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  1. 12:30 PM and here in E. Idaho it's 76* at the house. They've finally started turning the flow down on the Snake river, and a few nice Browns were on the prowl. Caught two! One about 15", and one about 18" in an hour's time. A lady on the Klamath called two nights ago and said the Klamath has hardly started to drop at all yet. Guess I'll have to stick with fishing, if I can't get to the gold.
  2. Well, the general consensus is........everybody loves the fall! What's not to love?
  3. Fall is the season I always look forward to the most. We have our State fair start on Labor day weekend, and it's right here in my little farming town. FAIR FOOD! Fishing begins to pick up, and the really big Bows, and Browns come on the bite in the Snake river! Time to gas up the jet boat! NFL football begins. The pennant races heat up! HUNTING SEASON BEGINS! I get to take the Benelli out for opening of dove season. I'll make a lot of noise, kill a few unlucky doves, and tune up for the waterfowl hunts later on! Of course, ALL the best holidays are just ahead! Yeah! I'd trade all the rest for fall.
  4. By the looks of the plume in video, they musta been dropping a cluster of MOABs, if it was only ordinance.
  5. Watch out all you So. California nugget shooters. This just happened! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X9-pV67DvU&feature=player_embedded
  6. Had a long chat with the young fish and game cop there on the Klamath river one afternoon, and asked about 'gravity dredging'. He stated that he "would not site" anyone for gravity siphoning. It "is not" against the law!
  7. Alright! Three weeks ago I was on the Klamath river driving between Seiad valley and Happy Camp, and coming around a corner there lay a dead doe in a pull out that had been hit by a car. Perched on top of her was a Bald Eagle, wings spread wide, fending off a very brave Raven he musta just ran off the kill. On seeing me they both went airbourne, the Raven into the trees but the Eagle straight at the truck. I had to hit the brakes as my whole window filled up with Bald Eagle at ten feet for an instant! He flew straight up the road, just ahead of the truck for maybe ten yards before he put himself in a tight turn and then up into the trees! If you drive into the Klamath river valley, watch out for deer. The place is just crazy with 'em.
  8. Those who may be among our most ardent oppressors in the mining arena have agendas far more sinister than barring our recovery of minerals. Their evil goes to depths almost unimaginable; "I suspect that eradicating small pox was wrong. It played an important part in balancing ecosystems." - John Davis, editor of Earth First! "The extinction of the human species may not only be inevitable but a good thing." - Christopher Manes, Earth First! "Childbearing should be a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license. All potential parents should be required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing." - David Brower, first Executive Director of the Sierra Club The 'Green' agenda has "NO" place for you. You are a pest! http://www.green-agenda.com/deepecology.html
  9. To think, there may have even been some Civil War veterans in that film. Maybe one or two original '49ers trundling along as well. That was the age of the big shift, from technology that had existed for thousands of years, horse/cart to motorized transportation! Both caught in the frame of this film. Some of the younger people there may even have lived long enough to sit in front of their TVs and watch the first men on the Moon! What must they have thought?
  10. Take it from a three time survivor, gold hunting or anything outdoors ain't nothing but good! Work hard.....rest well!
  11. I'm seeing gold as far as the fifth riffle down the sluice box. Was there any below that? The third, forth, and fifth seem to have nearly equal amounts, and some of those amounts look kinda chunky! Have you panned any tailings to see if any of the finer gold is slipping past the riffles? Is that a MacKirk sluice?
  12. At $1547.80 per oz, gold has climbed over $90 per oz since this thread started on April 5th. Less than a month. Correction! as of a couple of hours later...$1560.40 per oz. Over $100.00 in a month.
  13. Does a comprehensive map of the entire area they want to withdraw exist? Just easier to visualize than all the plot/section numbers.
  14. At $1538.20 per oz as of right now, an oz or two practically constitutes a 'hoard'. And, a pocket full of twenty dollar bills scarcely pays rent on Pacific ave.
  15. Thanks Skip, For the link. After having read it, there is no doubt that "ALL" human activity off-pavement should banned. But of course the intended bias is strictly limited to suction dredgers. Got a chuckle in the section about esthetics. The passing motorist, hiker, rafter, fisherman might be offended by our presence in 'their' forest. It is to be presumed that the aforementioned do not disturb wildlife in their passing, except those killed by motorists, those scared out of their natural activities deep in the forest by hikers, those going home in a creel of a fisherman. The rafters really are innocent, as long as they keep their mouths shut, and their poop in the raft with 'em, they may pass unnoticed. But ya know, I've been a motorist, I've hiked over some pretty awesome mountain ranges, did a little tubing and rafting, and killed at least my share of trout and salmon, and never was bothered much by other folks going about their business in the woods, unless they were throwing rocks at my dry flies. What kind of selfish generation has grown up behind me?
  16. Does gravity dredging (no venturi) fall into this? *Use of non‐motorized (e.g., hand‐powered) suction dredging equipment; This seems to cover the gas vac question *High‐banking outside of the existing water line; Yes/No ? But as the old heads (Experienced) here have said, it's probably best to not push the envelop in the field, especially when the jury is still in deliberation , and dredging by sanctioned means may be forthcoming soon. After that, if it isn't banned, it isn't banned!
  17. By the strictest interptetaion of the above, gas vacs would be prohibited....but they aren't. So....does it fall back to the venturi definition?
  18. If it isn't legal, then it shouldn't be done. We don't want to be, or appear to be willing participents in activities that can be interpreted as unmindful of our impact on the environment. Having said that, I am not above poking a little fun at the Greenies, or their incessant attacks against legitimate and proven methods of mining that have already been studied to death, nor should we be fearful of discussing new methods of operations that fall within the already stringent rules we have to follow. Perhaps the other side of this equation should consider where their efforts will leave us when the nation's economy collapses, and the US dollar will no longer purchase the raw materials (much less the finished products) that we can't make in this country today, thanks in part, to the anti mining agenda of radical environmentalists. Our economy, and our security lie therein. "Our" means all of us. Best to be reasonable now, before the inevitable backlash comes, and all is lost in a panicked attempt to catch up!
  19. Steel Pan, AU Seeker posted this in an earlier thread on gravity dredging. "Ron, Using the venturi as part of a gravity dredge would violate the ban, as the venturi is part of the description of a suction dredge by the Ca. DF&G in SB670, if you use just a hose and use siphoning as the suction you maybe able to sidestep the ban." Quote; "for purposes of this Initial Study and the SEIR, key constitituent parts of a suction dredge include the following: (1) A vacuum hose operating through the Venturi effect which removes sediment from the bottom of the stream; (2) A motor-driven pump; and (3) A sluice box." Skip I think the use of "A vacuum hose operating through the venturi effect" is the key here. Gravity dredging with a hose is exempt by definition, but I wonder about the sluice box? If completely stand alone, and unattached to the hose, would it still qualify as part of the 'system' of a suction dredge?
  20. Would you be in violation of the dredging ban if a sluice was in the river below (2 ft) the discharge end of a section of stationary pipe,that would be feeding out onto a grizzly but not connected in any way? The last fifteen of your smooth line slid inside of the larger stationary (ribbed?) pipe that would allow the line you are working to move forward and back again as you work gravels up stream? 8" or 10" line inside of 15ft. of 14" short ribbed pipe? Whether it empties onto a sluice or not. 8" or 10" line! Wow! I bet the Greenies would be running around waving their arms and stamping their little feet until the whole bunch 'popped' into a puff of smoke and drifted away!
  21. Yeah Steel Pan, Exactly what I was thinking. Even if I had to pay a little more for it, I'd want a clear hose as well. But the suction didn't look too bad in the video.
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