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  1. Hello Vegasrocker Franconia sounds like it would be a good time. I haven't done any meteorite hunting. but I would like to start. Do you have any pointers. Thanks joe
  2. I thought it was a good deal for the money. But now I'm on the hunt for a good gold detector. Good luck with the e-trac.
  3. Yes I got it. And it is like new. I really wanted a gold detector first but I couldn't pass it up. The only thing is I need to find a charger. I hope I did the right thing. Price was right. Thanks guys :whaaaa:
  4. Hi all, I just found a explorer se for sale and it has never been used. the person who has it wants very little for it . My question is I know it works great for coins and relic is there any chance this can be used for any type of gold? Or strictly for coins. Thanks for your help!! :hmmmmm:
  5. Hey Landon Thanks alot for all the info it was exactly what I was looking for. I'm hoping to get quite serious about this. I have aready started some files on equipment and locations. But with this hobby I really want to have the right info before I invest. I'm normally the guy who goes out and buys everything and find out I didn't need most of what I bought. Because of money and the times I will be much more careful this time. I also just want to enjoy myself and meet new people that have the same interest. What I think is most important right now is to buy the best detector i can afford and
  6. Enjoyed the article and gave me some good prospective. For me I'll keep digging with a smile on my face. Thanks Bill
  7. Thanks guys for the well needed info. Sport I just moved here from Temecula do you have any luck out there? The reason I want to seperate detectors is because I go out that way at least twice a month. It used to be for surfing and visiting but it may turn into prospecting instead.Frank C thanks for the info too. much appreciated. I did find a used mxt for 550 just don't know if I can get to it in time. Thanks again.
  8. Hi all, My name is Joe and I am looking for any infomation on gold detectors and how and where to start.I'm actually new to the las vegas area and I want to buy a detector for gold and a seperate one for on the beach. There are just so many I'm having a tough time of where to start. Money is a issue but i am patient and can save for a better detector if thats the way to go. Any advise would be appreciated. I,m also looking for someone in the area to go detecting with. Thank You joe
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