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  1. Been trying to get out myself, same story different day.
  2. Looks like you have some real good apportunities on those inside turns, some with good water flow. Good luck,
  3. Here is a link regarding old mine shafts and rescues. Apparently rescuers will rescue dogs as well as people and other critters. There are two pages to this article, one giving instances and conditions of the rescued. http://www.conservation.ca.gov/omr/abandoned_mine_lands/Documents/AMLUFactSheet3_Jan2010.pdf
  4. I use Nugget Busters and like them, they have the exchangable cable.
  5. When using the Extreme I go with Fixed(no tracking) and all metal. With mono use E and I also set Deep, seems to run more stable on hot ground, even though your ground is quiet won't hurt anything only gives a slightly different signal. On DD I always use all metal as well, unless you have a lot of iron laying around. At least those settings seemed to work for me.
  6. Apparently this has happened to more than just me. Another person has come forward to disclose thier experience with the same vendor. I have attached the link going directly to the post on another forum. My original post was not intended to stir up a controversey, however a request was made for disclosure. Therefore I felt compelled to disclose the website which I delt with. Click on link if you would like further info. http://arizonaoutback.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=9393
  7. I just want to share my good fortune regarding purchase of a dry washer and gold vac combo. After a long search on the internet I found just what I thought was the best deal ever. I promptly called the manufacturer in Arizona and indicated that I would like to buy the dry washer and gold vac combo which I found on their website. I was assured that the equipment in question was as good as anything else at a better price. I had no problem with that as I was looking for a deal. I eagerly gave the gentleman on the phone my name, credit card number and shipping address. I asked when he could ship and was told that he could ship the next day. I replied that that wouldn’t work for me as I would be out of town when it might arrive in two or three days and asked that the shipment be delayed for two to three days to allow me to be home when it arrived. No problem, it will be shipped on the time line that I requested. Needless to say the units didn’t arrive as promised, in fact it took 2-3 weeks before it was shipped. The same day that I tried to cancel the order it arrived, lucky me. Eagerly I unpacked by gold processing units and to my dismay one was bent, the dry washer. Also the extra cloth that goes on the tray (which I was told I would get) was missing along with the small gold pan and crevice tool which is advertised with the gold vac. Right away I called the vendor to clarify the situation at which point I was told that he had packed the cloth with the unit but the other two items weren’t included because I had purchased the units as a combo. At this point I went back to the boxes and sifted through all of the packing material, no cloth! Oh well, I did get a good deal. I proceeded to straighten the bent part and inspecting the awe inspiring units, everything else looked OK. After further research I found that any good bed sheet will suffice for the tray cloth, now I am a happy, wiser and potential prospector. Lesson learned, check your holes.
  8. Great, glad it was worth checking but surprised that you didn't recover more with the can falling apart and all. Gives hope to the masses.
  9. OK, thanks Skip. I signed on to this forum several years ago but never could remember my pass word, so I had to re up and use a pass word my feeble mind could remember. Thanks for the follow up. Guess this is two.
  10. torment59 is looking for a GP Extreme and I am unable to respond, your post is locked and you can't receive emails. I have one, please post back.
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