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  1. Yesterday I couldn't log in all day It said I was suspended? I thought I did something wrong and got busted LOL Jerry
  2. I have been calling to join SWPA for a while , They never return my call. AU79Ramona I have not heard of anyone finding nuggets with detectors around our place. Maybe they are just not Sharing that info. lol
  3. DAAAAYYMMM Look at the weirdos in the dark, what are they doing. LOL They are picking up free money LMAO! Thats sweet! Good spot!
  4. Congrats! This place should keep you busy for a while! Good Luck!
  5. @ Dakota, LOL Well now that I have a Detector I have not found any rings..
  6. Yea I feel bad for the person that lost it. this thing is big and heavy and I always get complements on it.
  7. Hello guy's and girls, Just though I'd share one of my best finds. I was 10 or 11 years old, I'm 33 now. The whole family was at the beach for a BBQ, Ski beach here in San Diego. I went down to the water to play with the other kids, I was sitting on the shore with the water just past my waist, I was grabbing hand fulls of sand under the water and dropping it on my legs and watching it wash away. Well the 4th or 5th hand full of sand I notice somthing shinny, I ran back to my Dad to show him my treasure that I had found. It was a 14K Gold Nugget Ring, with 3 real diamond's in it. The whole t
  8. I show 1722.50 Right now Oct 31 2011
  9. I have been watching this show from the start and LOVE it. I hope they do good up north, I bet the Discovery channel will follow Dakota Fred also. I would love to be up there with them. It looks like a lot of work but looks more fun then anything.
  10. I plan on hitting banner grade and just pan out a few buckets of dirt from there when i get some time... it would be nice to have a metal detector with me but a few buckets of dirt will do.
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