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  1. Congratulations on the finds - thanks for posting. VERY impressive - nice photos. Also more variety in meteorite finds than I'd have expected, given how hard the area has been hunted. It's a big place tho... I cleverly managed to miss out going - but spent some time over by Johnnie (where I found nothing, but starting to think I'm figuring out some of the sources and maybe know where to hunt now!) Now if I can just learn my detector well enough to find 'em at the depth of the holes (should call them pits) in photos that are sometimes posted in this forum. Will need a bigger pick with a longer handle... Thanks for sharing your adventures. Next time for sure. AUgie
  2. Thanks for the welcome - I had no doubt that you guys knew about the LMNRA and its rules, but I do have a bad habit of trying to teach my own grandma how to suck eggs. When there's a map with no land status on a public forum, no telling who will see it, or where they'll end up going trying to follow it! Abundance of caution and all. I stay well back from the boundary up there, but down where I do get up close you can walk across none the wiser. There's a sign or two along some of the dirt roads and that's it. Start hiking around without a map showing land status (or detecting along with your head down) and you can get in deep doo-doo - though it's not likely anyone would be there to tag you on it. I've also seen some construction lately that makes me wonder if they've moved out the boundary in some spots that weren't heavily marked. Nearly a million acres of locatable land was also withdrawn over here on the Southern NV side less than a year ago, so that's now no-go, though there is nary a sign or fence in a million acres to tell you so, while most of the rest is slated for renewable energy projects, mostly wind farms, like the one nearing approval in the White Hills area, within sight of the meeting spot (unless they moved the boundary back as I've heard they would). Things are better over in AZ (plus there is more private land, accessible to those who know the owners), but I tell people over here in Southern NV that if they want to go out onto locatable public land and take a leak (doubtlessly illegal), that there's only room left to do it standing on one foot - while peeing on your shoe. I'm sure you've talked to some of the BLM and Forest Service people - most are polite enough - but many of their opinions about their authority over, and their interpreation of the rules governing use of, the various kinds of public lands sure has curdled MY cream! :zip-lip: I may end up out there, to meet some of the guys who know how its done, and whose exploits I sometimes get to glimpse online, though I'll keep a low profile! :ph34r2: I'll get back to lurking - AUgie
  3. Re: Rain - Another reason to get out there, if it has washed. There is the helicopter refueling station, among other things, and the roads do tend to get re-graded quickly for the fuel trucks. I was out at our new claim at Johnnie (out from Las Vegas about as far NW as Gold Basin is SE) and the roads were pretty washed over there too, but not yet regraded. This wasn't a "big one", and didn't move a lot of material in the washes I visited, though some old drywasher holes left from some time ago were drifted full of light sand and mud. Sounds like there was more washing and movement of dirt out Gold Basin way. And Frank: Some of those bullet fragments SURE sound pretty don't they? A couple of times I'd have SWORN that the target was too deep and in the wrong kind of material to be a bullet - but it was. BTW, I posted one of my tradmark looong posts under the original outing topic, along with a few maps.... AUgie
  4. Hi all - I've been busy/distracted lately and not following all the forums closely, especially ones where I only "lurk". Mananged to ignore the outing link until now! It's less than a 2 hour trip from my door (less with the Hoover Dam bridge finally open, and less still once 93 widening is done), so I might drop in. First a story that I haven't seen anyone mention. The Las Vegas GPAA chapter has outings out there on occasion (GPAA leases Bahde claims). I tend to miss all their best stuff (e.g. missed their meeting just last night!). True to form, I had to leave town and missed a big outing they had a couple of years ago on these claims, either in the exact locatation you've chosen or very nearby on the same claim (memory a bit vague, been to outings there before though). Anyway, I'd paid to be in their detector contest (still have the flake glued to a poker chip that came with the registration fee) and was disappointed to miss it. Even more disappointed when I got back and heard what happened. Prizes were divvied up in part based on how many targets, including junk, that you recovered, since this was done in the camping/parking area and it was stiff with junk. I'd been there on a prior outing and you couldn't find a spot bigger than your coil without a target signal. As is usual, all kinds of prizes were awarded, based on various things, including recovery of a couple of chunks of lead they'd planted, painted gold to look like nuggets. I don't think the organizers mentioned these "nuggets", to keep things interesting. Everybody was madly digging trash, planted coins, etc, and sure enough, pretty soon somebody said: "Hey, I think I've found a nugget!". The judges stepped up to explain to the lucky contestant that he'd found one of their prize plants and were taken aback to see that it didn't match what they'd planted. Yup, it was a REAL nugget! Nobody else found any more nuggets during the contest, but you can imagine the stir it created. By the next meeting, the entire parking area had been gridded and was dead silent to any detector. Lots more junk, but not a single additional bit of gold was found! - I'm the world's worst prospector (never find gold - but I don't let it bother me!), however, I'll go ahead and risk making a few more "know-it-all" comments, doubtless covered better elsewhere in the forum... Many of you probably have seen the "Meteorite Men" episode where they look for Gold Basin Chondrites up in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area (LMNRA). The strewn field for that fall seems to be a long oval (typical), oriented roughly N-S, and perhaps half in the Recreation Area. I've seen other strewn field maps for this fall that are oriented a bit differently, but the boys had a map directly from the deceased discoverer of the field and probably had it well pegged. The field center seems to be almost directly east of the outing site, mostly down in the basin of the Hualapai Wash, which runs N-S. I've seen people recover a few small pieces of that fall a mile or two South, on the West side of the wash (notice I didn't say I'D found any - though I bought a peice at a gold show a while back just to see how my detectors responded!). The boys even searched a little on the North side of the lake, where they hoped to find the big fragments that typically fall at the far end of a field (they didn't find any truly big pieces - most of what they found was in the Recreation Area South of the Lake). What I'm sidling up to in my usual indirect way is the danger posed to the unwary by the nearby Recreation Area (where, naturally, nearly all forms of actual recreation are illegal!). In the Meteorite Men episode, they had a 72 hour permit to hunt there, and a "minder" along to make sure that they didn't stray beyond their permit limitations (a permit not available to ordinary mortals of course). Near the beginning of the episode, a uniformed ranger helpfully explained, grinning, that any non-permitted metal detecting inside the Recreation Area was punishable by five years in Federal prison. Naturally there are fines and confiscations involved too, but I don't recall him laying out the whole panoply of pain on tap for the illicit interloper (or the merely unwary). Don't worry, prospecting, collecting of any kind, etc., can earn you hard time too - but most of you know that. The point is that the outing spot is very near the Recreation Area, and you'd do well to know the layout. Most will, wishing to keep off claims that they don't have access to, private land, etc., but I'll try to post a map or two clipped from Geocommunicator to give some indication of the place you REALLY want to avoid prospecting on. A lot of us probably belong to clubs who have claims locally (e.g. GPAA, GSSN, MPA), so that and some nearby unclaimed locatable land should give scope aplenty for propecting. BTW, the topo maps in some GPSs show the boundaries pretty accurately, e.g. the old Garmin 100,000 maps do, so I'm guessing the new 24,000 maps do to. Sorry to be posting in this Buzz-Kill kind of way - AUgie P.S. I know a retired Park Service Police officer who ended his career with a long stretch at the LMNRA (some may know who I'm talking about, as he is a prospector and detectorist.) Even possessing a detector in the Recreation Area is illegal, but he says that the unofficial policy was that a detector that is stored away WITH THE BATTERIES REMOVED is not considered a violation. Still, I try to stay out of the LMNRA, except when traveling through on the main highways, if I have a detector in my vehicle. AUgie O.K. Grabbed some maps of Claims, LMNRA boundary, etc., to attach, I'm sure some people will come with better. You can get your fill of Gold Basin L4 Chondrite info by Googling, and the BEST finds are accidental unrelated ones, but I did grab an early map from a published article, where (contra Indiana Jones)"x" does mark the spot - of the planned outing camp. It is the world's worst topo (if you know scientists, you know why), but the arrows mark the trend of the two major washes, and along with the camp location give an idea of the location of early finds - generally just S of the LMNRA boundary (only a select few have the pull to go inside legally), and then further South still, mostly on the West side of the wash. I can't seem to find the more recent strewn field maps I recall from the past right now. Don't bother leaving any gold or space rocks for me - I wouldn't find them anyway! :spinnin: AUgie BAHDE10_Topo_SMA_GeoComm_Map.pdf BAHDE10_Topo_GeoComm_Map.pdf BAHDE10_Aerial_&Claims_GeoComm_Map.pdf BAHDE10_Aerial_ClaimNamesOnly_GeoComm_Map.pdf
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