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  1. I am in Yuma...lead mining 1 bullet fragment at a time. Drop me an email.
  2. Auvio wireless earbuds from radio shack work great. 100.00. I have them and can use on all my detectors with 30 sec to change over from machine to machine. BTW my sd2200v2's name is Frankenstein:)
  3. You all know that most of our national forests and parks were sold to foreign interests long ago...right?
  4. I like making jet engines from blueprints...and digging stuff out of the dirt. Go figure

  5. Thanks all for the warm welcome:) And if anybody needs some extra bird-shot my supply is growing.
  6. Hi all:) Real life intervened in '91 or so and sold all my stuff. I'm back with an sd2200 and a MXT...and having fun around Yuma. Havent found any gold yet but wondering WHY!!?? I ever gave it up. Been ghosting this forum awhile and seems like a good crew here...besides I wanna see the pics lol. Was very sorry to hear about Daryl of Reno prospectors supply passing on...he was my first mentor in metal detecting and and very patient with me when I asked for advice. This was back in the late 80's.
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