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  1. Greg, Good job! Your work paid off! But no fish?? Jim
  2. 5.0 magnitude after shocks! It's rockin and rollin down there.
  3. Funny....NuggetShooters on FB is VERY alive and VERY well....as is Ruben and....well never mind.
  4. Adam, Can I bum the snake picture from you to share? Awesome photos, btw! Jim
  5. Ah crickets! Man do I have a story there! But I''ll wait until the "Scariest Thing That Crawled in the Sack with You" thread.
  6. So, as far as protection goes, we know by reading the statistics on bites, most bites occur on the ankles, feet and hands. Most of the time it is an adult male that gets bit. And much of the time alcohol is involved and they are messing with the snake. So, if we protect out ankles, feet and hands, change genders and stop drinking, we should all be okay! Well, I sure the ________ wont change genders and I don't drink that much and I don't mess with snakes or any wild critter for that matter. I've seen guys wearing gaiters and tennis shoes and tend to think that's like cutting off the end of a condom before slipping it on. Military Desert boots can be bad too. They are not designed for snake protection and most of them are designed for running, so they have cordura or some other material a fang can go right through. So, gaiters or chaps, good solid leather boots will protect the ankles and feet. Gloves will help protect your hands. But paying attention where we put out feet and hands is the best protection of all. I have zero tolerance for snakes around people and pets. I tend to have the same tolerance for spiders too. Jim
  7. The first set I bought were out of a wildland firefighter catalog I had. I think they were made by Forester. I never read the specs on them but they were an approved type for firefighters. Well, they had the worst strap system in the world and the very first time I went out with them all I heard, as I walked, was zip zip zip zip zip. The dang things had brass screen as a layer between the cloth! After a lot of research, the next set were Turtle Skins and I like them! I think they are all hot in the summer. Not sure you can get around that issue much.
  8. Hi Ben, The company claims they breathe but I do not think they do that well. They are very light weight and flexible and I tend to forget they are on. I have driven all the way home from a hunt and Wendy will ask me if I am ever going to take them off!My pant legs are generally wet when I take them off in the summer. It is the only kind I would recommend. They are washable too! And, Made in America, which is a personal requirement! You know those sticker bushes at Franconia? These things slide right by them. The rest of of me looks like I was used as a pin cushion! I swear, if there was one sticker bush in the middle of a dry lake, I'd run into it! Jim
  9. I use Turtle Skin snake guards and I swear by them. Not only are they good for the snakes, they work good on those darn sticker bushes I always get snagged by. Watch the video on this page: http://www.turtleskin.com/Snake-Bites.aspx
  10. Poison Control Center assisted with 124 snake bites in AZ in 2012. Ankles, feet and hands most common areas Peak season August and September. About 70% of the people bitten were f'ing with the snake. Jim
  11. Have not really heard of any gold near the camps North of Quartzsite. Funny too as one of the largest gold mines in AZ is North of Quartzsite and their tunnel seems to pointing right at the Historic town of La Paz which was a gold mecca. That said, we went exploring yesterday, North of I10, East of Ehrenburg and found areas of drywasher piles galore! Now all Indian Rez...lots of gold came out of those areas. Honestly, if you consider the hundred or so that are looking for gold in the Q-site area and the ranges around there, very little is being found collectively. Jim
  12. I kind of like these 12 ply tires. However, they are really pricey and size limited. http://www.rpadvancedmobilesystems.com/atv-products/atv-tactical-tires.html
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