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  1. These are my friends from Baja. Come on down sometime and meet them.

  2. Morning Bill,

    Adrienne and I would like to take a peek at the cabins tomorrow. Could you give directions.

    Don't know for sure of timing but before 12noon. No need to give up any detecting for this though.

    Bill C

  3. Hi Steve, I'm not familiar with the El Paso Range. Seems odd that very few prospecting fools seem to know much about So Cal. deserts. I'm going to try like heck to make the Spring Fling.. looks good but we'll see. Yep, maybe see you there. Prospectors can go stir crazy setting at home--good that you are getting out a bit! Bill C
  4. I worked Goler gulch years ago and did well enough with a small dry washer. Close enough to civilization that it may be worked over real good by now..don't know. There is and old camp there(lucky camp). The cabin was still there then. Might be a good place to look for a hidey hole in the rough? There is a small cave in the area that was heavily used by Indians and possibly by prospectors. The cave is not right close to the camp but maybe 1/4 mile to the NE...not sure, been a long time. I Googled Goler Gulch recently..info there. If I get in that area again I will sure take a look. If
  5. Hi Jason, Over the last few months I've had gold flakes and nuggets stained with rust. So much rust that some of the gold just looked like---rust. If the stain is rust, phosphoric acid will quick like turn the rust into a soluble iron compound. Phosphoric acid is sold at Ace Hdw. If you decide to give it a try get the liquid not the gel. This is an organic acid and is a very weak acid so not to worry about getting acid burns. Good luck, Bill C
  6. How about this one? I'll tell you who sang it. Johnny cash. Think about the day after you have eaten a fiery, flaming, scorching chili bowl. Name the tune?
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