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  1. I don't know much about Uncle but I hear a lot about him. Uncle Marvin looks like he is real good with finding space rocks. I'm beginning to think we might have another Dr. Spock...Uncle Marvin the Martian.
  2. Man! talk about trouble...feel for you guys. I guess it is true that trouble is like grapes...comes in bunches. Add weather to it and what you get is more grapes. Hope you make it up and more, with nuggets soon. Bill C
  3. Hey Terry, I hope you don't get stuck in New York forever. I wouldn't mind helping to carry bags-o-dirt out. Maybe I'll just attach GPS locators on your chopper, backpack, and burro :ph34r2: Bill C
  4. Good Morning Gilaoro and all, Hope you find the following interesting and thanks for the good wishes on my travels. hi bill... ..that explains a lot; we drive right past Campo Christina...CB always laughs when we go by. You can pass this onto Max....I visited El Alamo in 1955. My father was partners with a mexican named Dave Hinejosa in a mexican drive in El Centro...we drove to Tijuana, down to Ensada, then up the mtns to El Alamo and spent the night...yes, gold and silver mines still running then, but I didn't know exactly what all was going on. Slept on dirt floor and first cup
  5. Morning Max, My trip has been delayed until Tuesday to pick up another person in El Centro. You really got me so excited I'm twitching...can't wait to stomp every sq. foot til I find the mine and caves/tunnels. The last time Nick and I flew down there we, along with Bob(Brother Bob?), flew around the ruins of Mission Santa Maria then went looking for the turquoise mine...couldn't locate it by air. Below is my email conversation with Nick. No problem eating and drinking a few for you...doubles my ration of grub and grog! Thanks a big load for everything. Bill C do you think that is the tu
  6. I'm packed and out the door soon. I was planing to be at Gold Basin but my friend said "now is your chance". I was looking forward to meet ya' all so you could see that I'm probably not as ugly as I sound sometimes. I hope that I can make it next time. Have a good fling but save a few nugs and rocks for the rest of us...and hold onto your hats. The map is from 1941. Interesting things near Gonzaga Bay. There is also a turquoise mine and some others nearby. My knee is still mending from surgery so don't know if I'll get around much but gonna try. If that does not work out, fishing and se
  7. Any body that can sell raw gold for 100% spot is doing very well. Also: Prior to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, signed into law in March 2010, 1099s were used to report unearned income like payments to contractors and interest and dividends.The act now also requires dealers to report transactions of goods and services that exceed $600 by using Form 1099. The requirement goes into effect as of January 1, 2012. Gold, considered a precious metal, falls under this category. The Joint Committee on Taxation, as reported by ABC News, estimates the new reporting requirements wi
  8. Rare 40-Pound Meteorite Identified in Oregon Rare 40-Pound Meteorite Identified in Oregon July 30, 2010 Updated May 31, 2010 at 12:54 PM PST A 4.5-billion year-old piece of our solar system's history has scientists in Oregon absolutely riveted - and where it was found is perhaps the more intriguing part of the story.
  9. If you are thinking of prospecting on another planet then 3 stages would be useful. Follow John's advice...KISS.
  10. Looks like to me we cannot even find out who owns a claim now with any degree of certainty. Can't even ask permission if we don't know who owns the claim! Also consider if a person over claims that person, the last I heard, will play hell getting his money back from the Bureau of Land Mismanagement. Seem like a windfall for BLMM. Bill C
  11. Early this morning in my email in box was the latest from the 49ers by way of their news letter. Interesting!
  12. Google "retrieving precious metals from electronics"
  13. It's interesting that there is not much interest in the Alamo Bolide Impact. I'm going to make a determined effort to visit the site for the simple idea that little seems to be known about the impact...unless I find out that the place highly toxic, radioactive, nest of RockCops.etc.. In astronomy The word bolide comes from the Greek βολίς (bolis) which can mean a missile or to flash. The IAU has no official definition of "bolide", and generally considers the term synonymous with "fireball". The bolide term is generally used for fireballs reaching magnitude -14 or brighter.[9] Astronomers
  14. I look forward to the day that I strap on a wireless headset and stomp the crap out of that cursed, wretched, atrocity of the wired headslut. Hope it works! Bill C
  15. On two occasions while flying on Alaska Air from Portland to Las Vegas I saw what looked like a impact crater. I was try find out if in fact there is such a crater and I came across references to the Alamo Bolide Impact In Nevada. Does anybody have down to earth info coincident to our interests. Bill C
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