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  1. Howdy Jeremiah. Dang , I shod alot of horses up in Libby and Troy. I lived in Libby for 6 or 7 years. Anyhow, do you know Nevin Zugg,? he's an outfitter in Libby. I do believe he was raised out in that part of the country. And he likes to B.S. he might have a few ideas of places to hunt. I just wanted to add, as montana matt knows, but any other fellow Montanians that do not. that I am putting together an outing, this what I have so far, with the help of people interested A 2 day Outing in June location; Big Hole Valley MT Old Stage Stop on private land, with permission in writing of cour
  2. Yep, thats the one . I have looked at maps concerning claims in the area, and I have friends that live on Cable crk.at the lower end . But, I cant seem to find info on that huge nugget,that was found in 1889. Its not a big deal, just curious as to the actual size, and how deep etc Thanks dusty
  3. Howdy Allen, I did find the "Highland Centennial Nugget" it was 27 1/2 oz's, but it was found in 1989 south of Butte. beleived to be the 7th largest found in Montana. i'm looking west of Butte,, the " Cable Mountain Mine" Nugget, that was found in 1889 Know anything about that area? or that nugget? Dusty
  4. Howdy, Theres a spammer on a couple of my threads. The name is apple522
  5. Howdy again, When I first got my Mxt, I ran up into the Garnet area, scouting. I bumped into a claim owner ,that had a jar with quite a bit of fine gold, and he wanted to see how my Mxt responded. I didnt have the "EDGE" book yet, and I really didnt know that much about my detector. Anyhow , it didnt respond at all. That sorta stuck with me, I never thought twice about it. but lately Ive been reading that alot of people "Air test" to get to know theyre machine. So I figured , I'd start doing just that. And yesterday, I pulled out a vial, with just a few specks of fine gold. The largest bei
  6. Yeah, Thanks Allen, I will use your advice. I havent heard of a name for it, so far, but I will research "Highland Nugget" Do you know the feller in Deer lodge that runs that Prosp. supply shop? He told me a while back, that I oughta try detecting the ridges in that country. That maybe after some years of decay, I might find some exposed gold. And Yeah, SPAM? is that guy following my posts? And how the heck do we get him off of here? LOL, it bothers me. Thanks Dusty
  7. Howdy, Here I go with another question for you guys. In my research , for my local area, I came across this. Ok, I cant copy and paste it, dangit. So, it says. In 1880 ,this mine had a 500 foot piece of ground that yielded $6,500,000. in gold. In 1889 , it produced the largest gold nugget ever found, and was later purchased by a Mr.Clark for $10,000. So, they used the word "nugget", and there are placer and lode gold deposits all over that area. Anyhow, could it have been a lode specimen? and the writer used the word nugget,? This mine is still owned and possibly operated, so that area is o
  8. Thanks , for the input, You all. I do agree, I need to "learn" and practice, practice , practice, is what its going to take. And I do have a good machine to start with. i just got a little worried , as I hadnt seen anyone talking about actually using my model. but , like I said , I bet theres a Gold specific machine in my future. I think I better prove , to my better half , that its possible "FOR US" to find gold with a MD er. Well, Thanks again Happy prospecting, Dusty
  9. Howdy All, I am new here , but heres a question , that I've been pondering. A year and a half ago, I started researching detectors. I was looking for a detector to fit my needs and wants . (At that time) I figured, realistically, I would use a detector for; Relics- 50% of the time Coins - 30% of the time and Prospecting 20% of the time I chose , through research , a Whites MXT and a 6x10 DD, as my entry level Detector.with the book "The Edge" It has the Prosp. mode, and was based off of the GMT. Anyhow, I didnt use the Prosp. mode very much this past year, actually. And actually,
  10. Howdy,

    I have dredged with a 2 1/2 inch in Wyo.

    I moved rocks under an 8 inch dredge in Wa.

    Ive highbanked in the Sierras in Cali.

    LOL, i ran a sluice in downtown Denver, Co.

    Now I have a Whites Mxt,and a Keene A25 sluice, and I live in Montana.

    This state is awesome , for a Rockhound !

    So far, thats the hobby I fall back on , as I always come home wit...

  11. ,,Lol, Terry, WOW, gold season starts in SEPT and ends in June ? i checked out the AGA Dang, it'll be june before my favorite spot melts off. Howdy Allen, I'm down in Butte, I have been to Kalispell a number of times, as I lived in Troy for 7 years . Nice to meet another Montana'n. You ever get down around the Phillipsburg or Garnet country? it seems those are the claimed up areas. I tend to run around the Warm springs crk/Cable mtn area. Theres alot of good areas down here it seems, and quite a bit of open ground. Thanks for the welcoming, Dusty
  12. Howdy All, I am new to the site. I live in Montana, and am sort of new to detecting. I have been an avid rockhound forever it seems. And, I've spent some time prospecting. One of my favorite memories , was when I was rockman, for a buddy , for 2 months. We were 18 feet under water, using an 8 inch dredge. I'll never forget , watching him slowly uncover a stringer, on bedrock, and exposing ,what turned out to be a 1 1/4 oz Nugget ! My biggest Nugget , being 2nd in the split, was a 3/4 oz nug. That was back when gold was in the $300. range Nowadays, I Rockhound ALOT, I Metal Detect a bit, and
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