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  1. Guys this is no longer a stream, only hit water when I reach water table. There is a bigger stream on the property where I also prospect and I have stocked it a couple of times in the past with rainbow trout. I have a place higher up in the mtns. that is regularly stocked with rainbow & sometimes brown thats where I do most of my fishing. Fly fishing & surf fishing when I get to the coast are my two favorite types of fishing. Just went deep sea fishing last week for the first time in 40+ years at Calabash, NC and water was rough probably something to do with the tropical storm Debby, any way got sick after about 1 hr and had to stay out for another 2 1/2 - 3 hrs. never was so glad to hear the Capt. say bring em in we're heading back in.
  2. Thanks guys thought the answers might be what you said, just thought I would find something before reaching bedrock, plus the fact that gold is not everywhere in a stream bed but don't have the privilege of reading the stream now to see where it may have fell out.
  3. Located a previous underground stream bed (which is now underground & mostly dry) on my property where gold mining was carried on in the past, however not in this exact location. Have done some testing in one spot and have not come up with any gold yet. My question is where would the gold most likely be ? There is 3-4 ft over burden then 3+ ft of stream gravel then yellowish material and then bedrock which I haven't reached it is possibly another 3 ft or so. Since I haven't found anything yet should I continue to bedrock or try another spot, there are trees grown over the stream bed and very few spots without trees to test ? Any one with experience on this ? Located in Western NC in South Mtn. gold belt.
  4. Didn't know whether to post this here or in Rocks & Minerals, decided here since there is more activity here. My parents had some testing done for possible sand & gravel operation on the family farm some 20+ years ago by a company from Minnesota, we're in Western North Carolina. When the company finished testing they gave our family a description of two fields near creek where they tested and results from different test holes. In one of the fields which is 5 acres I notice that most of the test holes indicate gravel or sand/gravel over blue clay. However in a couple of places it shows gravel under the blue clay, for example: 5' dirt, 2' blue clay, & 2' gravel. Is there any significance to this related to gold and/or gemstones ? Company is no longer in business so can't talk to them. Some of you are probably geologists or have geological experience, would appreciate your views & thoughts. PS Have a pair of 10' post hole diggers on order so maybe I can verify if it there is need to and if that don't work can always get a trackhoe, these test hole are not that close to the current creek.
  5. WOW !! I knew there had to be a simple answer to this question. Where are my post hole diggers.
  6. Thanks all for the responses, it about what I thought (UNCERTAIN). I'm always on the lookout for gems & gold, one reason I asked the question was there was testing done along the area of the stream back in the 80's however all was done near the stream some on both sides which indicated bedrock at from 8-10 ft on the average, but none was done on the hillside. I've found rubies & sapphires in a small feeder stream and was going to try and find their source which I think will lead be towards the hillside. I'm looking at purchasing 10 ft split handle post hole diggers so I can test in areas not easily accessible. I borrowed a pair of 8 ft diggers from a utility worker and was pretty satisfied with the depth but would like to get a little deeper with my testing. Thanks again
  7. If Bedrock is at 8-10 ft at the level of the stream on my farm and I go up the ridge 50 ft elevation would bedrock be 58-60 ft or would it still be closer to 8-10 ft. Are there any variances for type soil location, etc. I'm in Western North Carolina in South Mtn. gold belt. Any experienced in this area ? If so would appreciate your thoughts.
  8. This green is not tourmaline howevere I've found some mostly black or real dark green. Yes there is Olivine & epidote also, this green could be a small amount of olivine in the feldspar. No one yet has been able to answer why it enhances in super iron out and when taken out reverts back to a very dull almost unnoticeable green.
  9. Bob & All: Was not considering crushing rock for REE's only for possibility of gold, all monazite that I've found, which was not been a lot was in the sands of the stream. Have been told by a amateur geologist who is familiar with the property that there had also been some Xenotime found on it in the past. Back to the rock crushing, I don't think the local rock crusher can get the rock small enough to release the gold, I have a good size John Deere tractor with front end loader and a small 4-wheel drive Ford F-350 v-8 460 cu inch dump truck with a 8' X 8' bed on it which does come in handy from time to time and is small enough to get into some pretty tight places. The gold mine tailing are old and have overgrown, some even have small trees in them so it's not like you can look and pick without digging and uncovering pretty much manually without cutting some trees to get a machine to the tailings. May put this on hold also for the time being and possibly save some sands this spring to have analyzed here locally if they are familiar with REE's. Thanks
  10. Thanks all for the info: Will try to answer some questions and make some additional comments. There is no water in the pegmatite which is on the side of a gulch or gulley, however at the base of the pegmatite in the gulch just a few feet below the peg a stream begins and flows and gets bigger and is the source of water for a horse pasture and then flows into a larger creek on the property. There so far has been no gold from the vein, have panned a couple of times. The most unusual thing so far is a couple of larger pieces of feldspar that I took home and soaked in Super Iron Out overnight and the feldspar then became really white and had a beautiful green band around both pieces, I rinsed it and left it out and it went back to the way I found it and you couldn't hardly seen the green at all. I took it over to the local NC Geological Survey and showed it to them ( 4 guys looked at it) and got no definitive answer as to what the green material was. I have repeated the process and it does the same way. I'm not as smart as you folks on minerals, so I don't know what any of the other materials may be. I recognize quartz, feldspar, mica but the black, pink, yellow material I don't know. Will keep you posted, am leaving the vein temporarily to test some gravel where the larger creek has ran in the past, hopefully for gold, rubies, and other gemstones. I am pretty good at identifying corundum, especially ruby and pink sapphire, as well as garnets. If anything different happens on the peg vein will let you know.
  11. Have a lot of old gold mine tailings on farm from 1800-1900's was wondering if it might be profitable to haul some to local rock crusher ? If anyone has experience would like to hear from you. How small would it need to be crushed, etc. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Located in Western North Carolina Gold Belt. Some would be easily accessible and some I would have to remove trees to get to. Thanks, Buckshot
  12. Thanks Bob will start paying more attention to that, thes monazite I've found in the past has been small about the size of sand or a little larger.
  13. Bob: Haven't thought about looking for monazite in the pegmatite maybe that is some of the yellowish material, I have found it on the farm in other places. Lots of mica, blackish and pink material in the vein.
  14. Hopefully I will attach pictures of pegmatite vein, smaller pictures were early on and larger ones from yesterday, after quite a bit of digging. Have found no gems but it really is educational and interesting seeing how the minerals form lines and then interact with each other. Worried about overhang above head so have backed out a little for safety and digging down instead of up. Did start finding small quartz pieces inside of feldspar.
  15. Thanks Guys, Rockhunter 1620 there is an ultramafic body show on a geological map in the immediate vicinity and I think this may be why I have so many different minerals on the property, not too far from this vein is a big rock outcrop which is covered with small red garnets, largest maybe the size of a pea. Deer season will end here Sat. and some hunters have the adjoining property leased and this is not too far from the property line so I will possibly dig in it some after that. Gilaoro I haven't seen any water seep from this vein but I've not been there much yet, there is a smaller vein in a different location that I may or may not have posted some pictures of months ago that I'm not sure if it is a quartz vein or a pegmatite vein it is in a sidewall where apparently they hydraulic mined and in wet weather it will seep water. I've dug some in it but haven't found any gold yet. I know for a fact it contains quartz & feldspar and some mica but it's appearance is not as obvious as the other pegmatite and it has such a dip, I would probably need a machine to follow it.
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