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  1. 12:30 PM and here in E. Idaho it's 76* at the house. They've finally started turning the flow down on the Snake river, and a few nice Browns were on the prowl. Caught two! One about 15", and one about 18" in an hour's time. A lady on the Klamath called two nights ago and said the Klamath has hardly started to drop at all yet. Guess I'll have to stick with fishing, if I can't get to the gold.
  2. Well, the general consensus is........everybody loves the fall! What's not to love?
  3. Fall is the season I always look forward to the most. We have our State fair start on Labor day weekend, and it's right here in my little farming town. FAIR FOOD! Fishing begins to pick up, and the really big Bows, and Browns come on the bite in the Snake river! Time to gas up the jet boat! NFL football begins. The pennant races heat up! HUNTING SEASON BEGINS! I get to take the Benelli out for opening of dove season. I'll make a lot of noise, kill a few unlucky doves, and tune up for the waterfowl hunts later on! Of course, ALL the best holidays are just ahead! Yeah! I'd trade all the rest for fall.
  4. By the looks of the plume in video, they musta been dropping a cluster of MOABs, if it was only ordinance.
  5. Watch out all you So. California nugget shooters. This just happened! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X9-pV67DvU&feature=player_embedded
  6. To think, there may have even been some Civil War veterans in that film. Maybe one or two original '49ers trundling along as well. That was the age of the big shift, from technology that had existed for thousands of years, horse/cart to motorized transportation! Both caught in the frame of this film. Some of the younger people there may even have lived long enough to sit in front of their TVs and watch the first men on the Moon! What must they have thought?
  7. Does a comprehensive map of the entire area they want to withdraw exist? Just easier to visualize than all the plot/section numbers.
  8. April Fools! A little late, but it worked!
  9. If you are going up I-5 you might try Happy Camp, and The New 49ers gold club. They give a one day pass to anyone "free" to their 30 miles of claims along the Klamath River. They are 70 miles West of I-5 and just South of the Oregon border. You can watch their video here....Tells all about it http://www.goldgold.com/
  10. Did the Keene triple wide ever morph into a flare tube design, or did they all have the old crash box on 'em?
  11. I am sure they mean just 'one' above the other. Two levels instead of three.
  12. Chris, Check out these guys, they are probably close to you, and they actually hold their monthly meeting tomorrow! http://eastbaygpaa.webs.com/
  13. Once the public lands go under state control their disposition becomes even more political, and in the end, a transfere into private hands, and the general public is excluded.
  14. Not being a detectorist myself, I thought it meant any piece of gold not likely to be washed out by storms on a regular basis. I wonder if the recent floods in Australia have created a whole new generation of "Sitting ducks" in their gold fields?
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