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  1. Thanks for the help, I was able to get the fabric to stick with the spray glue. Works great.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I purchased some 60/40 cotton poly and was planning on using it, then I read about the silk and rayon. I will try the spray on glue from Home Depot and use the cotton poly combo. I pretty much understand everything you said except the plastic cover. Not sure if the cover has small holes or just big holes under the tray between the riffles. It didn't come with any support for the fabric so I have even considered using door screen. I will definately put some silicone on the fabric by the riffles to help hold the fines.
  3. I am trying to install a new fabric on my Dry Washer and not having much luck with getting the glue to stick to both the metal and fabric. If I could get someone to tell me what glue works best. Also if anyone has used Silk or Rayon, as I have read that they tend to make the finer gold stick in the tray. Thanks, Doug.
  4. I didn't get any scratch marks with finger nail. Easily scratches with a Henckels kitchen knife with a sharp tip.
  5. I have been following this thread and have seen several good looking specimens, decided to post a photo of a rock I ran across in the Mother Lode. I don't have the knowledge of most of the people posting here so I can't elaborate.
  6. This is the look of the rock directly after recovery.
  7. The lighter color streak is more of a silver to grey, more silver and has some light reflecting specks. The brownish streak also has light reflecting specks. By the way, when I first took this rock out of the Vinegar it was metallic looking, now it is taking on a black and brown look again. I am still looking at the link you posted regarding hardness test. Also I will post a photo of the rock as it looked after first digging.
  8. Ok, this is the streak test made with different exposed parts of the rock. A shiny surface and a rusty brown colored surface. These are duplice photos.
  9. Thanks for the reply Goldfinger. The rock was found in a pit just north of Dutch Flat, CA. It was found about 3 years ago while nugget hunting. I thought at first it was a piece off the tip of a pick but after cleaning up recently, it looked very strange. Looks as though it is made up of strands of metal embedded in rock. I'm not sure what a streak test is? Please enlighten.
  10. This rock was brown all over until I soaked it in vinegar.
  11. Been trying to get out myself, same story different day.
  12. Looks like you have some real good apportunities on those inside turns, some with good water flow. Good luck,
  13. Here is a link regarding old mine shafts and rescues. Apparently rescuers will rescue dogs as well as people and other critters. There are two pages to this article, one giving instances and conditions of the rescued. http://www.conservation.ca.gov/omr/abandoned_mine_lands/Documents/AMLUFactSheet3_Jan2010.pdf
  14. I am in Carson City and use a smart phone for pictures. Will be happy to help if I can. doug f
  15. I'm having trouble getting a larger rock cut myself. I'm new at this and not sure where to go, so I went to a local person who puts together jewelry and he didn't have a saw large enough. Good Luck,
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