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  1. thanks guys. I decided to wait until I can find or afford something better. I really don't want to start a new hobby with unnecessary frustration
  2. Hey guys I have a cabin up near christopher creek northeast of payson on the 260. I go up there frequently and know the forests around there and the rim area like the back of my hand. When I am up there I often spend 12 hours just hiking around different parts of the land and was curious if anyone knows places up there that would be good for metal detecting for nuggets while I am hiking around all day. I don't much enjoy doing a lot of panning and am not looking for the motherload just curious if there are any areas i might come across a nugget now and then. Thanks vic
  3. thanks guys. I know that the superstitions are not the best environment but it is a very short drive from where I live. I might try my luck at some more likely sites sometimes but I really like to hike and move and I don't like driving long distances.
  4. So I am beginning and I am limited to craigslist and ebay for my first detector. my options are Garrett scorpion gold stinger - $325 or Tesoro Mayan - $250 Which one of these will be easier to use or more effective when looking for nuggets in the superstition mountains? is it worth the extra 75 dollars for the other one? I will probably upgrade in the future but this is about my price limit for now.
  5. So I am completely new to prospecting but I am an avid outdoorsman and figured this hobby would suit me. Im not looking for the dutchmans mine or anything. Just looking to do a lot of hiking and was wondering if anyone had any tips on good places to start in the Superstition Mountains. I am also curious how to find out if there are active claims out there and what the protocol is for those areas. Are the areas fenced that are off limits? I really don't want to get into some trouble out there. Also if anyone knows where i can find good maps of the mountains and maybe even maps of areas that are off limits it would be much appreciated.
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