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  1. Forgot to mention. The large one maxed out my 150 gram scale. I guess it is 200-300.
  2. I picked these up because they are not your normal hot rock. My 5000 screams on these rocks and I brought them home. The smallest one was posted a couple years ago and several people thought it looked good. The two bigger ones I picked up a couple weeks ago. They were found several miles from where I found the little one. Everyone says meteorites don't leave a streak and here are the results. I rubbed them pretty hard. AJ
  3. I mentioned finding gold in the meteor forum so here it is. My brother and I hiked into an area that both of us had marked on our GPS. We covered lots of ground and I gave up on the area and was heading to the truck. I met up with my brother and he showed me a small nugget he had found. I guess the brought my motivation back up and I detected every little gully on the way out. My first nugget was the big one and the rest were within 100 feet. This was an excellent day in the hills and might have even have two more meteorites for the collection. I said might because I still have my doubts.
  4. I actually found two. This is the bigger one. They were laying next to a pile of gold. Maybe not a pile but a few nice pieces.
  5. I will post better pics and weight in another post. Sorry for hijacking Mike.
  6. I hope you found a space turd Mike. Looks like the photos I have seen of the Wickenburg metiorite. I found what I thought was a meteorwrong last weekend. Looks similar! Only problem is it left a gray streak.
  7. You already have two crumb chasers. Go with the big boy 4000, 4500, 5000. AJ
  8. Sorry I have been slow but I will get you what you need. Talk tomorrow! AJ
  9. Uncle, it weighs in at four grams. AJ
  10. Chicken Duck I like it anyways! AJ
  11. I mad it out yesterday evening for a couple hours with my boys. I had blew up gold in this area a couple weeks ago and wanted to check it out with a detector. The area has it's fair share of old trash and workings but sometimes you get lucky. Less than ten feet and the third target was gold. I guess you can see why I called it the chicken head. AJ
  12. Thanks guys! No birthday gold for me maybe tomorrow. Early and short.
  13. I hope you had a great birthday and that 2018 treats you well! AJ
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