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  1. Doe's anyone know when the GPAA show will be back in Denver,CO. I would like to make plans for the trip.I see that it is not in 2011.Any help would be great.Thanks
  2. I would love to find that in 8 hours.My dream is to be in arizona in December looking for gold. If I could find that one reason to get my wife to go, I would be there tomorrow.Thanks for the pictures,and if anyone knows how to talk a wife into moving,please let me know.
  3. Hello Susan, I too was bored in Nebraska,with my Metal Detector. But it turns out that there are afew places in Nebraska to look for gold. Gold has been found west of Kearney on the Platte.Mostly very fine stuff,but some people have found pickers. Also there have been some gold coins found along the missouri river in nebraska. But most of them around Big Lake,Missouri. Which is where I will be headed in April.There has been some gold found in Iowa,Ok,Arkansas,and Tennesse.And you most likly know that the beaches down by your dad,have all kinds of things. And there is gold in Georiga too.You can find all this stuff on the internet, but it takes alot of time.Yes you might not get rich, but then again. It only takes one right find, and I hope you do.Good Luck on your travels.Bret
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