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  1. darn Jim; That sure puts a new meaning to swinging " LOW AND SLOW " !!!! Hope you get up and out soon.
  2. Glad you found the book it's a good read. Try to find the other one it has some information in it that Tom did'ent inglud in his; its not much but every littlt bit of information is a big help. You can also find some more information in I.C.M.J. back issues if you did a little. Look at September 2004 March 2004 and if you look hard enough there is some others that I can't remember right now. Just scan the contents of all the back issues and you'll find a lot of information.
  3. If you really want to learn about hunting fo pocket gold you need to get on line and find " The Elusive POCKET GOLD of South Western Oregon " by Tom Bohmker and How to Prospect for Pocket Gold by Vern H. Ballantyne These two books will tell you all you ever need to know on the subject. Pocket gold can and is found anywhere gold in quartz is found just hunt those areas. First you have to learn what to look for ! HH
  4. Nice looking rocks you got there! Can't help but wonder thou, why use a detector if you don't dig up what it's telling you is there? If it makes noise there is a reason, an yes it might be junk, or mineralization, or gold, but if you don't stay in that hole untill you know for sure what it was trying to tell you then you might as well leave it at home. Low and slow and dig tell you know !!!!! ( not a rant, just my take on it ) HH
  5. Hello Bigrex, I have and sometime use a xt18000 which is basicly the same detector as yours without that problem so it is my guess that it has a problem of some sort. I'd send it in and have it checked. There a good detector, not as deep as an SD or any of the newer one's but still a good detector.
  6. Nice looking nuggets !!!!!! Hope you can find enough to start your own zoo!
  7. Seen it on the news last night! This 50# nugget is suppose to tour the U.S. It was found by to guys in the land down under with a detector. Keep look out for when / if it comes to your town. 50#s HOT darn !!!!!!!!!! One of the largest nuggets ever found anywhere in the world !
  8. Where you at in ID ? You detect only ? Welcome to the forum. Whats wrong with ID gold, still lots of it there. Yea I know about the cold and the snow, so what else is stoping you ? Ever try the Bitterroots ? I know there's lot's of claims but there's still a lot of open ground to.
  9. darn Bob you sound like you need a cup of joe or did you have one and someone piss in it when you wern't looking ? In anycase your right on as usual, now take a deep breath and say MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
  10. You might want to get her a " Swingie Thingie " to take some of the weight off her arm. Shoot Bill Southerland a PM or give him a call and see if he can fix her up with one.
  11. Tips: Keep your coil as low to the ground as you can, and be sure you over lap your swings at least 50%. Dig EVERY target! Keep your sweep speed slow but cover as much ark as you can without twisting your body to the point it is uncomfortable, other wise you will not be able to detect for very long at a time. Search every part of a hill that show's that water has been draining through it, even the small one's. In very thick brush or in areas with lots of large rocks where you can't swing the coil as you would normally, push it down between the rocks to get it as close to the ground as you can. In the thick brush place the coil on the ground and just push it straight forward and backwards to cover the ground instead of trying to swing it. Find a map that outlines the " District " you are hunting in, then hunt the area out side of it. Gold is not just " cut off " at some line on a map it can extend for miles in these area's, just not enough to be of interest to someone to start up a mine there. You should have a large coil and a small coil for your detector. Use the larger one to cover ground faster where it's more open and the smaller one where not. But don't forget any of the above tips. Don't give up just because you are not finding nuggets right off. You have to earn them like all the rest of us, and that takes time. Hunt the ridge tops and ANY flat areas on the sides of a hill no matter how small. These tips should help you get started down the trail to find your Gold,there are lots more of them that you will hear about or read about or learn on your own. Good Luck
  12. YUP! Should be standard equipment for any one going off road. Can also be used to push with or pull with. They also have locking mounts for them so they don't get "borrowed without permission".
  13. Why not make a run through the local BLM or NF parking lot then hand them a Plan of Operation, be sure to have your camera ready !!!! Or maybe the Gov.s front yard. I think that would be a blast ! You could tell them you want to do reserch on some darn rat and that is the best and most ECO. way of doing it . Better yet tell them your going to transplant them very rare yellow minerals that have eroded out of there native habitat and you are afraid they will become extinct and will transplant them to a safer location before they are. Good Luck
  14. Sorry about that Bob this thing was sending out E-mails faster than I could wip them out and I was looking at them the whole time! I think the only way to get clear of it is to change user name and password with Yahoo and go from there. This ain't funny and if there was a way for me to get face to face with who ever it doing it they would find out real quick that I don't play well with other's!
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