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  1. Here it is. It's kinda a yellow picture though. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. Haha. I'm taking a new picture now. It is really emerald.
  3. I found a emerald and i'm not good with gems so could you give me an estimate? I'm not selling it, I'm just curious. Sorry about the bad quality, i'll get a new picture later. The whole thing is emerald with a bit of a black glassy rock.
  4. Ya, I WAS going to go get agates and petrified wood in a stream with my grandpa but it was borded off and now a factory is using it as a dump....Dang...Atleast I have some petrified wood. Heres a pic, sorry about the bad quality.... Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. I can't find out what this rock is(I'm new so I think a rock is different minerals together) maybe some kind of quartz? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. Thanks! I don't know what it is but there is a big dump of rocks on the hill. Maybe a construction sight dump? But some of it looks natural. And there is a side of a small cliff that I can look at. Oh, and I got the Mineral book.
  7. I'm 14 so I can't really go anywere and I don't really have enough money now for supplys. I live on a hill and there is alot of clay and rocks in the ground. Up on the hill there is a dump of huge rocks. Anywhere you can think of? I live in Springfield, Oregon.
  8. Some of these I bought and some I found. What are they? I'm getting an ID book today but I don't want to wait. I had to attach them. And I think two of them are emerald. They are all "as big" or "almost as big" as a quarter.
  9. Do you think it has gold in it? He said he had it inspected or however you say it.
  10. My grandpa just gave me a rock. He said it had gold in the middle of it but I don't know. The main rock looks kinda redish and there are veins of blueish greenish mineral in it. What is it? Here is a picture. By kensclark13 at 2010-11-11 The pic is also attached.
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