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  1. HTH, are you "estimating" that over 60,000 people died from covid in New York yesterday ????? As of yesterday New York has had a little over 10,000 total deaths related to Corona Virus!
  2. LukeJ. Thank you for the well thought out response. The only correction I would make is that the 40k-60k deaths you reference are in the U.S. alone. It's amazing what people will accept as "normal" just because they have become used to it. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/2018-2019.html
  3. Thank you Morlock. I picked the wrong column. 2340 is the total cases in the US. I corrected the post.
  4. You have to love it! Watching Good Morning America this morning (Saturday) and noticed that an item on the crawler (the line of print on the bottom of the screen) mentioned that flu deaths have reached 22,000 this year so far. Odd how you seldom hear panic about the flu when you realize that the last 2 seasons of influenza EACH killed over 60,000 people. Have you had your flu shot this year? The latest figure I could find this morning for corona virus cases in the US so far is 2340.
  5. Thank you for doing this. You can all put it away, the answer is $37.47. Roger
  6. If the dark areas are metallic be very cautious in an aquarium. Roger
  7. I guess I'm a little late posting to this thread to talk about "Earth wobble." A number of years ago I ran into a novel by Allan W. Eckert titled "The HAB Theory". I thoroughly enjoyed it and remember that I was quite impressed with the accuracy of the science. I thought you might enjoy some "different" reading if you can locate a copy. Roger P.
  8. Looks like $16.72 to me. Thanks for the fun. Roger
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