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  1. Rockhunter: Nice collection, thanks for sharing. Buckshot
  2. Will try to enclose a photo of some of the rubies I've found this year in the green sands that I've referred to in earlier blogs. The largest is 13.6 carats next is 6.6 carats and rest in 2-3 carat range.
  3. I'm just above where TrinityAu lived in Golden Valley and have encountered Monazite from time to time so he could be right on what you've got there. Buckshot
  4. Rex: Thanks, it looks more like the pictures you have of fushite, however I saw some different pictures on another website and one of the chlorite rocks was very similar. I think we've probably narrowed it down to these two which is pretty good. I took some rocks samples to NCGS with green in it and they indicated that the rocks were probably amphibole deteriorated or changed to chlorite I don't have the exact term they used. Thanks again for you knowledge on this.
  5. Just found my first ruby yesterday in the host rock on my farm, so needless to say I'm a happy camper or should I say rockhound today. It was found in a small palm size light green rock with a silver sheen on it similar to mica. Almost threw it away but it had a little green on one side and the other side was covered with iron. Took it home and soaked it in Iron Out over night and checked it today all iron was gone and began to see rubies, two easily seen and as I looked closer probably at least 4 or 5 small ones. Found it in a small slow moving stream where I've found the green sand (see earlier post on green sands). Also found another piece or two of corundum. This location is approximately 60 ft. upstream from where I've found a lot of corundum, so maybe I'm getting closer to the source. Will keep posting on any future finds. Do you think the green rock is dunite it is pretty thin ??
  6. Thanks Rex, didn't know if this was just a coincidence or not. Did you ever see the two together in Macon County ?
  7. Is there any connection between corundum & epidote ? In a previous post I had found corundum with green sands which I originally thought was peridot along with some gold, however according to NC Geologists they indicated it was epidote even though some of it was light pistachio color and some dark green. The epidote is so clustered you can pick it up like a clod of dirt and it breaks apart real easy and there is a lot of yellow mica mixed in it. The location is a small slow moving branch and I have tested 350 ft upstream as well as 100 ft and very little epidote and no corundum. My next test will be 50-60 ft upstream. Anyone had any experience with this in the past, I would appreciate your comments.
  8. I own property in McDowell County which adjoins your county, if you are seeing blue clay and possibly green sands, keep your eyes open for rubies as well as gold, just left my farm this afternoon found some gold flakes and one nice ruby. If you want to contact me you can come up and see if you've got similar material to what I have. If the gold flakes stayed in your pan after everything else was gone, it's more than likely gold. Most of the rubies will have a greenish mica looking shist on them in our area, so if you see a stone that looks like that check it out before you toss it. Look close to see if you see any redness or possibly a purple tint on the stone.
  9. Charles: I'm downstream from LDMA and looking for someone with a high banker/dredge combo to split with me 70/30 on the gold and I keep all rocks & gem stones. If interested let me know. Buckshot
  10. Thanks Bill: You could be right on this, I went back today and dug a little more and pulled up clusters of the green crystals mixed with the yellow mica. I also found a little more gold and one larger purple looking piece of corundum.
  11. Need some expert advise of what I've ran into. My location is my farm in Western North Carolina, South Mountain gold belt. In a previous topic "Prospecting for Rubies & Sapphires" I had mention finding corundum on my farm most of it being in the larger creek that ran thru my farm except for one small one I found while panning for maybe one hour or so in a feeder branch upstream from where I found all of the corundum. Well yesterday I decided to go back to the branch and check it out a little closer. In an area about 2 ft. square I worked with a shovel, screen classifier and a gold pan. I worked down thru typical quartz rocks, etc and thru a little gray to blue clay and farther down in the rocks & gravel and found a couple pieces of epidote, one or two small pieces of corundum and a little gold and had the typical black sand. I only had on rubber boots and wanted to look a little deeper so I went back to my cabin and got my post hole diggers and proceeded to go a little deeper. When I got a little deeper maybe 2 1/2 to 3 ft. below level of stream I was getting a super amount of little gold flakes of mica and got another piece of corundum and a little more gold. As I was panning it out naturally all the mica just floated away but the heavy sand in the bottom was a dark green, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first but it really was green. I've been panning in the streams off and on for 8-10 years and never encountered this before. I brought some of the material home and looked at it under the microscope and it was green crystals, mostly the color of peridot with some a real dark green, it also had a few red garnets, rubies and some lemon, orange, yellow colored along with your typical quartz, maybe a little clear topaz or zircon. Will be going back today, Lord willing and take my hip waders and try to go a little deeper, will keep posting on results. If someone has ran into this before, tell me what this may be. Thanks, Buckshot
  12. Bill, Big Rex & All: Thanks for the help, web sites, thoughts from each. I'm still not really sure if it's a quartz or pegmatite vein. Its has some similar rocks and material that are mentioned in the pegmatite veins from looking at the pictures on some of the websites. Will keep an open mind and try to uncover more of it when the weather improves and see what we have.
  13. Can a pegmatite vein be in red clay of does it have to be in a host rock, been reading some on it and am not sure ?
  14. I was not aware of pegmatite veins as such had heard of pegmatite pockets, I just assumed it was a quartz vein however there is some of the materials you mentioned in the pegmatite veins. Have not saw any large crystals as yet. There was one rock in the picture which you couldn't probably make out that had long sort of crystals which I thought was quartz they are right neat looking, sort of clear to a yellow tint to them.
  15. The first two pictures are materials from the quartz vein and the last two pictures are of the vein itself, sorry they are not clearer. Buckshot
  16. Steve: In my earlier reply I said the gemstones were small, microscopic, I meant only the orange, green, yellow etc. On another post on here regarding rubies or corundum I got a couple pictures of some of the corundum.
  17. Big Rex: The vein is in red clay, it is in the headwall of what appears to possibly have been hydraulicked in the past. Don't know if I mentioned it before but they gold mined here in the 1800's and early 1900's, weather was nice here today and I went down and spent 2-3 hours uncovering maybe 15-20 ft and running parallel to the vein on each side but not the entire vein is yellow material, could be mica, I panned a couple of pans and maybe had a couple of specks of gold, nothing more. there is also black mineralization and some of the wall I uncovered almost looks pink with some white and black in various places. The quartz is mostly off white with possibly some smokey but not really clear except for a few small crystals. There was also some darker brown quartz rocks, I brought some home to clean up some more & look at. The part of the vein I've uncovered is like 3" to 6" in width at the most. It runs just almost parallel with the setting sun just to the right of it towards the north side and the dip, I believe that's what you call it is probably 45 to 60 degrees. I won't be able to uncover much more with pick & shovel as it will be getting deep.
  18. Steve: In creek I've found rubies, garnets, sapphires, epidote, small (I mean you need a microscope) to see all the colorful gemstones in the concentrates etc. different shades of red and green and orange and have also found gold.
  19. I've located a couple of quartz veins on my farm, are there any possibilty of finding anything other that gold, such as gemstones if I pursue these veins. At first glance veins are a few inches wide and contain mostly quartz & feldspar ? Figured some of you would know without me doing a lot of research. Should I uncover more of the veins ? Oh yes the farm is in Western North Carolina in the South Mountain Gold Belt. Thanks, Buckshot
  20. Big Rex: Most of the rubies are the same shade, I'm attaching another picture, not sure about the black looking stone, could be sapphire, not as good recognizing them as I am rubies. I'd say you're pretty close on the size, I had cut my wife a 7+ carat ruby or pink sapphire, depends on who you ask and the large ones in the picture are at least 10 times that size. Cutter indicated that these stones were not quality enough to do anything with, fracured, twined, etc. so I'm just keeping them as specimens. Should I try to clean them anymore or leave as is ?
  21. I hope I've figured out how to attach a picture, if so this is a picture of some of the larger pieces of corundum that I've found on the farm. The coin is a quarter.
  22. This is the best laugh I've had in some time, thanks to all, especially Garimpo. Man I couldn't read all you were saying for the tears from laughing so hard. Since I live in Western North Carolina and just came home this afternoon from a presentation of the Plott Bear dogs by one of the Plott descendants I can relate to all you said. By the way for the one who don't know it, the Plott Hound is our State Dog. I've also been to the head waters of the river on Whiteside Mountain where the movie deliverance was made and a Freewill Baptist for good measure. Laughter is good for the soul !!
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