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  1. OOPS, here's the link; https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/49088-faybol-bouse,-az._rb/
  2. Here's a link that will connect you with the home that is for sale. Don't be afraid to ask questions. email; piccalo44@gmail.com
  3. Mariposagoldbag I have a place for sale in the Bouse area about 20 miles from Quartzsite. Let me know if you might be interested. Short-stick
  4. I agree Mike, but since their specific intent is to completely take over this country......well, that does change things.
  5. It's all too predictable and yet our ignorant 'leaders' allow it to continue.
  6. Since the so-called 'news media' are allowed to lie to and deceive the general public they should also be required to share the comments of those that express the truth, this would be a great starting point.
  7. Someone that wants to take advantage of your claim but doesn't want to return the favor is showing all the signs of greed, which is someone that I don't care to be around. I've always felt; if you loan $20.00 to someone and you never see them again....it was probably worth it.
  8. It makes you wonder why we sit here in defense when we should be in offense.
  9. He was so beloved before he was elected..... he should have left it that way.
  10. Well sure, isn’t that why we have ‘law enforcement personnel’ to cower and hide when confronted with the very threats they were hired to repel? It sounds like DHS is getting its recommendations from the enemy.
  11. My guess is he has a choice.......another election or another revolution.
  12. For those of you that may like historical photos perhaps you'll enjoy this link; http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2012/05/the-american-west-150-years-ago/100304/
  13. How about we start with the property the UN is sitting on?
  14. Trust me, I noticed those long ago, in fact I posted about it on this site or at 'gold prospecting in Az.' I think I titled it 'Oh those curtins' or something to that effect. While I can not stand to listen to ANYTHING Obama has to say, I can't help but notice there is seldom a U.S. Flag in the background. His lack of patriotism is deafening and pathetic.
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