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  1. Johninaz

    BRRRRRRR! How Cold Is It?

    Just for fun I looked it up. Since weather has been recorded, Dec. 12th 1932 the first and last recorded snowfall here in Yuma, AZ. 1.5 inches. Low 48 last night and right now at 4:30 PM. 71. John
  2. Johninaz

    Quartzsite area Question / Info

    Frank, Donna and I will be working the middle camp placers over the Thanksgiving weekend. There is a brand new Ol Yeller that recently arrived in Yuma recently that needs a workout. If you see us, Beige Toyota Tundra and Ol Yeller at work stop and say hi. John
  3. Johninaz

    Need advice

    My wife are just starting out, we both need an outdoor hobby. Trying md and have a dry washer on order (ol yeller). My question is, will a small piece of gold jewelry if buried sound the same as a small nugget? I brought a small amount of soil from our detecting area to try to match mineralization. We obviously need training as we haven't found anything except iron. We have xterra 705s. Thanks for your help. John & Donna