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  1. Has anyone here had any experence with the Garrett ACE 350? My 12 year old grandson wants to start coin hunting at the local parks. I use an Xterra 70 for coins and a GB2 and GPX 4000 for gold. I have heard good mostly about the ACE 350 but would like to hear from a few folks that have actually used one. Any other suggestions on a machine in that price range that would be a good first coin detector? I think he would like a digital screen. Thank You Glenn
  2. bigrex Are you sure about that highbanking equipment for use in the House Range of Utah? At least other than for in the stream bed use. As I understand it highbanking in Utah is not allowed as even the Utah dredge permit rules say it is prohibited. The state of Utah seems to view it as a type of hydraculic mining because it washes bank material back to the stream course. If used below the natural high water line you might get by with it but I would be afraid to try it up and away from the water course. Glenn
  3. Is anyone is bringing a dry washer to the get together at Rye Patch? I know a spot where this spring a fellow picked up about fifteen little peices of gold just big enough to be detected with a GoldBug-2 and 6 1/2" coil. I was there while he was working the area and seen the gold. I picked up a nice .6 grammer a few hundred yards from the spot with my 4000. At any rate I have never dry washed but would run a shovel and share the spot with someone that might share the take.
  4. I plain on being there and will be camped over at the state park area.
  5. I got no problem with signing on and would like to see the place. Could a person still get in there right after the Rye Patch outing? Did the old timers leave a lot of trash or trash free like Rye Patch is in most places?...............See you all at Rye Patch...........
  6. Dakota and BobNnv Rye patch is alive and well with no serious earth moving as far as I could see on 8-2-08. Look on the AZO Forum page 3 about six topics down is photo of my finds from first week in June, 34 dinks, and this trip on 8-2-08 yielded 10 more dinks/no photo yet, but soon. There is still a lot of small gold at Rye Patch on the old scrapes to be found with good VLF machines or PI machines with the smaller coils. The dirt piles from the old pushes have nuggets in them but they need pulled down to find them as there surfaces have been pounded to death. It is a lot of work but as you c
  7. Dakota I will be there the first weekend in August and I'll let you know what is going on.
  8. Hello everyone I just got home from a few days at Rye Patch and want to post a photo of about 30 dink's that are very rough and knarly but the groves and pits all full of really hard dirt. How best to clean them so they look all bright like the gold they are instead of little dirt clods?? WSPA # 24 Glenn
  9. Gold and Silver in one shot how often does that happen? Cool find.
  10. Still gold at Rye Patch; foind these dinks 4-25-08 with Gold Bug-2 and 6.5" elliptical coil.
  11. Is any one here familiar with a dry lake in northern nevada known as blue wing flat. Have any of you hunted for space rocks here? It is west of the Trinty Range on the southeast end of the Blue Wing Mountains. Will be in the area for two weeks May / June and want hunt some space rocks in addition to gold. Any input would be appreciated. WSPA #24 Glenn Dredgebug
  12. Going to purchase a small coil for finding the dinks. Which one of three would be best coupled to a GPX-4000. NF 9 x 5 eliptical mono Coiltek 5 x 10 Joey mono Commander 8" round mono Thanks in advance for the input.
  13. Welcome aboard Dan, great club, great people, great claims. Are there nuggett aeras in your neck of Colorado, I'm from Grand Junction and am waiting for snow melt before i hit the San Juans.
  14. I am going on a two weeks prospecting/detecting/exploring vacation this late spring/early summer across Northern Nevada and will spend some time on WSPA claims but would like to just take off and explore new areas also without being on the leagle claims of others. I went to GeoCommunicator, Land and Mineral Use Records and selected Mining Claims, made sure the box for Active Mining Claims was checked and also the box for Active Mining Claims Lables, I then went to the navigation bar and clicked on Lats and Longs and entered the cordinates for the NE corner of the Kathy D #9 and chose topo map
  15. Greg go this Fourm site. http://www.findmall.com/list.php?55 Everything you ever wanted to know about the X-70 and its coils. Read first post FAQFAQ and then anything else that intrest you. I think you and I set a few post together in Rye Patch at the outing. WSPA # 24 Glenn (Dredgebug)
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