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  1. Have you checked the scrap metal places and what they pay for #1 copper? I see on the web a high price would be $3.25/pound. 1 pound = 453.592 grams. A copper penny weighs 3 grams. You would have to have ~151 pennies to a pound. Even at the low in of $2.85/pound you would make money. Food for thought! Jim
  2. Yes, but they don't mean anything to anyone but themselves!
  3. I know Mike, that's why I clarified how I did the search. What did you use? Keep in mind Provisionals and other non-published finds are pretty much pointless...to me anyways. Jim
  4. I did a bulletin search on classified meteorites with just a few names. I used Text and Contains for the search. This is the result... Verish = 7 Clary = 4 Libszowski = 2 (one is actually mine he found and gave to me so I had it classified for him) Wooddell = 10 (one AZ cold find pending) Parker = 1 (I know he has over 2 approved???) Gessler = 7 The results are a little scewed as it was just a name search. Verish has many classified specimens but they are not approved. I know there are others that have several but names are fleeting!
  5. The second picture shows the dirt road going off to the corrals and the water that can be in the lake just to the north. On the first trip there, the water was about just like this. We took off from the corrals in the direction of the coordinates I had and met up with this water. Soon, the thought of skunking set in. Then, it was decided to go around the other side and we ended up finding our mark on dry land, North of the water line.
  6. Jim, I do not know how long it's been since you have seen the area last. Not much has change at the lake area as far as human encroachment goes. However, just North and a bit East of the Hwy 93 and Hwy 6 intersection (North Spring Valley), there are now lines of huge wind generators taking advantage of the wind that is in that area. I think this is Nevada's first commercial wind farm and it produces about 150 megawatts of power for Nevada. It's on 77 acres, and over 7000 acres is designated for this farm. I am unsure how far North, into the hunt zone this will be. Jim
  7. Jim, if nobody has offered, I will be happy to send you a few Yelland meteorites. I need your address, etc. No charge. If you can, email it to me.... jimwooddell at gmail.com Jim
  8. Jim, First, thank you for your service to this Country. Ely is a beautiful area. Is sure does get cold there in the winter! Thanks for the story. Jim
  9. Here are some trip pictures (within a docx document file) of the trip Wendy and I went on. We started in Nevada and ended up in Utah. Scored a little over 400 grams at Yelland, I skunked in Utah. Wendy found a small meteorite which is currently being classified and Dave found two. one is in the process of classification as well! Fun trip! Already to do it again! Http://pages.suddenlink.net/taenite/trip.docx
  10. Rim, Two years ago, the entire southern part of the lake had water in it. You could not get to the main Met Bull coordinates as it was under water. Last year, that same area and the vast majority of all the lake was dry. This year a few weeks ago, the lake near the corrals had water in it. Geese were swimming around. I did not try to get to the main coordinates as I hit heavy mud on the way and did not try an alternate route. I suspect most hunting was done North of the main coords. Most of the entire SW section of the lake was very wet mud that one could not walk on without sinking 6 or more inches. Water was flowing out of the lake at the South Rd crossing. Lots of snow still on the mountains and I suspect if it continues to warm up, that melt may fill the lake more. This is a very dynamic lake and for the last three years is different every time we have gone! Love it! Jim
  11. Hi Mike, The lake was not completely dry by any stretch of the imagination a week prior to your hunt. There is standing water at the corrals (directly behind them) Geese swimming around and it's a wet land environment. And the entire SW section is wet as you will sink in the mud if you try to walk it. Where you hunted was dry! The real question is what is going to happen to the lake as the snow continues to melt? I estimate it's melting pretty quickly and the lake may fill even more if it does not run off fast enough. Even so, the high mountains looked extremely snow packed. Not sure it will all melt this summer. I sure like it up there! Jim
  12. Hi Jack! Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it and I will indeed look you up! Yeah, I often think of that video. Here you walk up with a killer meteorite, Ruben is about to have a heart attack and we go off in lala land talking gold. Gawd, we are sick sick sick! Seriously, that was a nice nug! I contend many more meteorites would have been found if it were not for the grass and the thick brush areas. Jim
  13. Yeah.... the 10/22 mag had extractor and bolt issues and they are well known and documented. Jim
  14. Nice rifle, but probably should read up on the extractor failures. It's fun to accidently buy guns. I just did the same with a 1911a1. I really missed mine of 30 years ago and just picked up another 2 days ago! Love it! Took it out did some running fire exercises and it felt like 30 years ago!
  15. http://www.planetary.org/blogs/guest-blogs/2014/0419-forensic-ballistics.html
  16. Meteorite falls, also called observed falls, are meteorites collected after their fall from space was observed by people or automated devices. Jim
  17. Greg, Good job! Your work paid off! But no fish?? Jim
  18. Nothing personal, but I think it's a really bad idea planting geocaches in areas where there are potential meteorite finds. All it does in increase the traffic in the area which is seldom ever a good idea to bring such attention to the area. Jim
  19. http://www.universetoday.com/111076/follow-up-on-skydiving-meteorite-crowdsourcing-concludes-it-was-just-a-rock/
  20. Most of the collectors seem to hang out on all the meteorite groups on FB and on the Meteorite List. Jim
  21. BTW, The 1,430 pound Brenham was found 7'4" deep with a Pulse Star Pro II and a 25ft coil set at 8ft wide. The smaller detectors did not hear it at the surface and it was much later in the hole when the smaller detectors started picking it up. Jim
  22. My comment was not about group hunting. It was focused more on dissemination of information. Jim
  23. Someone I am not sure want to be mentioned says the object is about 3" and is going too slow to be a meteoroid. Jim
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