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  1. Hey Landon Thanks alot for all the info it was exactly what I was looking for. I'm hoping to get quite serious about this. I have aready started some files on equipment and locations. But with this hobby I really want to have the right info before I invest. I'm normally the guy who goes out and buys everything and find out I didn't need most of what I bought. Because of money and the times I will be much more careful this time. I also just want to enjoy myself and meet new people that have the same interest. What I think is most important right now is to buy the best detector i can afford and like you said find some spots off the beaten path. I am alittle worried about going and finding myself were I'm not supposed to be.Thanks on the info about the book I'll look into that today. Thanks again and if you ever need a copilot I would definitly be up for the experience. Joe
  2. Enjoyed the article and gave me some good prospective. For me I'll keep digging with a smile on my face. Thanks Bill
  3. Thanks guys for the well needed info. Sport I just moved here from Temecula do you have any luck out there? The reason I want to seperate detectors is because I go out that way at least twice a month. It used to be for surfing and visiting but it may turn into prospecting instead.Frank C thanks for the info too. much appreciated. I did find a used mxt for 550 just don't know if I can get to it in time. Thanks again.
  4. Hi all, My name is Joe and I am looking for any infomation on gold detectors and how and where to start.I'm actually new to the las vegas area and I want to buy a detector for gold and a seperate one for on the beach. There are just so many I'm having a tough time of where to start. Money is a issue but i am patient and can save for a better detector if thats the way to go. Any advise would be appreciated. I,m also looking for someone in the area to go detecting with. Thank You joe
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