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  1. Thanks Y'all. Headed back out this week to give it a thorough beating.
  2. I just back off the gain a scosh if the black sand is too nasty. But I'd rather be running a $5K machine if i had one!
  3. Dont y'all love this time of year. Had my first outing this season. 2 days in Socal with the MXT. Here's what we got.
  4. I'm not trolling here, just stating my point of view. Like everyone else I've changed my mind many times. But here is how i see it. I dont see a snowballs chance for gold to hit $700 or $400. Nor shall silver hit $5 as some have suggested. With the dollar in its present state not backed by anything but printing presses and Chinese loans, it's difficult to see where the global confidence in the American dollar will come from. If things continue as they have for the last 15 years or so there's no way in hell the buying power of the dollar can achieve those kind of low numbers on PMs. An artificial low spike is conceivable but would be so short as to not change the mean. If gas drops to $1.25 a gallon, milk to $0.90 a gallon, and Big Macs down to $1 consistently, then we should expect those kind of low PM values. Untill then its safe to look at when gas cost about a buck, compare it to where gold was at that time and extrapolate that info present pm values as its directly linked to the buying power of the Dollar in general. I encourage anyone to point out flaws in this line of reasoning. I'm happy to learn
  5. Happy Birthday Bill! Birthdays are a drag for me. I dont like getting them anymore. So heres hoping you got 2 years back for good behavior on this birthday.
  6. My nephews Bounty Hunter would have beeped that monster at 2 feet... Incredible find all the same.
  7. A couple of problems here. 1st is things are not the same! Under Bush, the Fed and all other banks were handing out money for nothing to people who couldnt really afford it and dumb enough to use adjustables. People in the know saw the printing presses workin 24/7 churning out paper and repositioned into precious metals to hedge against inflation. In no time the demand on PMs and general buzz about fiat paper currency drove prices up. Its old news to be in PMs as of late. So PMs will just keep steadily climbing with an occasional peak and valley. Obama has nothin to do with the cost of gold nor did Bush. Both are puppets anyway. Inflation, dollar power and fuel costs for mining dictate prices on PM's (many other factors too but those are the main ones).
  8. LOL that has happened to me a lot. I dig almost all targets, even if im pretty sure its iron. I pack out a pile of crap usually. But early on i didnt notice right away the small fleck of iron pinned to my magnet, while i combed thru my diggins lookin for that beep again. So after every dig i pinch off most of the crap stuck to my mag and check it as soon as the target moves unexpectedly. Lots of great tips in this thread, thanks fellas. -sport
  9. As a noob myself, albeit studious, the site works great. The pro's and oldtimers that chime in on my questions have nearly flattened my learning curve. I think its not surprising to see most people lurk. Good prospectors seem to be good observers (particularly noobs). More time observing means less time putting in your own 2 cents.
  10. This is my kinda guy.... I really wish i got to know him myself. I think it's great to be remembered so fondly among your peers. I'm very sorry for those of you who knew him well and lost a valuable friend. Although, you are better off than those of who didn't get that opportunity. However, I am happy for 29 who now enjoys being pain free and blissful in the presence of our Lord, our Creator. -sport
  11. Bummer trip Frank.. The good news is that you burned up a ton of bad luck in one trip. So the rest of the year should be smooth sailing! -sport
  12. I see death all the time at work. So it could be argued that I'm desensitized to it to some degree. But i gotta say that were I in charge of a rescue squad, competent at both mountaineering and medicine, I would not allow my men into a situation where their own death is greater than the chances saving the victim. I do like heroics but hate stupidity.. Sorry he fell down a mine and all but..
  13. "for the land of the sheep.... and the home of the slave." That's how the song goes right? -sport
  14. I'm not superstitious, but if that's an omen, it couldn't be much more clear what it means. -sport
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