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    The Desert! Recovery - Preservation - Science of Meteorites. Hunting meteorites. Finding Meteorites. Digging meteorites. Studying Meteorites. Holding Meteorites. Reading about Meteorites. I make thin sections and cut meteorites for classification. I assist others in their meteorite testing and classification needs. I really enjoy doing that. Buying gold and silver!

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  1. Funny....NuggetShooters on FB is VERY alive and VERY well....as is Ruben and....well never mind.
  2. I can't over emphasis what Ruben said about mixing up a batch of Nital. There is a saying in chemistry......"Do wat you otta put the acid in the wata." (probably from NEEEEW YOOORK City) and NEVER the other way around. And.... DO IT OUTSIDE is a safe open area. It only take about 1/4 second and about a half of a breath of the gas to burn your lungs. And ALWAYS have a huge amount of water around for dilution should you FU. Not something a DipShxx should be doing! Jim
  3. I currently wear Belleville (AMERICAN MADE) DES390 Desert Running Boots. However, after two run ins with Rattle Snakes in the last year, I am likely to not buy any military style desert boots for two main reasons. A. Most of them I've looked at do not offer good snake protection. Thin leather and material that will not stop fangs. B. Poor ankle support. I have twisted my ankle many times with mine, hiking around Franconia. I encountered a rattle snake yesterday on my kid's ranch. Because I have three grandkids, I dispatched the snake. However, while digging it out from under a large roc
  4. I do not have your phone number. Rcvd msg to call you.


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