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  1. Newbie question: I have found quite a few that look similar - gold color on outside. But when I crush them, they turn to white powder. How can you tell? Do I definitely need a metal detector?
  2. Most of it is in white quartz in my area. I do pick up the shiney "rusty" ones, the ones that appear to contain metal and the white ones you can break with your hand. Its funny how you can start with this shiny rock that looks like it's got alot of metal in it but it crushes down to dust
  3. That's a good idea, do you recommend the gold bug 1 or 2 for casual gold hunts?
  4. I love the appearance of these too. What are you going to do with them?
  5. Hi all, My kids and I pick up quartz when we are traipsing around the woods and take them back for rock smashing. Some are found in the streams, some are found in dried up river beds. I crush them up fine and sift them to about 30 mesh and then run them through a homemade gold concentrator. About the only thing I've found so far is what appears to be a tiny shred of what looks to be platinum or silver that sat at the bottom of the concentrator when all the sand was gone. I was just wondering how much luck you may have had crushing quartz? Is it a mostly useless activity? If not, what do you look for before you crush?
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