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  1. Looks like a great trip. We'll have to try to make the next one for sure. Blake, that rig you have is unreal. I didn't think you could out do the blue Mack truck you brought out before.
  2. Boomer

    Kat's Car

    Wow, Johnno has some skills!!!!! Hey Johnno, you might wanna adjust the timing. Heard a backfire at the 51 second mark.
  3. Boomer

    Kat's Car

    Nice job Johnno!!! Purring like a kitten.
  4. You're the man Billy. Awesome looking gold.
  5. Haaaaa, that's quite a picture you painted there Gar.
  6. Boy those were good times on that boat. I remember many beat downs being dealt on it.
  7. Like Bill, I carry a S&W Airweight 442 with .38+P hollow points. I also carry a .40 cal Glock 27. Both have worked great for me and I carry each for different reasons. Because the Glock is a bit bulkier and heavier, I tend to carry it when I’m wearing looser clothing because it’s easier to conceal. Usually on my hip. I carry the revolver during warmer weather or when I just want to slip it in my pocket. It’s thin and lightweight and I know it will go bang when I pull the trigger. All the guns mentioned are good and will get the job done. Like some have mentioned, the ammo can make all the difference if you believe a gun is underpowered. In my opinion, the most important factor when choosing a firearm for conceal carry is picking one that works best for you based on comfort. Not just comfort when it comes to shooting it but more importantly actually carrying it. Buying one that is not comfortable to carry will eventually result in it not being carried at all. So buy one that won’t be a burden to carry and one that you will forget is even on you. Another important factor is becoming proficient with whatever you choose. Practice, practice, practice and then practice some more. Practice loading, unloading, practice manipulating all the moving parts and safeties if your gun has one. Go to the range frequently and do more than just static shooting. Try pulling it from the holster and practice working through failures that can occur. The more you practice the better you will respond if ever faced with a situation in which you will need to use your gun. Lastly, if anyone has doubts as to whether a .22 can stop a threat let me share a story with you. A few years back, a partner I worked with in the jails was involved in an incident while he was off duty. He always carried a little .22 and while at a bank taking care of some business, he heard a commotion coming from near the teller area. He quickly noticed a guy holding a gun and attempting to rob the bank. He crouched down behind a desk and pulled his .22 out. With gun in hand, he realized he was in a bad spot being right next to the entrance/exit. The crook was going to have to walk right past him on the way out. About that time, he peered around the desk and noticed the suspect was walking directly towards him. Not knowing if the suspect had noticed him carrying his gun, he decided to engage him. He stood up and fired two rounds at the guy. One hit him in the chest and the other in the stomach. After being cleared he was able to talk about the incident and said after the crook was shot, he immediately dropped to the ground and began spinning like a top. He looked like a fish out of water. He could tell the guy was in a lot of pain and he eventually died. When he later read the autopsy report, it stated the two rounds shredded his innards as it ricocheted around inside of him. Hit most all of his vital organs. So yeah, a .22 will surely get the job done. Be safe and remember anything can happen anywhere at anytime. You’re never safe these days. Not even at the movie theaters, kids school, college or even at church. Bank robber's identity revealed | The San Diego Union-Tribune
  8. Well Gar, I think Bucket's talking about our next video which coincidentally is called "Bucket gone wild." It's a short video of him drywashing wearing nothing but boots, snake chaps and a boonie hat. We're taking pre orders if anyones interested.
  9. That's strange. Hey Uncle Ron, did you happen to see Bucket out there? I notice he hasn't posted in a few days. I'm thinking he's out there "Swinging" with the boys.
  10. Happy B-Day Bill. Have a good weekend.
  11. Not a Pro? Come on Frank, you’re too modest. I thought I remember reading somewhere about someone pulling a 2 plus ouncer out at Quartzsite a couple months back. Something about a celebratory drink afterwards????? I don’t know, maybe my memories fading.
  12. You gonna make this outing Frank? Looking forward to meeting all that are going.
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