,sounds like this will be one for the books,Patrick watch them tires and stay up wind of Shep,
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