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  1. Sweet! This was fun. Thanks for putting it together Bob!
  2. They would have taken it to a house of ill repute. So there must be a town where the post office stands where once there was a whorehouse. Where the “furocious beast” guards the “cave”! My final guess will be Silver City Post Office where hopefully a brothel once stood. 32°46'17"N 108°16'27"W
  3. Or maybe Cow Springs itself...32o25'57.47" N, 108o11'57.34"W. Major watering hole back in the day from what Edge told us... "But I do know 150 years ago, Cow Springs was a large, vibrant spring able to water hundreds of stock and people. When I was first introduced to Cow Springs in the mid 1960s there was maybe a shallow 200 sq' of surface water. When I returned for a visit around 2005, the spring was gone. All the giant, beautiful cottonwoods had been cut down to conserve what underground water was left."
  4. Another stab...33o09'31.22"N, 107o11'03.78" W. Under what is now Elephant Butte Reservoir...
  5. I have been through Vegas several times but not able to stop at Trujillo's. A couple of Hillcrest stops and Charlie's of course! How have you been? I haven't been on the forum in quite some time.
  6. Hillsboro Post office. 32o55'13.31"N 107o34'09.88" Its going into the "cave" of the drop box guarded by the "ferocious beast" of the eagle symbol. Its getting there when you drop it in the mail to me.
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