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  1. oops forgot, yes i am pretty much always in deep on the back. but on the front, it doesnt say it but essentially doesnt the Rx switch mean, Normal=DD, E(Enhance)=Mono and Cancel = DD cancel?
  2. Hi all, I need some advice for proper settings using my gp extreme. I am detecting in an area that for the most part is pretty quiet, no hot rocks. The bedrock is 6" to 4 foot deep and the gold seems to be anywhere in between the top and bottom of the soil. the gold has been between 5-80 grains, Right now when using a DD platypus I run on, DISK, N, NORMAL and when using a NF 9x14 mono I use, ALL METAL, N, E. Do these seem like pretty good settings to be using? thx tazman
  3. I have a gmt and have found many nuggets and flakes with it. I actually use it to clean up an area after I have used my GPX4000. When sweeping over a target the GMT gives you a reading of the probability of the target being ferrous or non. each sweep over the target is analyzed and then "forgotten" after the next sweep. If you hold the trigger switch you are storing the information so the detector can give you a better chance of "analyzing" what kind of target it is. You will notice sometimes that if you sweep over a target many times that the iron meter will only get to say 50% but if you pull the trigger and analyze it with more sweeps the percentage will go higher or even sometimes lower. I dig all my targets with now and have learned to trust the iron meter. when it tells you it is iron, it is iron 99% of the time. Although many, many times it will say it is not iron but it is. This is just my experience. BTW, I think I remember seeing the GMT instruction videos on you-tube. they are separated into 4 or 5 parts. TAZMAN
  4. sorry to diverge slightly from the excellent earphone reccomendation but... I have a set of logitech freepulse wireless headphones that came with a M/L Extreme I bought. They do work well with the detector in my home but have not used in the field. this is essentially bluetooth tech so would the signal interfere with the P.I. detector? thx tazman
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