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  1. Tell us newbies how long it took you when you first started to find your very first piece of gold and what equipment you started out with. Myself I just started doing this found nothing but junk. I bought an mine-lab 705 and I admit I picked some rotten places to start looking. I starting to feel a little frustrated. I use a pickax but no magnets on it yet. So I spend a long time finding the junk when I come across it. I am learning slowly about geology also. Thanks Gold_Striker Gold Mining Equipment
  2. I sure appreciate that info. I am glad I don't have to waste my time there. I am thinking perhaps I will at least take a couple field trips up there and look at the old sites so I can get a feel for what I might be looking for. That way I might have a good idea when I find a new location with similar characteristics in common.
  3. I can say I am already learning from you guys. Thanks for all your help so far.
  4. WHAAA!@!!!!!@#$%^&$#%$@@! lol I bet that photo about sums you up hm ?? lol
  5. Thanks Bedrock Bob that sounds like some of the info I was just asking for! *looks at rocks on google* man! the rocks come in so many variations !!! I guess this is not something I will learn a couple weeks but only after years
  6. Hey alright ! another 705 user. I just started doing this a month ago or so WELCOME! Something tells me experience is gonna teach us the most on the signals. I hit this black sand area in a wash. Well the machine was telling me there was something there even though I had the discrimination all the way up! I can only hope I get it set up right to begin with I watched that video Bill posted and I watch it again before I go out each time.
  7. I been out three times and nothing so far. I am not sure if you have read it yet, but Bill has this great story about the old man he met on the side of the road who led Him to this great spot where He found gold. During the story He says that as they went on, He looked around and could see things were looking good for gold to be there. Now I am finding out that geology is not so simple and there are so many different forms and combinations rocks come in. Can you give me an idea of what sort of visual indicators would tell me I am in the right area? Also... I see places where I might find gold near black hawk central city in Colorado. There is a state park just north and you cannot take minerals from there and the gold bearing area has abandoned mines but has residents. I feel unsure about going on what might be other peoples property and the plat maps do not seem to always be available or decipherable. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Gold_Striker Site: Goldminingequipment
  8. Those looks very pretty. They look like specimens if I had to guess. grats www.goldminingequipment.info
  9. sonnysnewlife lol! I wish bill had a spot for lessons like this and other training tips. I read one from a moderator said if you raise your coil above black sand about 6" it will tell you if what you are hearing is real or just fake signal from all the magnetite. Great lessons. I am a beginner BTW knowing to get a magnet and what to do with it is valuable advice. I know I have wasted alot of time now chasing after what was only junk ferrous metal.
  10. This car out performs almost all exotics and only costs you about $30k! I'll never spend that much for a car I don't care how rich I get!
  11. Reno Chris his december post great! I came across a patch of black sand while exploring a wash in the rocky mountains. My detector was sure there was something there so I stuck my big magnet down there and sure enough A BUNCH OF BLACK SAND! Well apart from going through all that sand with some kind of sluice or something I cannot see how I can find gold in such a place. I did feel excited I had found my first patch of black sand though !
  12. archerfrog this is very interesting I would like to hear more about surveying with a metal detector. When do I survey. How wide an area. What if I am on very steep rocky terrain.
  13. this is very interesting I would like to hear more about surveying with a metal detector. When do I survey. How wide an area. What if I am on very steep rocky terrain.
  14. I read about that incident. Just wait Americans are a different breed something in our blood eventually a line is gonna be crossed and God have mercy on any of those drug lords and their smugglers then! A while ago I read people in some parts of mexico vowed to kill one drug dealer a day until they cease and desist.
  15. so wuts the news now how is yur doggy ?
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