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  1. Man! talk about trouble...feel for you guys. I guess it is true that trouble is like grapes...comes in bunches. Add weather to it and what you get is more grapes. Hope you make it up and more, with nuggets soon. Bill C
  2. Hey Terry, I hope you don't get stuck in New York forever. I wouldn't mind helping to carry bags-o-dirt out. Maybe I'll just attach GPS locators on your chopper, backpack, and burro :ph34r2: Bill C
  3. If you are thinking of prospecting on another planet then 3 stages would be useful. Follow John's advice...KISS.
  4. Looks like to me we cannot even find out who owns a claim now with any degree of certainty. Can't even ask permission if we don't know who owns the claim! Also consider if a person over claims that person, the last I heard, will play hell getting his money back from the Bureau of Land Mismanagement. Seem like a windfall for BLMM. Bill C
  5. I look forward to the day that I strap on a wireless headset and stomp the crap out of that cursed, wretched, atrocity of the wired headslut. Hope it works! Bill C
  6. OOps! I can research but can I read?
  7. Gets a bit complicated don't it! My question is about comparing VLF with PI detectors. Does the GMT have an advantage overall simply by being a PI? Bill C
  8. Yeah Terry, On the first day God created Beer, on the second day he created Gold,...
  9. These are my friends from Baja. Come on down sometime and meet them.

  10. Doug, there is more to this story but I thought it was long enough. It took me few hours to narrow it down...didn't want to put anybody to sleep while reading it. I went back to the hole 3 times and filled my backpack with material from in the hole along with the material I removed. That can had been there a long time and was full of holes. I figured that some gold had fallen out. I humped the loads 2 mi to my camp and panned out about 0.6oz. Pretty sure I got it all. Bill C
  11. I found the can smack dab in the middle of the road buried about 12in deep. Pretty clever, huh. Who would think to look right on the road.
  12. My wife, AJ, and I tent camped a four month stretch during Summer/Fall of 2009 only going back to town to hose the dust off and replenish supplies...mostly beer and ice. We put in more than a few miles hiking, exploring and panning. I Found enough gold to buy new tires for my truck. What really interested me was metal detecting. I didn't know squat about the machines or when, where and how to use them. So I researched and became proficient at reading and potentially good at finding lead, brass, nails, etc.. I also kept notes regarding spots that might be good for detecting. All I needed now was a machine. To this end I gave up time and mental health by working the graveyard shift at Wally-World. By spring 2010 I had my LST. I went out a few times and dug enough junk to see that when, where and how was not all that easy...seemed like the more I learned the less I knew. When the weather got less miserable we headed out to the place that looked good for the search with Kate, my daughter, and her boyfriend, Jim in tow. After warming up on a few spots we set out to an old, extensive camp site about 2 miles from our camp. I liked this spot because there was a narrow access road leading from the camp up to the main mining road. Might be a good place to pick up a dropped and lost treasure like a coin. We started at the camp where we dug up horse shoes, shovels, broken picks, nails...could have started a scrap iron yard. Since I'm half deaf and did not have earphones I set "all metal"/max. sensitivity and gave the LST to Jim. We were sure making one hell of a racket. We worked our way up, off the sides and right on the access road finding fewer targets as we went. We went maybe ten minutes without signal then got a maximum decibel screech. We debated a little thinking horse shoe but that didn't stop us from digging...could always use another horse shoe. We dug down a fer piece. I forgot to point out the LST pinpointing feature so we missed the can by a few inches. It fell out from the side of the hole. There was something rattling around in the can. Jim had looked for gold before with no success... his hands were shaking imagining the improbable. Who would bury rocks way out here in the middle of a road? I took one of the bigger chunks and handed it to him, proclaimed it to be indeed gold and proceded to jump up and down high fiving. Contents: 7.85oz
  13. Part of this story was the first post that I made here and since I knew nothing about posting I posted it in an obscure topic. Don't think many folks saw it. I want pass it on. It is a good story and will add to Bedrock Bob's thoughts about looking out in the woods away from the old camps where the valuable things were probably hidden. Over the next few days I"ll work up the "Can o Gold" story and post it. I might have plenty time on my hands anyway. Two weeks ago while prospecting I screwed up my left knee. Had a MRI and will see Doc. today. Surgery or not I'll be out of business for a while....BUMMER! Bill C
  14. And if you keep the coil to the ground...you can't lose.
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