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  1. Hey Everyone, name's Garrett. Quick info on me... I have a few outdoor hobbies that keep me well occupied during my time off of work. Few years back something sparked my interest in prospecting and I remember in doing some online research I found this website. Thought, hey! What could be more fun then hiking around the desert with a detector looking for gold!! I ran out and bought a nice little Fisher GB. Of course I got frustrated early on digging nothing but trash and bullets and quickly bought a dry washer....Ha! Dry washing is fun, and I finally found some of that precious metal I had been
  2. Wow lots of good info here guys thanks for all the replies. I went ahead with the purchase of an Echo blower as suggested. It had great reviews and a good price. I'm very excited with my new setup. Now counting down the minutes until Monday arrives. It will be my first time running a dry washer as long as the weather holds. I will be sure to post pics of any success I might have.
  3. That's perfect guys thanks! Just looked up my local home depot and they have em in stock. I will pick one up tomorrow morning. Thanks again!
  4. Looks like the geo communicator program through the BLM website will no longer show active mining claims due to complaints about inaccurate information. Does anybody know of another free online program or website that offers this service. I also just bought a Keene 140 dry washer !!! I plan to buy a leaf blower for it. Any recommendations on a blower that doesn't cost a fortune but can handle desert use and running for long periods of time? Thanks Garrett
  5. Thanks a lot guys. I have been looking into clubs, seems like there are some good ones out there for sure. Bill I thought the canyon was a great place to roam about with lots to see and the makings of a gold area. I will go back next Sunday and work the hills your suggesting thank you for the tip.
  6. Hey everybody I'm new to the forum as well as prospecting... Always looked forward to starting this hobby. Bought a GB2 and have had a lot of fun hunting for gold. I was wondering if anyone would like to share info on good places to hunt. I have been to holcomb valley and today I was in rattlesnake canyon. No gold yet not that I would expect much on my second adventure, but I do want to make sure I'm not looking in the wrong places. Any help would be awsome! Thanks
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