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  1. Hi All It has been a while since I posted anything. I have been down from nugget shooting for the last 3 years. First it was my left knee surgery, then it was the shoulder rotator cuff and this year it is the right hip replacement. Sure has been a drag, just call me the Almost 6 million dollar man. LOL. I think I'm going to get back to swinging the old detector this year. I Seem to have lost the WSPA's forum url. I cant seem to find it any longer. My membership is still paid up and I would like to get an updated claims map. I hope to start getting pout in Oct or Nov. It sure is great to be pain free walking and swinging again. I hope all of you are in good health these days, and finding a lot of yeller metal. CH Perdue
  2. Hey Idissleroy I don't have a problem selling you the detector. With PayPal payment. The shipping cost I give you was for UPS which charges for the shipping by footprint of size of the package. They also charge a flat rate no matter what the package weight is. The GMT I have listed, is 7.5 lbs, but it falls in the footprint of the 10 kilo gram size so cost is very high. You didn't want it shipped by USPS Int Express which is much cheaper. I can tell you right now, Kellyco ships USPS. No I can not repackage in a different box and get a lower rate from UPS. The GMT is not like a Minelab, With the display the controlbox will not detach from the handle and upper shaft. Sorry but I can't control what UPS charges to ship to your country. With that said if you PM me your address and postal code I can get you a USPS Int Express price. Thanks CH
  3. Hey nubian Good to read your post again. Well, show us all that big old Sudan Gold. I hope that oxcart size coil found you a ton of that yellow stuff. Keep at it. CH
  4. I want to thank all the Vets, who have walked the line and protected this great nation. To those who have given blood and some times life to insure that America remains a beacon of freedom and liberty. I thank you and God Bless you all. CH
  5. Hi All Just an up date. I found a couple Videos on Youtube with these coils vs Nuggetfinder of same size. I don't know anything about the guys but if they infact did and honest test, as shown in the video. It seems there is some more work needed on these coils. <_< http://www.youtube.com/user/anotherhotrock#p/a/u/1/J9JOyzlN3qw Keeper Swinging CH
  6. Hi Bill I read some place that this company was started by a forum member on one of the QZ forums by the user name Pennyweight(AKA dwt and some others). His brother was promoting the coils on a few of the sites. I don't anything about him but the ones that do, didn't have many good things to say. When I first saw them they were making them in Hays Electronics coil shells and now it looks like they have come out with their own coil shells and they do look nice. I have not seen any here in the States. I have heard a few guys in OZ that have them and they seem to like them, with good reports. You can't judge a coil by it's cover, so anything is possiable. With the 2 main after market coil maker's raising prices through the roof it would be nice to have a wider choice. With our dollar dropping like a rock none of the over seas coils will be cheap in the future. Jason over at Razorback coils is working on some ML coils, he will have some protos at his outting over Memorial Day at the Rye Patch placers. His TDI coils are good and I really like a few of them, so maybe he can hit another homer with his USA made ML coils. I don't have any preconceived opinions about these coil so if they are better great, and if the price is lower even better. I would like to try a coil myself but will wait to buy untill some one from here has one in the field or they send out a tester coil to use here by us. Keeper Swinging CH
  7. Happy Birth Day Bill. Have a good one. :whoope: CH
  8. Wow Kid Congrats on the high grade. I bet I have sorted 50 tons of tailings with my GB2 and the MXT and have never found anything. If I ever do, the first person I'm calling is El Dorsdo to make me ring. Keeper Swinging CH
  9. Hi All Brown santa dropped off my 4000 today at noon by noon 30 it mounted up and checked out. The new switchs, ML replace all of them, are great and the detector is working just great. Ready to hit it this summer. ML shipped it over night which was above what needed to be done. Thanks ML service for stepping up. Keeper Swinging CH
  10. Hi All Here is an update on the my GPX 4000 repair. I received a call from the manager of the repair facility in IL. It turns out that the detector is not fried. It does not need a new board, or major repair to the board at all. He told me that there was a mistake and that the switchs will be replaced at no charge and that the detector would be checked out completely. What a major relief. I must say Minelab stepped up and will do what is required and more, to get my detector back asap. I have been on a emotuonal roller coaster that has really been a boomer. I want to thank Minelab for making this right and I am very happy with Awout's(Avout) handling of this unfortunate event. His fast responce has done a lot to restore my confidence and respect for Minelab and their products. Thank you Awout ,and thank you Minelab. After a long tough day and evening I had decided to just forgo large repair costs and fall back to my other detectors this year untill I could decide what to do for a main detector. I was thinking wheather to spend over 1100 in repair or if it would be best to just get the 4-6k together and upgrade to 4500 or maybe a 5000. Thank goodness I no longer have to make that decision now. I am very happy with the suport. I am glad, right or wrong, that I elevated this instead of just blindly approving a repair that was not needed. Thanks to all for their support and friendship. CH
  11. Hi Bill, Chris Yes it has been resolved. Minelab USA stepped up and I got the real good result from the right person in charge. See the update post. Thanks to all my friends and support from Awout at Minelab USA. After two phone calls today with Minelab, My detector is repaired and on it's way home. at no cost for the Switchs. CH
  12. Hi All Beware of the ML service center in IL. I sent my trusty GPX 4000 into the the IL repaire center about 3 weeks ago. Never herd a thing from them untill today, It seams my GPX 4000 is totaly fried. Will not power up, or any thing, and a new board is 1100.000. The thing is it was working fine on Thursday, and I shipped it on a Friday the next day. To have just the front switchs replaced, The mode select, and a coil/Rx switch EST 95.00. Now that has become 1100. Because my detector is fried some how?????? If that is not bad enough They don't have parts to fix anything that old(GPX 4000)?????? no telling when they will get them. I asked how did my detector get fried and they just replyed that it was that way when they opened the box. So I asked what parts failed, reply we have not trouble shot it so we don't know what parts failed but we do know we don't have the parts to fix it Wasn't the 4000 and 4500 the flagship detectors 8 months ago? Dealers where selling new in the box 4000 a year ago. What I realy want to know is how did my detector get fried in the box from here to the service center???? Did some moron there short it out when they plugged it in to checkit out? Turned the corner don't think so. Not a happy camper. CH
  13. Hi Adam I think Max is back up north, or on his way up. I think he said he was a going to be out at a pay to prospect area as an attendant or something like that, but I could be wrong on that. Not sure abouthis sccess to internet. thanks CH Hi Frank I don't have any lighter wood and I do have the oak and maple I need to use. I figure I will be hauling it on my ATV so not real worried about the weight. I think I have enough to make the little sampler that is in Sam's book also. So I could take it out to find out if the area is worth making a run with the heavier unit. Hey Ted I did not know Becks were still being made. I don't want to steal any trade secrets. I just wanted to find out why Becks are so highly thought of, and if I could include some things in my Sam Radding washer to make it a better unit, if that is possiable. Thanks All CH
  14. I went out to my shop and dusted off all my wood working equipment, I built all my oak kitchen cabinets, dinning table, and several nice oak entertainment centers and book cases. I have just about any tool needed to machine wood. I have tons of red oak lumber and some hard maple i need to use up and make room for more stuff. So I been wanting a nice 12 volt puffer dry washer. It seems that the Beck drywasher is highly valued and highly thought of. I don't have plans for one, but I think Sam Radding"s drywashers was kind of based on the Beck. I know he knew the manufacture of the beck at the time he wrote his books, whitch I have for plans. I guess what I'm asking could I bbuild a Beck copy and would it be possiable today? I don't want to start building drywashers, just a really good one for myself that works good. I will most likly be going after real fine gold. So is there is any info on Beck dry washers? Or are the spec and info secret? Thanks CH
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