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  1. Rick, Im pretty sure its either a gold or silver mine. There are large pockets of some metalic silver looking mineral like in the pics. Could it be arsenic?
  2. I found this in a mine out by Ridgecrest,Ca can any one ID? Thanks, Brandon
  3. I was rootin around the hills of Calico, CA a cupple weekends ago and came across a pocket of this metalic silver clay. any ideas?
  4. looks like melted glass in sand or clay...ive seen things like that out here by some of the old mines in junk piles...
  5. This one is really soft, I think its white agate. Found it out in the hills by the General Patton Memorial Museum in California.
  6. For the halite im not sure maby like 10-30$ ...the hanksite maby like 5-12$ If u want a pice of the hanksite let me know i have a ton of it. thanks for the info! Brandon
  7. Well I did manage to bring home some Pink Halite while I was there I could try to sell some of it, but ive only seen it sold on ebay for very inexpensive..is there some kinna Gem & mineral website where I could post it for sale?
  8. Steve, Yes it could be cleaned up a bit more. Hanksite should only be cleand with brine because it is water soluble, and then brushed with mineral oil to preserve it. I have so much of it I dont know what to do with it all ..I think ill just go to the gem-o-rama next year and get some more
  9. I found these out in Trona,Ca.... Hanksite with borax
  10. The cut...jacked up my diamond blade :*&$*(: ....should I eaven go as far to sand and etch? im sure its a meteorwrong :(
  11. Well I just did the streak test....nothing....put deep groves in the back of the ceramic tile...possibly a stony-iron?... mesosiderite? Ill cut it open later and post pics soon.
  12. John, its 4" x 2" , Have you explored Atolia at all? I used to live in Ridgecrest but I moved down here. Ive been all over that desert like it was nobodys business with my truck.... pinicals,panamint mountains,red rock, the list goes on.
  13. Ben, Sorry I forgot to mention that it is not magnetic but magnets attract to it. On the pice I cut I can see tiny flakes. I will do a streak test on some tile tonight. Also I will cut the pice completly off and post some pics of it and the flakes. How else can you test to see if it really is a meteorite? Thanks, Brandon
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