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  1. It flares, then smokes, turns red; didn't wait to see if a whole piece ashed (used a lighter). As for the layers, this stuff is brittle and it takes some effort to bust up a larger piece, so it may just be the way I was going at it. Mystery solved. Thanks man.
  2. I can't find a similar picture with gneiss. I was thinking it was a type of coal. It's similar to shale and jet, they just don't have the same luster. It's very easy to polish, I'm just using a nail file. Edit: Anthracite! I think it's anthracite. Colored a harmless blue in the factory! Heheh. Btw, I know understand which lid you meant, and the results were much better. Dark grey/black, without a doubt.
  3. Both of the lid pieces are plastic, I used the side of the tank (I'm pretty sure it's glazed). I'll keep an eye out for a better plate and try to smear it. I just did a tile job for my uncle.. but the underside was a red-brown. I don't know, I find all sorts of scraps on the road, I'll find something. Quartz is about as interesting it gets around here, but I've yet to find a nice crystal. I do keep an eye out for softer stones that I can polish, like these black rocks Unfortunately they breaks in layers, so it's a little difficult to get a good cut. : /
  4. Interesting, the electrons pair up. Well, thanks again : )
  5. Hey Steve, I did the streak check (thanks for the loo tip) and between the two I'd actually want to go with bornite. I saw I dark grey streak without hints of green (hmm, though "slightly green" is a hard distinction off of grey-black..). Moreover, the description of the gold sections as copper-red to yellow-brown echoed my thoughts on first seeing it. I noticed both minerals should contain iron? I have some finger-breakers laying around (neodymium magnets), and I'm not getting any attraction. Is that to be expected? Thanks for the input and the nice pics!
  6. I stepped on a rock yesterday and picked up something beautiful. Can anyone help me out with this? It's sturdy, dark grey, and has a layer of dull blue material splitting through gold-ish and red-purple reflective patches. Found in Georgia, but in a paved area.. (possibly a lost rock or something someone found and threw out later, I'm not sure)
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