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  1. im always down to hunt lol. i will make sure im going up this weekend and let you no
  2. i may be heading down to dove and possibly go to randsburg to. i went to jawbone today and dirtbiked and looked for any good spots, i found two old mines. i want to go try around the areas to see if i have any luck
  3. thanks for the quick response. i am going to give it a shot at makeing that. it seems fairly easy.
  4. hey thanks for the response i plan on reading into his books!
  5. i live down in palmdale ca, and was wondering if there were any decent spots to go try an mine. i heard calico still has a mine open but was looking for something a little bit closer
  6. i was wondering if anyone had a goood set of plans for a micro sluice box? ihave found some but they dont look all that great
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