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  1. Bill, I read all of these posts, and I try to remember your (and others) words of wisdom whenever I go out with my metal detector. I can find small and deep targets, it's just that none of them have been gold yet. I'll go out with that cheap SD2200D that I got on Craigslist within the next week or two. Hey Chris, I took your advice and managed to find an Excelerator coil for my Sovereign. I'll give it a try this weekend. Rick
  2. Very nice gold. Your hard work paid off. I'm going to try to get out tomorrow, it's been about a month since I've been out prospecting. Rick
  3. I suspect that the reinforcement on the bottom was used to fit it to a wringer base on casters. As I recall, the Army's favorite use for buckets was for "G.I. Parties". Rick
  4. Don, The guy that I bought that SD2200D from had contacted Minelab about a repair, and they told him that they don't support the SD series anymore, so there's probably not much hope for Minelab support on this one either. I'm betting it could be resurrected though. That thing looks like a relic that was found with a metal detector. Rick
  5. You might be surprised what that would bring on eBay if you just cleaned it up a little bit. Anything can be fixed. Rick
  6. Chris, You are the king of the smokin' deals then. Remember when you recommended an Excelerator coil for my Sovereign? I came across one on eBay a few days ago and ordered it. I'll be keeping the Sovereign, I couldn't believe what I was finding with that thing at Lynx Creek with the stock coil. It'll be fun to try it out with the Excelerator, and with the coil cable properly secured. Rick
  7. Hey Bob, I'll get back to you about the coils after I pay some bills and see what's left. I also have a good idea for a different battery system, if it works I'll post it in the DIY section. After getting this thing to work, I was looking at the old threads in the "Tech Tips" section, and came across the thread where Bill mentioned the false signals that can occur when you have the cable wound around the lower shaft loosely. I've always had that falsing problem with my Sovereign with the slightest bump of the coil, and when I looked at it, sure enough, that's how the cable was done. This SD is done up the way Bill described, with the lower part of the cable secured straight to the lower shaft with Velcro. (Maybe Bill originally sold it years ago.) The Velcro is shot, I'll get enough to redo the SD and the Sovereign too. I love the info on these forums. I'm off next week, I am definitely going to take this thing out and play with it, exactly where I don't know. Yesterday I went out to sample an area where someone had told me there was some gold, but I didn't find a single flake. Since I don't have any pictures of gold to post, I'll post a picture of my smokin' deal instead. Minelab SD220D by ax57, on Flickr
  8. WOO HOO! It was just the headphones! Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I'm up and running now. Once I switched out the headphones it came to life. I must say though, I'm going to look at doing something different for batteries. Bob, I read in an old thread that you improvised Dewalt batteries for yours, could you elaborate, or even post a picture? Rick Edit: Frank, it's the green one.
  9. While perusing the local Craigslist ads this afternoon, I stumbled upon a listing for a Minelab SD2200D, with many extras, for $300. It's DOA though, won't do anything. The guy tried to power it up after it had been in storage for a year, and it was dead. He ordered a brand new battery for it, and when that didn't fix it he decided to cut his losses and get rid of it. I figured it was worth the risk, as I am very skilled at troubleshooting and repairing electronics. The guy that I bought it from told me that he once found a horseshoe at 4'. Hopefully, I'll find some nuggets with it, if I can fix it. Rick
  10. I've tracked gold auctions for a while on eBay, and even fines will bring spot, to slightly over spot, if the seller is reputable. Nice nuggets usually fetch a premium over spot. The lack of a bidding frenzy speaks volumes here. Personally, I never buy anything on eBay without first reviewing the seller's feedback. Also, Kim, the picture that you posted definitely has a greenish color as compared to any other picture of gold that I've ever seen, regardless of the lighting source. Get your money back and chalk it up to experience. Perhaps there are forum members who live near you who would sell you some of their gold. (Without having to take in to account eBay's outrageous fees.) Rick
  11. Garimpo, if you like those type pictures, check out "The Oops List", especially the "women live longer" and "yeah, it's a woman" series. Beware though, you could pass half the day viewing the stuff on that site without realizing it. Rick
  12. Maybe he'll bring you some good luck, skunks don't like rattlesnakes. Rick
  13. Chuck, Nuggets like those will usually bring a little over spot when sold individually on eBay. Give them an acid bath to improve their appearance, and then take good, closeup pictures of them in natural sunlight with a small ruler next to them. List them on a 1-day auction at spot, then watch them sit all day with no bids until the last 30 seconds. The last-second sniping will likely put them over spot, even with their base metal impurities. Have the listings end on Saturday and/or Sunday evening. The premium above spot should just about cover the listing fees, netting you spot. Try it with a few this weekend and see. Rick
  14. I agree with Chris and Dave, there seems to be an ulterior motive to all of these bullsh!t closures. At this rate, we'll be excluded from most public lands within a few years. The various federal agencies that are doing this are reflecting the policies of the idiots that are being elected to office. Vote all incumbents out, and start seeking out candidates who aren't affiliated with either established party. Rick
  15. That looks to be pretty old, and the gold appears to have been applied to the teeth for adornment, not to fill a cavity. I'd have put it right back in the hole, covered it up, and moved on. Definitely a creepy find, but it really gets the imagination going too. Rick
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