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  1. I live near wildcat canyon - so I knows one when I sees one. nuff said.

  2. Hello Folks... Won't be around the puter for the next week, so I thought I'd use someone else's words to convey my thoughts for this holiday.... Maybe consider these things over the holiday, because I think our country, and our rights are in for some major changes in the coming new year... Have a good one ya'll, and enjoy. ~wyld~ ___________________________________________________________________ Almost the whole world is locked in deadly struggle, and, with the most terrible weapons which science can devise, the nations advance upon each other. Ill would it be for us this Chris
  3. I have a question............ I have seen NO mention of a location marker of ANY sort... It would be quite easy for one to stumble upon your exposed vein, and finding no marker, proceed to BLM or whomever had land mgmt. over the parcel, and file... And if you failed to file immediately, and they walked in with Cash-In-Hand, you lose.... In days gone by, they would leave someone on the land, till it was recorded, to prevent just such a thing... I'd check the time of the filing if you find that they did in fact try to file over the top of you..... If you want the laws to work for you, the
  4. Hey all, I mentioned this over on AGP, and in light of this recent IE problem, I thought I'd suggest it here as well. I'm sure a lot of you have your 'favorites', or your 'bookmarks', loaded with things that you've 'saved'... Unfortunately, if your machine craps out on you, you will lose ALL of it... I suggest buying a $10-20 flash drive, and put all your research that you've 'saved' on to it... 1 problem, and POOF, all gone...........................Back It Up......... :twocents: for what it's worth. ~w~
  5. Hope you make the change in time folks...... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7784908.stm for what it's worth. ~w~
  6. You rock Bob!! Don't forget, we're still only a couple of states away from a Con Con.... If this happens, you won't be arguing over whether or not they can close roads.........I promise you that..... :twocents: ~wyld~
  7. This may have you think over some things, if you rent in Los Angeles... L.A. panel backs tough rules on guns By Rick Orlov, Staff Writer Updated: 12/08/2008 09:33:57 PM PST A City Council committee recommended a comprehensive set of proposals designed to toughen penalties and impose new restrictions on guns and ammunition Monday. Final action on the package is expected from the full council this week and is expected to be part of the debate in the upcoming race for city attorney. "This is a package that covers everything from soup to nuts," said Councilman Jack Weiss, Public Safety Commi
  8. This "Center" is in Tucson, and they are coming after prospectors next.......... Trout plants halted - it's a load of bullfrogs! > Tom Stienstra > > Sunday, November 30, 2008 > > On a magic morning at San Pablo Reservoir, for years the > best fishing lake in the Bay Area, we caught 10 rainbow > trout that weighed nearly 30 pounds, one of the finest > two-angler trout limits I've ever seen. That will never > happen again. > > Then there was the summer day at Loch Lomond Reservoir near > Ben Lomond in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We caught several &
  9. Hey all......... There's a LOT of info posted over on Rods' site, http://www.arizonagoldprospectors.com/invi...hp?showforum=29 concerning these laws and such....... There is also the organization, Public Lands for the People, which Jerry Hobbs is Pres. Check out this youtube, and then maybe check out their site... ~wyld~ http://www.plp2.org/index.html
  10. Hey All.......... Make sure you got ammo before you go worrying about some of this other stuff.... Once they pass this.........they'll know what caliber you have, how many, and your location...easier to round-up that way... http://www.azleg.gov/FormatDocument.asp?in...lls/hb2833p.htm ~wyld~ oh yeah, HAPPY HOLIDAYS YA'LL............... P.S.-----here are the other 17 states where this ridiculous legislation is pending also: * Alabama * Arizona * California * Connecticut * Hawaii * Illinois * Indiana * Kentucky * Maryland * Mississippi * Missouri * New Jersey * New York * Pennsylvania * Rh
  11. Thanks to everyone for the replies. And believe me, I don't tell anybody, anything........hence, the 'wyldkatt'. I started using that name, when video games, and pinball machines, went from a 3 letter 'high-score' log, to whole name.. Long time ago. Didn't realize then, that I'd become a 'wildcat miner'. And before you go thinking a wildcat miner is a 'hy-grader', a little research might show that they pick up the 'scraps', more or less, of others... Pretty sure we all do that to some degree anyway...don't we? Anyway, I got tired of the traditional spelling being unavailable for the game
  12. Great news Bob...... Glad to know the 'prayer-line' still works... Always has, always will.... "God gives His best, to those who leave the choice with Him." ~wyld~
  13. Hey LL------ thanks for the reply... I'm curious about lands that are open to 'exploration, and discovery' of minerals... Not claimed lands......
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