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  1. Hello Jim, its Darryl from Needles,ca. I have found a good looking place outside Kingman Az. in a wash area below and old mine. Their is lots of the real fine gold that blows away in your hand and have found some small flakes in the rocks. My question is, their is calici running along and across the wash, where is the best place to work for gold? Panning and detecting? On top of the calici along the sides & the banks. If I drywash where would the best places be? Should I work the top or bottom end of the calici that crosses the wash? Thanks Darry
  2. Thanks Bill, just starting to notice them omn my topos.
  3. I have found several "Borrow Pit" marked on topo maps. What are they or what do they mean?
  4. Ron, Hope he is good a sniffing out nuggets!!
  5. Nice looking gold from Serbia, I had no idea there was gold over their, you have done very well keep up the good work. I have a doughter in-law who lives in Belgrade, but just came over for a few months while my son is in Kabol Afgan. working.
  6. Real nice, coin and nuggets. Think I will go out in the am and check some diggins and washes around them.
  7. Ron; Just ordered a Lynx Creek map from you, do you or anyone else know if their is any water in the creek at this time. I would like to go in October and try out your map and Pyramid Pan.
  8. Has anyone ever used the Pyramid Pan, is so what do you thing? I got one and it does do a good of classifying and I don't need classifying pans.
  9. Mr. Straight; Met you at Primm some years was starting out and you showed me some great tips. Glad to hear you are doing well and look forward to any new books you put out. Keep getting better every day. Regards ; Russell Weart, Needles, ca.
  10. Does anyone know of any nugget shooting general areas on the Needles, Ca. side of the river?

  11. Yea, down the river in Mesquite is where you loose what you found. I also will wait until it cools off and go give it a try. Thanks; Nugget Grubber :coffeetime:
  12. Has anyone ever panned the Virgin River and had any luck. It looks good , but have not had the chance to stop and try it out. Nuggget Grubber :confused0013:
  13. I will just stay inside where its cool and waitout the 115 degree heat that started yesterday. Im done for the summer. :zapped: Nugget Grubber
  14. Thats a great nugget, great job, there is still hope for the rest of us. Nugget Grubber :woohoo: :bowdown:
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