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  1. Declaration of Independence Eh??--well,he did say that it was "similiar" to the Beal codes...so.. maybe instead of the first letter of each word,he used every letter of each word...or..he started from the end of the document and worked toward the front using the "last" letter of each word....or....he used each first letter starting from the end to the beginning...or... he used the capital letters only...or...the letters of each capital word..or.....or.....(and the beat goes on)
  2. "All knowledge is local"--you must be trying to tell me something,but i'm just not getting it.
  3. Steve--I kind of poked around a little on other websites but not much luck-this treasure hunt is older than some of the people out there treasure hunting now, and since the book is out of print and hard to get, most are just not that interested i guess-when i got my book a month or so ago,I scanned it into my computer so its pretty easy to copy a page and write notes on it if i want-the book itself stays almost new as i never use it-so that makes it easier to "play" with--if i ever get any "fresh" ideas,i'll let you know steve, as it seems that your the only one around here (besides me) who seems to still have an interest in this--paul
  4. I don't think i will really ever "give it up"-i'm just not as enthusiastic as i once was--shoot,I don't even care if the "treasure" had been found already. If I could just crack just one of those codes,I would die a happy man.I wish others would post here and give us a their thoughts on what they have covered but I can understand how someone would feel about giving out info on "THEIR TREASURE" ha ha-anyway, I mailed a note to Mrs. Tatham this morning,not to ask anything,but just to tell her how her husband delighted me back back in the 80's and i hope that she is well-maybe she will write back,we'll see--paul
  5. when i searched for mine,I found 6 sellers on amazon with the book,they all turned out to be the 1974 edition-except for one'I bought it and the listing for the 1982 edition disappered,so i figure i got the only one at that time-maybe someone is giving up theirs and you'll get lucky--paul
  6. It was called "missouri treasures and civil war sites" it has to be the 1982 edition-the first edition (1974) has no codes-
  7. After looking for this book for a couple weeks,I found one (and only one)from a seller off amazon.It cost me $28 plus shipping-I could have sworn i had my old book(had 2 of them)and notes in my stuff in the basement,but could not find them-the wife swears she did'nt pitch them, uh-huh----anyway,i'm not even close to being obsessed with this as i was long time ago,just playing in my "older" age-tho,i would dearly love to crack just one code before.....well,you know,-I did find a Barbara tatham who now lives in Independence and will send a letter to her with my belated condolences and tell her how much i have enjoyed Robert's treasure hunt through the years.-
  8. Thanks, i'll try to look for her.Yes,i figure that he could have used a variation of the "Beale" cypher code like, maybe, using the LAST letter of the word instead of the first letter-or ?? as i said before,his clues seem very vague to me anyway-just trying to find a "March" of men in the book is tough.......
  9. Thanks for the "Hint"-tho i would have no idea where this "civil war march" would have taken place-I think i will read the book again and see if there are any subtle "hints" on this march--I have tried to look for Mr. Tathams family with not much luck unless you join and pay for records-I wonder if his wife still lives in Raytown on Brooklane-I was there once,tho, it seems like a hundred years ago--If anyone else has any Hints on this puzzle,maybe we should share them--One could be that on page 9 he says for us to use "common sense" when you evaluate treasure stories.Well. thomas paine wrote an article called common sense back in 1775 or 76 for the revolutionary war-I've looked at it and got no where-maybe someone else can do better.....
  10. This might be a little late response,but I also worked on Robert Tathams cyphers back in the late 80's-I worked on it for about a year solid and have come to the conclusion that the clues must be very "vague" as that no one that i know of has found a single one--after reading this thread,I found my old book in the basement and looked it over along with the codes and began to play with it again (a little)-I still think the clues are vague,but it all brings back great memories!-sorry to hear that Robert has passed. I wrote him a couple times back in the "day" and he did write me back.-I wonder if the treasure is still buried?-and how did "Goldfinger" come up with the conclusion that a list of men doing a march during the civil war was a "Key" to a source to solve one of the codes? I would be interested to know. I can't find anything in the book that hints to that.-ahh,but what the heck!-I haven't ANY hints yet,and its only been 20 or so years..
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