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  1. happy Birthday, Bill !!! I've got 12 years on you, but if you behave yourself you just might catch up to me Dick
  2. Happy Birthday to my old hunting partner !! Dick in Henderson
  3. Hi Studmuffin - I've seen dirt like that before, and hunted it some. I say the white stuff.......... Dick
  4. well, since my 23 rd wedding anniversary is on the 15th, I reckon the 23 rd to 25 th would work better for me also Dick Henderson, NV
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone on the list from here in sunny Henderson, NV!!! Dick
  6. I had a blast out at Gold Basin this week also - It was great fun seeing some of my old friends and making some new ones too. Thanks for the Sulphur crystals Frank, they are very unusual and very pretty specimens. And a big thank you to my old friend Bill for deciding to have this little get-together again - I said I was coming to the last 2 outings before this one and something came up both times. So this time I just kept my mouth shut and managed to sneak out before anything at home hit the fan or the fire :spinnin: Dick Henderson, NV
  7. Hi Boogfhu: As far as your coils, if it is a Mono it will always say "MONO" on the decal. If it doesn't say "MONO" it is always a "DD". Good Hunting, Dick
  8. Merry Christmas to everyone on the list and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and find gold, in any of its many forms !! Dick
  9. Hi Flak: Heck, most of the time I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday ;-) But once in awhile I pick my head up out of the oatmeal and remember something useful................. Best regards, Dick
  10. Hi Don: Yes, that should work just fine. As I recall, the button in the handle just parallels the switch on the control box. Best regards, Dick
  11. Hi Gary: Dang, man, what are you trying to do, make me feel older than I do already ?? I think this picture must have been from 5 years ago or so at least. Hope you're planning to come to the outing, it would be great to see you again. Dick Dick Shultz Henderson, NV WSPA # 59 AA7DX
  12. Hi Mikey: I'm glad you'll be there buddy - its been too long since I've seen ya !! Dick
  13. Hi Bill: Yes, it's been awhile since I've been out prospecting my friend, for a variety of reasons ;-) I look forward to seeing you and as many of my other friends, old and new, as possible. Dick
  14. Hi Fred: I am planning on being at the outing next week and I would be more than happy to make a bowl of that chili verde disappear........... Dick Dick Shultz Henderson, NV WSPA # 59
  15. What a great outing and a great time visiting with friends old and new… and a big thanks to those who were instrumental in putting this shindig on !! I saw a few nuggets that were recovered by several of the guys, but the real gold was getting to hang out for a few days with such a terrific group of people. Hope to see you all in Gold Basin in the Spring. Dick WSPA # 59 Henderson, NV
  16. Hi Bob: I plan to be there for sure !! Dick WSPA # 59
  17. Hi Jim: Yes, despite my advancing years I do remember bringing your GP Control Box to one of the outings in Gold Basin a few years back. I look forward to seeing you in the Dales. Hi Martin: I look forward to meeting you at the outing - and yes, I'll be bringing the 4500 to the outing to deliver to the new owner, who is also one of our California brothers. If he changes his mind, you'll be first in line. Best regards, Dick WSPA # 59
  18. Hi Bob: Thanks for that. I do have the claim map off the main WSPA website so I reckon I'll find the place eventually - it doesn't look that difficult. It might be a good idea if I had those GPS settings though ;-) Dick WSPA # 59
  19. Hi All: The GPX-4500 has been spoken for by one of our California brothers and I will be delivering it to him at the outing.Thank you all for your interest, and I'll see those of you who can make it to the outing next week. I plan to go over on Thursday - that way, if it takes me until Friday to figure out how to get to the claims I still won't miss anything ;-) Dick WSPA # 59
  20. Hi Denny: I'm looking forward to meeting you and talking face to face after those phone calls, buddy - and yes, there's been some interest expressed about my 4500 already. See you next week !! Hi Joe: Actually, I just sold a couple of my Garrett BFO's to a fellow in Calif. about a month ago. They didn't have the depth of later model detectors, but they did have some nice features and they were certainly better than nothing. I hope to see you in the Dales also, Joe. Hi Harry: Thanks for your post - sorry to hear you won't be at the "If I Can" outing, but I imagine I'll run into you in the Basin sometime this winter - look for my little tan colored Toyota Tacoma 4WD pickup, okay ? Dick WSPA # 59
  21. Hi Fred: Good to hear from you, my friend. It would be great if you could come up to the outing, at least for a day or two - I would love to see you in person. I guess I really "dated" myself with that comment about the BFO, but I'm 65 now and that hunt was in about 1968. Boy, I wish I still had the energy I had then, buddy ;-) I hope you get to come - you'll be surprised at the item I found on that trip. Best regards, Dick WSPA # 59
  22. Hi Bob & Roger: I am very much looking forward to seeing both of you guys again also - My very good friend R.D. from Indio (R.I.P.) was always hounding me to come over and explore the Dales with him whenever I ran into him in Gold Basin. Unfortunately I never got the chance to do so before his untimely demise. I reckon he's hunting nuggets in that big patch in the sky where every day is golden now. At any rate, I will try to remember to bring something special for "show and tell", a very rare item I found treasure hunting with an old (new at the time) D-Tex BFO detector out around the Chocolate Mtns. about 40 years ago now, back when I lived in Anaheim. Dick WSPA # 59
  23. Hi Bunk: Yes, I remember meeting you at Gold Basin a couple of years ago - I think that was one of Bill's outings, wasn't it ? I seem to recall John B. trying to tell me that he was better looking than me too, but you know that's just wishful thinking on his part ;-) I'm really looking forward to meeting the guys at this outing, and hopefully hunting a little also - I've had some issues with my shoulder for the last year or so. By the way, Bunk, since you're coming from Chino Valley how do you go ? What's the easiest way to get there ? I was figuring to drop down 95 past Needles to Vidal Junction, then coming in on 62 to Old Dale. Dick WSPA # 59
  24. My name is Dick Shultz and I live in Henderson NV. Some of you might know that I was for the past 7 years, until this past January, first the Customer Service Mgr. and later the Operations Mgr. For Minelab USA here in Las Vegas. I’m sure I have talked to many of you on the phone, met a few at the Minelab office, and run into several of you while out prospecting or testing detectors in AZ and NV. However, I was "actively encouraged" not to post on any of the many Forums I monitored daily as one of my duties. I guess it was felt that anything I said could be taken to be a "statement from headquarters" that someone might have to defend at some point. Now, I'm just another crazy old prospector that nobody pays much attention to these days, and I'm loving it. To say that I have so many detectors it’s a downright sin is, as my lovely bride reminds me often, the understatement of the month. At any rate, I have decided to let this one go to someone who needs it and has the time to use it. This is indeed a very special GPX-4500 – it is my prototype that I used while doing the initial field-testing of the 4500. You will notice from one of the pictures that this is Serial # 2 (1000002), only the second 4500 to come off the line. I don’t know exactly who got # 1, either Bruce Candy or Jonathan Porter probably. The original circuit boards were removed and sent back to Australia after the testing was completed. Last December (2008) Bill Branin, the lead GPX Tech guru at Minelab Las Vegas installed a brand new set of the latest production boards, new ribbon cables, and checked out all the switches and functions. This 4500 is at least as good as any 4500 that ever came off the production line, maybe better. It only has about 5 or 6 hours of use on it since it was built in December – and a slight bit of dust from Little San Domingo Wash outside of Wickenburg ;-) I want $ 3750.00 for this 4500, a considerable savings over a new one in the box. I will wait a couple of days to see if one of my WSPA brothers wants it first, before listing it on the main “For Sale Forum” - I hope that's okay. Otherwise, I guess I'll get a nastygram from Roger or Bill ;-) I am planning to come to the outing at the “If I Can” placers in two weeks if that helps anybody – otherwise, I can box it up and ship it to you. If you have any other questions or want to see pictures, e-mail me at aa7dx@hotmail.com or you can call my cell, 702-278-2031. Thanks, Dick Shultz Henderson, NV
  25. Hi Bob: I am planning on making this my first WSPA outing in the 3 years I've been a member - up until January when I retired from Minelab here in Las Vegas I never could find the time to get away for three or four days it seemed. I was thinking of bringing a couple of cases of Cokes, and maybe a case of beer if that won't get me mugged ;-) I have a small tent trailer and no fridge, so bringing something cooked might not be too healthy. If there's something else we need let me know. Dick Dick Shultz Henderson, NV WSPA # 59 Amateur Radio Callsign: AA7DX e-mail: aa7dx@hotmail.com
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